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@Anti-Matter Thanks for posting that. I'll try to be more understanding of you. Apparently some of these 18+ games are giving you stress, and I don't want anyone to be feeling that way on this forum.



Violence in games can be very satisfying though. Like popping Imlerith's head like a melon in The Witcher 3 or putting 20 slugs into Micah Bell's face in RDR2. Wonderful stuff.



@ApostateMage It's satisfying in the moment, but I do feel it's kind of feeding on some emotions I'm not really proud of. That's not me saying that those scenes shouldn't be in the game, because they totally should, but I do understand fully while other people might not at all feel comfortable doing that kind of thing. And don't want to be confronted with these kind of situations.

Luckily for us there are just many kinds of games, from DDR to RDR.



@Kidfried Can you add me please? I missed the last round and because of this my girl Makoto lost out to a jelly bean!


For this round;

Ciri, Ciri, CIRI!
Heartman (just for the likes he gave me πŸ˜‰)



@Anti-Matter Yawn, so you keep on telling us.

We get it, you don't like mature games for, well, reasons. It's still very strange to me and personally I think you may need to speak to a professional about your past experiences and not an online gaming forum.

Seek help!



Please do not ask me to look for theraphist.
I'm positive happy with my current condition.
It was actually my guardian angel to protect me to not touching and dealing with any rated 18+ games.
My world is beautiful with just only appropriate games for kids by mostly and a few of Teen games.
As you can see my avatar was my cute drawing of Animal Boxer i created by myself.
This is my world now, the world of Cute, Kiddie and Cartoonish things.

And don't forget i choose my username from DDR X2 song and also have another meaning "Anti-Mature".

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@Anti-Matter I'm sorry but you're a grown adult that dismisses mature games as being 'evil' and subsequently have retreated back to kids games. I don't think your 'guardian angel' has actually helped you at all especially when it comes to dealing with your grief and has instead simply offered a cheap coping mechanism.

But you know play what you want just stop insulting the types of games that millions of adults enjoy. A child shouldn't be playing something like The Witcher 3 but it's perfectly fine if a grown man does, same with films and TV shows that contain adult themes and content.

Anyway, in future if there are characters you wish to vote for then please do so but no need to be so dismissive of other people's tastes.



@Col_McCafferty We don't know @Anti-Matter's situation, so let's not judge here. From what I can gather they are perfectly happy in their perfect situation with regards to the type of games they play. And obviously, so are most on here. We're all different, but that doesn't mean any of us have a problem.

And sometimes avoiding something might be the best way to deal with something. I am really bad at dealing with stress. My parents told me that my response wasn't normal. And yes, I've visited multiple psychologists too. And they all tried to teach me ways to deal with stress; and some of them worked sometimes, but even then I never was able to deal with the stress I experienced on a daily basis. I was really down. I ended my current career, reschooled and found a less stressful job. And now I'm actually enjoying my life to an extent. Sometimes just avoiding the thing that makes you anxious is the right way to do, and not merely a simple coping mechanism.

I don't have a problem for enjoying a violent game like Danganronpa. On the other hand, for those that don't enjoy those kind of games, and even hate them, there's nothing wrong with them either. Just different people.

@Col of course I agree with you that mature games aren't evil by the way. And of course I'll tag you in the next round!

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Thanks for voting everyone. I tallied up the scores for you all, let's see...

Untitled//" />

No neck-on-neck and no almost-ties this time around, you were pretty outspoken in your votes. But to be honest I don't know if you all just really like Heartman, or that you really hate Rafe. We'll discover in the next rounds, I guess.

Ciri, Hosea Matthews, Heartman and BT-7275 proceed to the next round. The rest is out!

Every round I will tag all current participants. Do you dislike getting tagged? Or do you want me to add you to the tagged names? Just let me know, and I won't or will bother you next time.

@kyleforrester87 @JapaneseSonic @nessisonett @Gremio108 @Rudy_Manchego @NYJetsfan123 @Shigurui @Arugula @JohnnyShoulder @RogerRoger @LN87 @BearsEatBeets @themcnoisy @Th3solution @Trisque @AdamNovice @mookysam @ApostateMage @Octane @crimsontadpoles @LieutenantFatman @Kefka2589 @Foxy-Goddess-Scotchy @Draco_V_Ecliptic @Tjuz @Thrillho @Trisque @Col_McCafferty

ROUND 1 - 5

And so the next round commences. Voting is easy, just give me the names of the characters you want to vote on. You don't have to vote on every battle.

Battle 1: [strong]
Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower[/strong] (Bloodborne) vs. Sister Mary Wormhorn (Afterparty)

Battle 2: Clifford Unger (Death Stranding) vs. Yuri Watanabe (Spider-Man)

Battle 3: Veronica (Dragon Quest) vs. Ann Takamaki (Persona)

Battle 4:
Claude Wallace (Valkyria Chronicles) vs. William Boozer Gray (Days Gone)

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Your results picture @Kidfried is from the round before isn't it? πŸ˜…

As for the votes... I'll have to abstain again unfortunately

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Lady Maria
Yuri Watanabe
Ann Takami
Claude Wallace



Lady Maria,
Yuri Wantanabe
Ann Takami
Claude Wallace

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Sister Mary Wormhorn
Clifford Unger
Veronica ( @Kidfried Shouldn't it be Ann Takamaki?)
William Boozer Gray



Sister Mary

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Sister Mary Wormhorn (Afterparty)
Yuri Watanabe (Spider-Man)

Really can't comment on the others!

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In the battle of the Mary’s -
Lady Maria

In the battle of the supporting cast member of a Sony console exclusive-
Clifford Unger

In the battle of the blond cute females-
Ann Takami

In the battle of... uh, the dudes with names that start with W and have a double L in them-
Claude Wallace

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Lady Maria




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Lady Maria
Clifford Unger
Ann Takami



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