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@nessisonett I'm not sure what they saw in it. FFXIII wasn't particularly good at anything. I know some people say the battle system is good but I thought it was a mess. The story is incoherent. The characters are whatever. No towns. No exploration. Yawn. I don't know what inspired them to think they could get three games out of it.




@johncalmc i didn't understand anything about the story but i was like 13-14 at the time so idk if thats an excuse or that the writing in the game was just that bad .

i just liked the atmosphere and music of the game , so my expectations in a way were low.. ignorance is bliss i guess.

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I quite liked the Titans trials in ff13. And once you get into the story it has some good ideas. Unfortunately the levelling had a ceiling each err level, the lack of NPC's glaring and buying stuff from remote terminals was balls.

I still have fond memories of what's his face and thingymabobs.

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I played ffvii remake for the 1st time and, something I never heard anyone discuss, the gameplay is heavily inspired by ffxiii lightning returns. Probably the most hated game in the franchise. Kinda ironic isn't it? (talking about classic mode)



@Bush Lightning Returns probably isn’t as bad as XIII imo. It’s just... a bit pointless.

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@nessisonett FFXIII 2 was the redemption of the first game and was decent overall. Then came lr to bring an end to the story but instead created even more plot holes. The battle system was its only redeeming factor which was so good it was upgraded and intergraded into ffvii remake.



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