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Can I get some input from you guys.

What's better in your opinion or what do you prefer in a Game: Resolution or Graphics?

Is a game more beautiful if run in Graphics Mode?

Do you prefer FPS?

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Gaming enthusiasts should care about frame rate and resolution. Frame rate makes a game more playable and enjoyable, whereas resolution makes a game more beautiful.


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I would argue that opting for a higher frame rate isn't always the best option. There are numerous games that run at 'up to' 60fps but when you want it to be 60fps the most, i.e. the battles with numerous enemies and effects on screen, the frame rate doesn't deliver. As the pro and most TV's do not offer Variable Refresh Rates, that leads to a mismatch between the TV and the frame-rate causing judder and or screen tear.

Unless the frame rate is 'locked' to 60fps or at worst, as the occasional dropped frame, I much prefer the graphics option. I also have a 4k screen too so I can see the difference graphics mode offers over the performance mode. This mode is often a locked 30fps or at worst, the odd dropped frame but it also aligns well with the TV's refresh rate. This also makes the game look and feel much smoother despite being a lower frame rate.

This gen consoles are not very balanced and have a beefier GPU paired with a mediocre CPU. A game running at 60fps, has to do all the calculations - like physics etc and render the frame in 1/60th of a second 16.7ms - that's half the time required to run a game at 30fps. What that means is that you give both the GPU and CPU twice the time to do all the calculations and draw the frame. Its not a simple case of double the GPU power to double the frame rate and none of the iterative hardware consoles doubled the capability of the CPU. Rise of the Tomb Raider runs at 4k/30 on an Xbox One X yet reducing the resolution down to just a quarter of the size does not enable the console to run at a locked 60fps in Performance mode. Point is that just halving the resolution does not mean you can double the frame rate.

I am not denying that frame rate makes a game feel better - but only if that frame rate is stable - at least not until consoles and TV's have variable refresh rates so that if the game is running at 40fps, it looks and feels better than 30fps. I will always take a locked 30fps over a game that's constantly jumping around and only hits 60fps if you look up at the sky or straight down at the floor and don't move. To me, a locked 30fps feels and looks smooth as well as plays much more consistently. Given the choice though, I would take 60fps over resolution but only if that frame rate is incredibly consistent if not locked to 60fps.

Its not a straight answer but I don't have a simple answer. The problem is we don't always get 60fps in a performance mode and often its more like an average of 50fps. The best answer would be the mode that has the most consistent frame rate that is the closest to 30fps or 60fps. If its the 30fps mode, I get to benefit the better image quality too...

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@Rick_Deckard I play a lot of cinematic games (Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Star Wars, etc.) that specifically set out to feel like playable movies; since films aren't traditionally shot at 60fps, I have zero problem with 30fps... in fact, 60fps feels more unusual to me, because I'm so often playing gorgeous-looking, realistic games at a lower framerate. When I played The Nathan Drake Collection on PS4 at 60fps, it felt a little jarring and took some getting used to.

That being said, if a game is more skill-based and gameplay-focused (like a kart racer or platformer) then I've grown to appreciate 60fps. Playing things like Sonic Forces and Team Sonic Racing on PS4 feels excellent at 60fps, and it's a definite backwards step when playing their franchise predecessors on PS3 (which struggled to hit 30fps on a good day).

So I guess your question depends entirely on the game for me; if you're telling me a character-driven story and aiming for realism, it's graphics first and framerate second, but if I'm just trying to do a thing and win, a higher framerate can be useful.

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It heavily depends on the game. I typically prefer the graphics option on my Pro, but that's usually because the performance mode doesn't offer the consistent 60fps I'd prefer. It varies from game to game.

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I don't really care about what resolution a game is running at, or the graphical effects involved, so long as it still looks decent, so I'm always going to favor performance.


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