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(I don't know if this is the right forum I should come to as well but i thought its worth a shot, Tech Genius' have mercy on me pls )
Hello, I recently just started using a PS4 controller for certain games I play on PC. However the old wire I have disconnects the controller when its tilted at certain angles, so I bought a new one today. But the problem is that this new wire just doesn't connect my controller to the PC at all. I've tried uninstalling drivers and reinstalling them but to no avail. I've also tried holding the controller at the same angles I did with the old wire to see if it was my controller that was messed up but nothing. This new wire is perfectly fine. Why wont it let me connect my controller? ANY feedback will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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@pawsley Try the cable with something else to check that it's actually capable of data transfer.

There are 'dumb' usb cables out there that only supply power.

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