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@RogerRoger It makes me wonder if maybe Arkham Origins would have fared better to be called “Batman Origins” or something else entirely, like “The Dark Knight Begins to Rise” ... or “Gotham: The Game” ... ugh, no - those sound awful. Maybe it was better to tap into the “Arkham” name so as to keep that public consciousness of the insanely popular first two games. But if it stands well on its own as a separate kind of experience, then maybe it was a disservice to link it to the Rocksteady Arkham stuff so tightly.

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@RogerRoger Thanks for not tagging me in the spoiler post and then tagging me on after, really appreciate it!

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@JohnnyShoulder No problemo; thanks for saying thanks!

@Th3solution Despite loving your alternative titles, I think my reply to you earlier was a poor one and I apologise for any confusion; I was talking purely in terms of story, character and overall narrative.

The game is called Arkham Origins moreso because the gameplay is near-identical to Arkham City, with only a few minor tweaks / expansions to the formula (there are fully-interactive crime scene reconstructions, a couple new combo animations, some new gadgets and fast-travel around the larger map... and that's about it, beyond the interiors and boss battles). Half of the game is the same part of Gotham from Arkham City, too, so it's (mostly) the same geometry.

Rocksteady basically gave WB Montreal the keys to their code and asset cupboard, and helped development in an advisory / support role (kinda like the Eidos Montreal / Crystal Dynamics relationship for Shadow of the Tomb Raider... come to think of it, that's a perfect comparison). So it's definitely an Arkham game from the "game" perspective, no question.

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