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I'm the Associate Editor of Push Square. You may remember me from such articles as 'Why I'm The Real Commander Shepard' and 'I Can't Stop Killing Dragons'. Note: Articles mentioned may not actually exist. Yet.

Thu 2nd Feb 2012

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ShogunRok commented on Japanese Sales Charts: PS4 Numbers Skyrocket T...:

@Neolit @rjejr @BertoFlyingFox Regular PS4 production has stopped now - the Slim is the regular PS4 as far as Sony's concerned. Also worth pointing out that the Slim isn't even called the Slim officially - it's just PS4.

That said, there are bound to be a few original PS4s knocking around, so yeah, they'll just be added into the numbers.

As for the Pro, Media Create - the company that tracks these sales - tends to split hardware up depending on the model, as it's always done with the 3DS, for example, so we could well see the PS4 (Slim) and Pro be counted separately.



ShogunRok commented on FIFA 17 Gets Some Great Graphical Upgrades Tha...:

@Splat We're still busy debating how we're going to do it, but the likely outcome is that we simply won't have the time or resources to check how the game plays both on PS4 and PS4 Pro. If that's the conclusion we come to then we'll just be making it clear which console we reviewed the game on.



ShogunRok commented on UK Store GAME Will Sell You a PS4 Pro for £17...:

Even if I wanted to take advantage of this, I couldn't - I technically don't own five physical PS4 games. 99% of my physical library is made up of promo discs since I'm a bigshot reviewer. Perks of the job my arse.



ShogunRok commented on Japanese Sales Charts: PS4 Hits Rock Bottom as...:

@Gamer83 The Wii U never had a hardware revision - you have to take that into account. Sales are clearly dropping because of the Slim, but having said that, I too don't think you'll see a massive jump in PS4 sales. I reckon it'll hop back to the 20k mark and stay there again.



ShogunRok commented on Destiny: Rise of Iron Launch Trailer Turns Up ...:

@scubydo I think if you're interested and you haven't played Destiny before, the collection offers a lot of value for your money. I also don't think you'd be too late to the party as it were - I'm sure there'll be plenty of new players just starting out once Rise of Iron launches.

That said, I bet you'll be able to get the collection cheap once the holiday sales roll around.



ShogunRok commented on Video: PS4 Firmware Update 4.00's Secret Neate...:

@blakey78 Spotify simply plays over whatever game you're on, so all of the audio, both the game's and Spotify's, is playing. Spotify has its own volume control though, so if you really wanted to hear what was going on in the game, you could always fiddle with the in-game audio options alongside Spotify's.

I just use Spotify when I'm playing games that don't rely on audio. If I'm doing daily quests in Destiny, for example, I just slap Spotify on and turn the volume up louder than the game. If I was playing The Witcher 3 or something, though, I wouldn't bother.



ShogunRok commented on TGS 2016: Musou Stars Is Koei Tecmo's Smash Br...:

@illegalfreq We did - those little segments where the characters are beating up loads of enemies is the game. Ryu was taking on a bunch of Dynasty Warriors-style soldiers and Oka was taking on waves of those goblin Oni things from Toukiden. Definitely a Warriors-style thing.

Couldn't blame you if you glazed over them though - it looks very familiar!



ShogunRok commented on Review: Fallout 4: Nuka World (PS4):

@NathanUC Yeah, recommended level is 30+. Worth noting that if you're over that, enemies will scale to some degree.

@BranJ0 I wanted to have this review done and dusted last week, but with the PlayStation Meeting I ended up being stupidly busy, and didn't even have enough time to finish the DLC itself. Fortunately I managed to find the time last weekend to finish the main quest. Took me around 40 hours!



ShogunRok commented on Game of the Month: Top 4 PlayStation Games of ...:

@Mergatro1d Yeah, it's like @Neolit says. The Game of the Month articles are based on a staff vote that we do, so even if a game like Deus Ex only got a 7, if enough staff vote for it, it can end up higher than a game which scored higher.

We reckon that this is just a fairer way of doing things since not all of our staff will necessarily agree with every review score.



ShogunRok commented on No, PS4 Pro Game Patches Won't Cost You Money:

@Grawlog Generally just comes down to whoever's writing it. With news like this, I was just trying to get it out fast and get straight to the point, hence the link and no quote. Technically this articles about the GAF posts rather than the original Japanese interview, so I just stuck with that. Hope that makes sense.



ShogunRok commented on No, PS4 Pro Game Patches Won't Cost You Money:

@BAMozzy Yeah, this is really the only thing keeping me from grabbing a Pro at launch or later this year. As far as I'm aware, there's no guarantee that developers will patch their games for the Pro - Sony made it sound like it isn't mandatory during the PlayStation Meeting, which is a bit of a worry.

Whether that's just already released PS4 games, I guess we'll have to wait and see.



ShogunRok commented on Bethesda Speaks Out: Sony Will Not Allow Fallo...:

@SmashbrosFtw1306 Yep, the Xbox One version of Fallout 4 has user made mods. It's not quite the same as PC (mods are filtered by Bethesda to make sure they won't completely destroy your game), but yeah, you just pick a mod and add it.

Worth mentioning, though, that mods on Xbox One disable Achievements and I THINK you can only have one active at a time. I assume it would have been the same on PS4, only obviously with Trophies instead of Achievements.



ShogunRok commented on Poll: Will You Be Buying a PS4 Pro?:

I'll likely cough up for a Pro and a 4K TV at some point next year. Right now, I'm in no real rush. Also waiting to see exactly how much better most games run on the Pro compared to the PS4.



ShogunRok commented on Bethesda Speaks Out: Sony Will Not Allow Fallo...:

@FullbringIchigo Could be, I suppose, but it's still a hard decision to defend. Mods work (reasonably) well on Xbox One, so it looks bad for Sony.

The funny thing is, in previous generations, PlayStation has been really open towards user made content, while Xbox has always said no. How times change!



ShogunRok commented on Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Is Finally Her...:

Yeah, a pretty underwhelming showing after all this time. BioWare really needs to take animation more seriously - if Andromeda is still using canned Mass Effect 2/3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition character animations, I'll be seriously disappointed.