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    Review The Banner Saga 3

    Iver bad feeling about this

    The Banner Saga 3 is a fitting end for the light tactical RPG series, and one that feels less like a sequel and more like the third act of a cohesive whole. The combat system used in the series up until this point remains relatively unchanged, and most of the mechanics are carried over as is. This isn't about reinventing...


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    Review The Banner Saga 2

    Stop! Banner time

    Few games are as relentlessly bleak as The Banner Saga 2. It begins right after the climax of the previous game, but regardless of your prior choices, the story will play out largely the same; the dredge (a relentless horde of warriors) are hunting down the remaining humans and varl (hulking, horned giants), in the wake of past...


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    Review The Banner Saga

    The banter saga

    Finally setting foot on consoles after a long and probably cold wait is The Banner Saga – an addictive, intricate role-playing experience that's set in a world with a dead sun. Hulking giants known as varl exist alongside humans, and old, almost demonic foes are threatening the peace that both races have worked hard to establish...