Topic: How Much Would You Pay for the PS5?

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I would pay up to £600 for the console but i think it will be £499 in the UK for the disc based console.

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Arugula wrote:

At this point I fully expect Sony to match Microsoft at $500 for the premium unit. The differential to the digital unit is the bit that really interests me.

I will be surprised if the digital PS5 costs less than $400. Unlike the $300 Xbox Series S, the digital PS5 has the same exact specs as the standard PS5, minus the 4K Disc Drive.

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I’m expecting and have planned for a $500 price tag since they announced it.

If it’s more than that, I may just go Xbox.



I will probably not buy it in the first few years. One thing to remember is that flash memory has absolutely massive price drops year by year, and a big cost in the PS5 is the SSD. In late 2022 the price could be down by as much as $100, there will be more games, and some games will be on sale. I would say $350 is what I would pay for the digital version, but I don't expect it to be that cheap until in a few years.


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