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Well looks like a lot of players are having a hard time understanding the basics on this game (Played 4 matches online where my oponents got killed before comfronting him) so as I progress through the game and learn few things I will try to just edit this post here.

You will have always at your command in multiplayer 4 things your Monster unit, 2 Different Zombie Squads and the most important unit the Mobile Spawner.

Zombies: You can be in command of 2 squads of 5(10 if you are using Braihov) Zombies each squad can be trained in certain facilities and transform then in different units from engineers to samurais your choice.

Mobile Spawner to make it short is your standard van with a MINIGUN on top really useful to wipeout zombies and from here your 2 squads of zombies spawn if this unit dies the match ends so keep an eye on this one. You will only be able to use your Minigun while is deployed. You will only be able to spawn zombies and monsters when the vehicle is deployed. Triangle

Monsters: You pick this unit from a selection of 4 monsters.This unit after collecting enough yellow orbs dropped by humans or zombies will lvl up each lvl will grant the monster a new active or passive skill and in the end the powerful ultimate. My favorite is the Braintrust a robot full of brains capable of shielding and cloak your zombies, scout areas with a radar and FIRE A HUGE LASER. When your monster dies it will spawn in the Mobile Spawner and if you smash the "X" button while the vehicle is deployed it will reduce the wait time.

Factions: there are only two leaded the protagonist Tycoon and the antagonist Brainhov the difference is kinda a quality vs quantity.  Brainhov will always get as twice more zombies than tycoon but this are going to be weaker than Tycoon Zombies.

There are alot of buildings around the map for every standard builiding you capture you will have 1(2 if you are Brainhov) zombie available for the Zombie Rush that can be activated any time when its not in coold down you can target any unit or building with the Zombie Rush. The Zombie Rush will always be the key to win any match just always wait for the right time to use it in mid of a fight and what to attack with it. In the beggining you can use it to capture down facilities. Nothing is better than see your enemy running from 66 Zombies when all his units are dead.

On every facility and around the map you will find a bunch of humans and soldiers every time you kill one you will also get yellow orbs required to level up your monster. Humans will never attack unless you give the 1st shot so be careful to only attack when you are up to it. Some of them are hiding in facilities they will start shooting if you try to capture this facilities. There's a Redneck wielding a 2 barrel pistol that is very hard to get only attack this one when you have all your units available to attack this one once is dead it will give you enough XP to atleast Level Up your monster 1 time. To trigger the Dead Rush you only need to press "R1" and you can press "L1" anytime to watch the whole map.

Different Zombies Attributes:

Scavenger Zombie: Ranged Unit use it wisely.
Brawler Zombie: Really Slow but are capable of stunning monsters.
Samurai Zombie: They can jump jump and immediatly attack enemy units so its hard to run from them.
Scout Zombie: This Zombies while standing still they burrow underground to regenerate health and to avoid detection.
Engineer Zombie: Capture buildings faster.
Cleaner Zombie:They explode upon death simple as that they will leave in some nuclear waaste dealing damge every second to the zombies in the area.


The other are not included but Scout is stronger than both Engineer and Standard Zombie but still in battle aren't so reliable than the other classes use Scouts and Engineers just to get some tactical advantage.

Everything is better than the Standard Zombies so transform them right away.

Different Monsters:

Brain Trust My favorite monster We can say this one is a support unit.

Level 1: Shield  you will get a shield that will protect you from incoming damage and regenerate zombies health in the area.
Level 2: Self-Destruct everything in a small radius will recieve up to 5000 damage so don't fear to use this monster as a kamikaze sometimes.
Level 3: Is a radar you will be able to see any part of the map for a limited time this is useful to know the whereabouts of your enemies and jump check which facilitiesyour enemy has captured or maybe find a blind spot for a sneak attack.
Level 4: Cloacking Device everything in the area will be invicible and the enemy won't be able to hit the units in this radius beware they still can hit the Braintrust. Great for fighting other monsters.
Level 5: LAZER the range of this one can reach any are of the map is a simple straight line LAZER .
Use this with the radar to find and the enemy from a far.

Key Spots:

1. Watch Tower:
If you manage to capture the Watch Tower you won't only get a perfect place to park your Zombie spawner it will at the same time clear the fog of war of a large area will with this you will be able to keep an eye to the samurai Dojo, MMA Ring and the Garden Shop and you are going to be able to see your opponents movements and what are type of zombies he have so you can quickly transform your zombies to counter his and get the upperhand.

2.Human Cops Parking lot:
Your spawner got barely alive from combat? Is his life meter red and is in no condition to fight?
My suggestion is to put it here the while you find a way to get the upperhand and defend yourself from the enemy you can hold this position and the oponent will never suspect from this place why you ask? No one supect about this place the when everyone start thinking of a nice hiding place people immediatley thinks about the spawn point. When your opponent start rushing to get that last hit he won't be able to find you after all that walk and roaming arond the map.

3. Samurai Dojos:
This 2 facilities is a must want for facility for almost everyone after all the Samurai Zombies are the strongest Zombies Overall and has some nice speed and are located on west and east side of the watch tower. Don't let your opponent gets this facilities or you may have a bad time dealing with Samurais unless you got some Brawlers on your squad. To keep an eye on this two buildings I recommend capturing the watch tower first and if you see your opponent trying to capture any of this two Dojo's Launch a Dead Rush and send all your units when he's almost done killing  the humans inside.

Battlefield 101 (Still Missing few things):

1. Never focus on killing the monster first try to always get his Zombies Squad.

2. Always try to lead the fight under one of your facilities the covering fire will always help you get rid of your oponent.

3. Your monster must be the one that leads the battle.

4. Things not going as planned? Retreat you can use the rest of your squad to capture more buildings and get ready for the next encounter.

5. Don't let your monster die only if its requierd don't let him level his monster retreat your monster can always regenerate his health. Exceptions your spawner is being attacked by a dead rush. The death of Braintrust can wipeout a whole squad and Dead Rush leading to salvation of your Mobile Spawner and maybe clear the Zombies protecting the enemy's Mobile Spawner.

6. Your Mobile Spawner isn't a soldier don't make your must important unit lead the battlefield get it safe use this unit just to get covering fire when its needed preferably under a facility where he can defend himself from the enemy.

7. Capture those houses doesn't matter that your opponent has the upperhand with his lvl Max Monster and units in the end everything will be decided in a Dead Rush if you have at least 14 (50% of the Houses) or more under your control you will have the upperhand in battle.

8. Multitask you can always try to engage the enemy just to distract him and be able to capture that key building you need. Confromting the enemy or set a squad to attack from the front while the other one takes another path to take the Mobile Spawner. I've been saved countlerss times confromting the enemy while I lead a Dead Rush on the other side of the map  houses  and is funny see him Dead Rush with only 4-8 Zombies available without he even know what's going wrong.

9. Knowledge is power if you know your enemy's objective you can quickly make a strategy to counter it. Some enemies may even focus the whole match to get that Samurai Dojo if you know that get some scouts ready or engineers to make an ambush or quickly capture the enemy after he wiped out the humans inside.

10. Live & Learn every loss can teach you something new keep it UP!!!

11. Ok this one is a reminder run from Braintrust when the enemy's Braintrust is almost dead dead he will Self-Destruct and take your whole squad with you retreat and then counter attack if you survive you have 3 seconds after Braintrust's death to escape.

12. Timing is everything always wait for the right moment to attack your opponent prefereably when he is not expecting it or while he is capturing a facility remember never too early and never too late.

13. Level Up your monster will get stronger everytime he starts levels up and will get a new skill and remember  that everytime you level up your monster regenerate all his health don't retreat from the battlefield when you are close to level up.

14. Mash those buttons everytime your monster dies or you are transforming your zombies you can speed up the respawning process. Sometimes my braintrust respawn so fast that I'm able to get the expirience orbs he dropped from that kamikaze attack.

15. Desperate times requiere desperate messures your opponents launch a full frontal assault lets make a full frontal assault too he won't expect him to attack while you are being harrassed by a Dead Rush

16. You may have won the this battle but the war is not over if you lost the last encounter don't give up and find a way make a combeback and if you won don't get too cocky he might find a way to make a comeback.

Perfect Start:
I managed to create a perfect start routine I do every match in 3 minutes I'm able to capture 15 houses, the Watchtower, The Hardware shop and level up my monster once I will post it after I win or lose the tournament in reddit don't want people in the tournament use my own tricks against me.

Note 1: If the opponent surrenders the match won't count in your Victory count someone please patch this -_-

Note 2: If anyone wants to set up a match just tell me I'm free this whole week and up for any challenger =3

Note 3: Push Square Review: … vs_revenge

Note 4: There's a tournament of this game on reddit to join just type your PSN here: … rules_and/


Why Braintrust is the only monster you mention in this guide?
Well the first time I played with him he was suited my play style perfectly so I never even bothered playing with the others even thought I know how to defend against them.

What's the strongest Zombie?
Samurai Zombie he has the best overall stats according to the codex.

Help I can't kill the rednecks?
You won't be able to kill them unless you have both of your Zombie Squads and your monster attack him he's tough.

Hey I want to challenge you to a match what's your PSN?

How much time does it take to finish a match?
Depends I have met some players that took me more than 1 Hour too beat them and others that just take me 7 minutes depends on your enemy and your skill.

You suck your win ratio is of 57%
I swear that I have only lost 8 times in which 3 of those were because my internet disconected in this game but I don't know why everytime the opponents disconect or surrenders it counts as a loss to me and the opponent. -_-

Your guide is bad and you should feel bad?
Instead of complaining you can always say what's wrong with the guide and I will try to do my best to make it better

This game sucks why you even bother to play this game?
That's your opinion I love RTS game, like the concept and love competitive multiplayer so its really fun for me and a lot of players like it too remember you are not the only one in the world and everyone has a different taste.

I have a question?
You just made one but if you have another one you can post it below in this thread and I may even add it to this FAQ after answering the question.

Corrected few things and added others.
Added Battlefield 101.
Added FAQ

I will keep adding stuff everytime I discover something new.
The Multiplayer in my opinion its really fun can't say the same for the Campaign still need to complete it.
If you know something I don't please just post it below and I will add it.

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PSN: Epic-ZX


Thank you very much Epic for this guide, i'm sure it'll be very helpful to a lot of new players in the coming days.

First of all, I have to correct you though, there are 4 different monsters in the game :
Badgerker, Skidmark, Bearhug and Braintrust.

Secondly, if you want a hand in completing your guide, you might want to take a look at our official blog :

If you want to build this guide by yourself though, it's fine, keep up the good work!

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CM at Frima Studio



Thank you very much Epic for this guide, i'm sure it'll be very helpful to a lot of new players in the coming days.

First of all, I have to correct you though, there are 4 different monsters in the game :
Badgerker, Skidmark, Bearhug and Braintrust.

Secondly, if you want a hand in completing your guide, you might want to take a look at our official blog :

If you want to build this guide by yourself though, it's fine, keep up the good work!

Sorry going to correct it right away I don't know why I counted 5 xD and I kinda wan't to build this quick guide by myself but thanks anyways.

Added few more things in the original post.

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PSN: Epic-ZX


If you like the game Epic, there is a tournament getting organized on Reddit, upvote it! … rules_and/

Done time to pawn some people. Currently on the top 10 in the leaderboards

PSN: Epic-ZX

PSN: Epic-ZX


Thanks for your support @Epic : )

No thanks to you and your team for making such a good game
I'm really looking foward to the tournament on reddit kinda getting tired of beating my opponents in 7-15 mins I used to love those matches that lasted even 50 minutes I hope to find some good players on this tournament.=3

PSN: Epic-ZX

PSN: Epic-ZX


Thanks for the guide! I will most likely make use of it since strategy games are not my specialty :c

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Thanks for the guide! I will most likely make use of it since strategy games are not my specialty :c

No problem is good to know people are finding it useful.

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PSN: Epic-ZX

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