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I'm the Associate Editor of Push Square. You may remember me from such articles as 'Why I'm The Real Commander Shepard' and 'I Can't Stop Killing Dragons'. Note: Articles mentioned may not actually exist. Yet.

Thu 2nd February, 2012

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ShogunRok commented on Desperate for a Legendary Engram in Destiny? Y...:

@xMEADx We enjoy the game — it's great fun — that's why we play it. The problem is we get no rewards for doing so, which is ridiculous. The loot drop rate is insanely low, and even when you do get something, you're not guaranteed that the engram will be decrypted into anything good.

There's a huge difference between liking a game and being critical of it. If you see no flaw in Destiny's loot system, that's fine, but it's clear that many, many players have serious issues with it. If it was actually any good, people wouldn't bother with exploits like this in the first place.



ShogunRok commented on Desperate for a Legendary Engram in Destiny? Y...:

@xMEADx It doesn't matter how much time you have. I put over 20 hours into Destiny just over the past week, and I got almost nothing to show for it. That's not good design, and if it keeps up, it's only a matter of time until people start shelving the game because they feel like they're not being rewarded as much as they should.

One of the first rules of an enjoyable game is that the game must reward the player. Destiny's not all about loot, sure, but at the end of the day, that's what's making you complete countless strikes and continue playing once the story's over.



ShogunRok commented on Desperate for a Legendary Engram in Destiny? Y...:

I think we can all agree that the loot drop rate needs to increase quite a bit. The supposedly amazing endgame Bungie wants everyone to try currently involves sitting in front of a cave and shooting low levels enemies for 20 minutes at a time.

It's ridiculous.



ShogunRok commented on Soapbox: Please Protect Me from the Purgatory ...:

With games like Tales of Xillia 2 and Naruto: Storm Revolution only on PS3, I've had no choice but to keep it around. It still feels okay to me, but only just. The thing that irks me most is actually the DualShock 3 — the DualShock 4 is so much more comfortable, and that's after being a huge fan of the former for almost a decade!



ShogunRok commented on Destiny's Impossible Raid Can Be Beaten in Und...:

I just have an issue with difficulty equalling standard enemies that take an entire clip to kill and bosses that can annihilate you with a single shot. If you find that fun, more power to you, but in a game based on skill, I find it incredibly tedious. The worst thing about the game, in my opinion.



ShogunRok commented on Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Goes for the Jugu...:

I do get a bit tired of the shamelessness often found in Japanese anime/manga like in the article's picture. Sure, it's a bit risky for a reason, but at the same time, it loses much of its appeal if everything under the sun is doing it.



ShogunRok commented on TGS 2014: Some Dragon Quest Heroes Gameplay Fo...:

@rastamadeus Shouldn't make a difference - Square Enix is publishing this, so it'll largely be down to them. Koei Tecmo will have a say in it, but I don't think they'll be looking at Hyrule Warriors as an indicator, not when Zelda is already and established franchise in the West.



ShogunRok commented on Review: Destiny (PlayStation 4):

@BoltedArc Most of the connection issues yesterday were because of Bungie tweaking the servers, which it'll need to do every now and then to keep things stable. You hopefully shouldn't have those problems again.



ShogunRok commented on Review: Destiny (PlayStation 4):

@junguler I think a third person view could be great. You already have it in the tower, and it works well during a certain mission. Not sure how much work it would be for Bungie to implement, but I'd absolutely love the option.



ShogunRok commented on Nolan North and Troy Baker Talk About Their Ro...:

I always thought Troy Baker was like the young version of Nolan North, as he seems to have taken over the role of voicing at least one character in every single game.

Then I found out Troy Baker is about 40 years old! He's got some good genes.



ShogunRok commented on Approximately How Long Does Destiny's Story Ta...:

To be totally fair (if a bit brutal), the story is pretty much a very, very thin narrative that's used purely as an excuse to have you jump around the solar system.

I didn't expect much more, but anyone who was thinking they'd end up with a lavish RPG plot is going to be severely disappointed. At the end of the day, Destiny is all about the loot, the co-op, and the exploration.



ShogunRok commented on You Should Probably Ignore This First Destiny ...:

A lot of reviewers are going to make the mistake of blitzing through as fast as possible, which doesn't gel with making good judgement on something.

Destiny, especially, is a game that you need to take your time with as you explore and make your guardian more powerful. To rush through would be to go against the game's design.



ShogunRok commented on Review: Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (PlayStatio...:

@Vorlon Hey, you're right! That's a mistake on my part, although it has been altered slightly when compared to the original. It's a little less restrictive, but still pretty disappointing.

And I'm honestly not sure about trophies. Ultimate should have a different trophy list, so I don't think it'll carry anything over.