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@nessisonett Ah interesting! I'm curious to see how I'm going to react to that when I play FF7 for the first time myself, since it seems like the most emotional FF game at the time.

I feel the same way with you regarding the Yakuza games, although I played Kiwami 1 first and then 0, which was a mistake with regards to the story as it had less of an impact when coming off the events of 0. But yeah it definitely was a letdown compared to 0, which was just incredible. I think that's absolutely one series one should replay from beginning to end while only focusing on the story.

@RogerRoger Oh interesting, that can definitely happen as well. There are several series that I've simply come to dislike as I've grown older, such as the Animal Crossing games. They are just time wasters in my opinion, so as a person with a major backlog, they're not for me anymore.

It's interesting to hear you say that you don't want to replay story-driven games because you don't want your opinion of them to change, but wouldn't that be better for you? I mean, it could always be nice to replay a game and see how well it has aged in order to either reinforce your opinion of it, or to realise that maybe the game was good for its time but isn't anymore. I think that would only make your opinion more accurate to the time period we're living in now. Not that you should be doing it since it would take up a lot of time to replay through all your games, but it could be a thing to consider if there are titles you are interested in revisiting, especially if they release remasters of them.



@KratosMD Absolutely, we all change and our tastes change with us. Many people acknowledge it for movies, television shows, music and literature, so it can totally happen with games, too.

Hmm. To answer your question in the most frustrating way? Yes and no.

It's good to keep accurate opinions as time goes by, sure, because nostalgia can make even the sharpest picture a warm, fuzzy blob. Remasters have definitely helped with this, as you say, and there are games I've played a second time on current hardware and enjoyed far, far more than I originally did (off the top of my head, Hitman Absolution and Burnout Paradise are the most recent examples). There are others which I've played and thought "Yeah, this hasn't aged well, has it?" but then I've always had a twinge of personal regret about such realisations.

Because that same fuzzy nostalgia can be a huge comfort to me, and the danger of losing that comfort is something I can be quite scared of at times. When I'm unwell, for example, and I'm stuck under a blanket drinking soup, watching cartoons can have a measurable impact on making me feel better (even if they're doing nothing to combat the actual germs) but c'mon, I'm 32 years old. If I try and watch Pingu or Wacky Races on any normal day, I'm gonna get real bored, real fast. I've got better, more important things to be doing, and so those DVDs stay on the shelf until I inevitably catch a cold again.

At some point in the future, I'm gonna be in a place where I crave a bit of happy nostalgia. In that moment, I can reach for certain older games knowing that I'm in the right frame of mind to overlook any flaws they may have and, basically, let them heal me. And if I've objectively and critically dissected their power to magically achieve that, then they simply won't work.

This rule doesn't stand for my entire collection, but it stands for enough of it to be something I often think about when deciding what to play next. Maybe I'm being too personal about all this, but I guess everything just has its time and place for me, s'all. Does that make sense?

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@RogerRoger Some of what you said there is one of the reasons why I don't replay games or am a big retro gamer. If I've really enjoyed a game, I don't wanna potentially ruin the memory I have of the game by playing something that doesn't hold up by today's standards. The only expection is remakes in the veign of Resident Evil 2 when they bring everything up to date.

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