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Hello, I've got a question regarding PS5. Now I appreciate that you may not be able to answer as you may dont know, but it's worth a try.
If I've got a game on my PS4 (bought from ps store) and after transferring it onto my new console, when I will play the game on PS5, will the loading screens remain (thanks to how the game is "build" or programmed) or will they be gone?
Thank you for your efforts in answering the question. I appreciate it may not be known at this point.



I don’t know. I was wondering the same this week, as I would only get Pillars of Eternity 2 on PS5 if the loading times were decreased. I honestly don’t know if a hardware boost without a patch to make use of the new hardware is sufficient, or if it will be case by case depending on how the game was made, or what.

They say that when you put a SSD in a PS4 it reduces load times, so hopefully it’s that simple with PS4 games on PS5...

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@kyleforrester87 I guess there are arguments for both ways. Also some games on PS4 have loading screens disguised as part of the gameplay (squeezing through a narrow gap etc.) So thats also a question how would the games work without these "loading screens".

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"backward compatible titles will run at a boosted frequency on PS5", which will allow these titles to "benefit from higher or more stable frame rates and potentially higher resolutions."

And games are being evaluated "on a title-by-title basis" to uncover any possible issues.

I regards to loading times, I reckon these will be reduced dramatically but you will still get them, like in the leaked footage of Spider-man. I've upgraded my internal hdd of my ps4, and the boot up time and loading times are reduced. As for the loading screens disguised as part of the gameplay, i think those would need to patched to be removed.

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