Topic: Battlefield 5: Battle Royale-Mode is not being created at DICE

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Hey everyone
I just read, in a recent Reddit thread, from Ben Walke, the community leader for the Star Wars games at EA, that the Battle Royale will not be created by DICE:

"The information was provided by Walke in a recent in which players accused developers of withdrawing resources from Battlefront 2 to implement Battle Royale for Battlefield 5. With his statements, the community manager contradicts this theory. Further information must be waited for. It is a fact that the Battle Royale mode will be added after the release of Battlefield 5.

There is no date for BF5 Battle Royale yet. The developers are also keeping details about the gameplay secret. In the current gamescom trailer for Battlefield 5, players get their first teaser on the Battle Royale battles. At the end of the video you can see a wall of fire, which has now spread tightly around the play area. Battlefield 5 will be released on October 19th."

Just wondering, if anyone has any idea or thoughts on who might be developing it, or in general what you think of the Battle Roayle mode ^^

PS: This is my first thread, so please let me know if I posted something wrong

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Nice try with the sneaky 'Battlefield 5 Cheap' link which I've now removed for you. You did ask if there was anything you did wrong, so I'll point out that if you try that again you'll be banned.

That said I will keep the thread open as there's something to discuss here. I don't think it's massively unusual to outsource modes like this — the Battle Royale mode for Call of Duty is also being developed by a different Activision studio.

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