• News Reptile Roughhouses His Way into Mortal Kombat X


    Although the illustrious Ed Boon previously teased that new fighters for Mortal Kombat X would be revealed on 29th January, it seems that NetherRealm Studios couldn't wait, as an exclusive IGN video has confirmed that Reptile will be joining the roster. After a hilarious, short spat between Kung Lao and his scaly adversary, we get a look...


  • News Lollipop Chainsaw Boasts Some Killer Voice Talent

    See how many names you can recognise

    Lollipop Chainsaw promises to be one of the most memorable PS3 titles this year, with over-the-top violence and humour that we can't wait to take for a spin. While in the act of carving up zombies it's always a bonus if the storyline and voice-acting keeps up, and according to a press release it looks like it'll...