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    Review Styx: Shards of Darkness

    Sticks and stones

    Admission: we weren't the biggest fans of Styx: Master of Shadows. Despite showing a bit of potential here and there, it was impossible to look past how incredibly frustrating and repetitive the entire game was – there was simply no fun to be had. So going into the sequel, our scepticism was naturally at an all-time high. But we...


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    Review Blood Bowl 2

    Fantasy football

    With turn-based strategy games usually taking place in some sort of military or empire building setting, it's always nice to see a title bring something a little different to the table. In Blood Bowl 2, American football's been forced through a Warhammer fantasy filter to create a violent sport where Humans, Orcs, Elves, and Dwarves...


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    Review Tour de France 2015

    Smooth ride

    If your Sunday bike ride doesn't take you 180 kilometres through some of the most scenic areas of Europe, you really need to buck your ideas up. The rest of us – statuesque in our hard-bodied glory – don't really need a video game tie-in for the Tour de France, because we live it every single day. Still, last year's travesty...


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    Review Tour de France 2014

    Tour de Pants

    It is Tour de France time, and that means crowds of talented bikers defeating our evil physics overlords and riding through one another across the beautiful French countryside and chunks of England. No? That must just be one of the fantastic new features in Tour de France 2014, a game which also serves up blind robot crowds and a host...