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I'm the Associate Editor of Push Square. You may remember me from such articles as 'Why I'm The Real Commander Shepard' and 'I Can't Stop Killing Dragons'. Note: Articles mentioned may not actually exist. Yet.

Thu 2nd February, 2012

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ShogunRok commented on Who Would Win Wednesdays: Destiny Special:

Wow, this one's gone all over the place. At first, the Titan was winning by quite a few votes, then the Hunter caught up, then the Warlock gained the lead, then the Titan totally fell behind, and now the Hunter is winning. This could go anywhere.



ShogunRok commented on Review: Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty (PlayStation 4):

The original game was incredibly atmospheric and wonderfully weird. I always loved taking control of animals like the Scrabs and killing everything I came across. Good to hear the this remake lives up to the strangeness!



ShogunRok commented on Feature: The PS4 Destiny Diaries - Day Four: L...:

@Davros79 I've come across a couple that are 57 and once you upgrade them (they're uncommon) they jump to 61 or 62. Pretty sure that's about the maximum for stuff you can find in the beta, but if you look at some of those level 20 weapons that are for sale, they have over 300 attack! Seems ridiculous.



ShogunRok commented on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Didn't Look Like T...:

I play Skyrim on PC, and to get graphics like this throughout the game with a steady frame rate, you're gonna need a bit of a monster rig. Chances are these portraits were taken using a slew of visual enhancement mods that would slow most games to a crawl if you actually tried to play them rather than take nice photos.

And that's without mentioning all of the character model enhancement mods that were used to make these. Trust me, vanilla Skyrim women do not look this radiant even on PC.



ShogunRok commented on Guide: How to Get into the Destiny Beta on PS4:

@clarksmc You'll be happy to know it does. The world isn't as totally open as something like Skyrim, but you can very easily join up with friends and explore as much as you want.

You will encounter other people, though. You can't hurt each other, but you'll see other players exploring, too. Not huge amounts, just a few here and there. Hope that helps!



ShogunRok commented on Sony: PS4's Christmas Lineup Compares 'Very, V...:

I think a crucial fact here is that Microsoft needs a strong holiday line up. At the rate the PlayStation 4 is selling, Sony knows it doesn't need to do too much. Maybe that'll prove to be a mistake, maybe it does need some more exclusive games, but I can't see the Xbox One making up all of that ground so quickly.



ShogunRok commented on PS4 Fantasy Title Lords of the Fallen Will, Er...:

This and Alien are going to feel the pain, I think. Dragon Age should be... relatively okay - it's the first big fantasy RPG on next-gen consoles and its a somewhat established franchise. Assassin's Creed will be fine, of course.



ShogunRok commented on Talking Point: Should More Games Try to Teach ...:

As long as it fits within the context of the game, why not? People learn in lots of different ways, and directly taking part in something is a great way to wrap your head around it.

I mean, Dynasty Warriors has taught me most of what I know about feudal China!