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Wed 31st August, 2011

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seeafish commented on Bumping The Last of Us Remastered's Framerate ...:

@WARDIE TLOU on PS3 was a last gen game. On PS4 it's current gen. It's completely rebuilt from the ground up, rather than being a glorified skin mod.

Personally I'll go for 60 I think, as the smooth gameplay is just heaven. Movies are meant to be cinematic, games should be....uhr....gamimatic...?



seeafish commented on Feature: The PS4 Destiny Diaries - Day Two: Th...:

I can see why Bungie were so loved in Camp MS all these years (never owned an xbox). What an astonishing game this is, and considering it's a beta, it's pretty damn smooth.
If anyone is playing tonight, add me: capitales7



seeafish commented on June NPD: PS4 Brushes Aside Xbox One Price Dro...:

@Paranoimia I believe at the moment, the HDMI in (and by extension TVTVTV) is the last shred of identity the Xbox One has left. I mean, the One in the name is based on Input One... If they got rid of that, they might as well do a recall and release an Xbox Two.
Happy for Sony and PS4. My best gaming years have always been when Sony were on top, and that seems to be happening again now...guess I'm actually happy for myself here. :D



seeafish commented on How Is the PS4 Controller Used in The Last of ...:

I like the controller features, especially the speaker. Transistor uses both speaker and lightbar brilliantly and it really does add to the immersive feel.
Also, when you play in the dark, the light bar shines on your fingers, but it's hardly a good indicator for health. Once again, transistor really uses it nicely to show when the transistor itself is speaking.



seeafish commented on Sony Bosses Forfeit Bonuses Ahead of Billion D...:

Sony are slowly returning to being pioneers in the electronics world. They were quite "****y" for about a decade, but then they suddenly release cool **** like PS4, Xperia Z1 and Z2 and their latest TVs are brilliant. Hopefully they can focus more and return to profitability. A tech world without Sony would be a sad world indeed...



seeafish commented on Reaction: Xbox One's PS4 Impersonation Improve...:

Great article Sammy.
Gotta say, it's a sad day for the Xbox division. Confidence must be at an all time low, buuuuttt! I must say that Phil Spencer is pretty cool and he is making drastic changes to adapt rather than pay homage to the suits who used run the brand. I like him. He's a gamer at heart and loves the industry, not unlike House, Shu and Cerny. It's idiots like Mattrick who brought Xbox down into the toilet; Spencer can bring it back.

With all that said however, we probably need to wait for the Xbox...uh...Two, since, as you rightly said, it's a less powerful PS4 now, with fewer exclusives and even turning to the same subscription model, which is far more mature on PS. What exactly is the point of buying one now?
And let's not forget Morpheus, who the writers over at CVG rate higher than the latest Oculus. Greatness awaits indeed!



seeafish commented on Feature: In Theory, Could Titanfall Drop a Bot...:

PS only gamers aren't missing out much. Every single person who went ballistic over the beta that I know (including reporters in blogs and podcasts) has since become bored with the shallow, repetitive gameplay.
I was initially excited for this, but now it's all meh... Guess a sequel on PS4 wouldn't hurt and would make EA lots of money, but we just came out a boring, brown generation swarmed by meathead shooter gamers. So much so that many smaller projects were cancelled and switched over to make more brown shooters. At the moment, I am very excited about the potential for new and fresh ideas. I almost hope these types of games fall flat on their face so that big powerhouses with tonnes of raw talent, such as EA can focus on more interesting things.



seeafish commented on Gaikai? No, PlayStation Now Is Powered by Blac...:

@italodance Netflix exists with quite a large user base in over 40 countries. I would say it's an unmitigated success.
There is a difference though. Netflix runs on AWS at DCs all over the world, and in some ISPs too. PS Now will most likely have far more limited hosting initially, but it could work as it starts rolling out across more countries.
I wouldn't write it off; Gaikai seems to have come up with some decent compressions algorithms to minimise the latency. Remains to be seen at scale however.



seeafish commented on Does Dimming the PS4 Controller's Light Bar In...:

Dunno if its just me, but I've grown quite fond of the light and have decided to leave it on Max. After playing Fez, I was just blown away by how much it adds to the experience when it follows the colour changes of the sky. On dim, it doesn't have the say oomph if you will.



seeafish commented on Sorry PS4, You'll Have to Wait for Call of Dut...:

Genuinely don't care about this. Tbh I'm pretty much done with this series, have been for years in fact, and won't return until they truly revolutionise, which is unlikely.
In any case, all the CoDs I've played so far, I've never once paid for a map pack (I used to play CS, the concept is alien to me), but even if I did care, what flipping difference does 1 month make? How is that a good investment for MS? Are CoD gamers really the "I wannit naooow!!" type people?



seeafish commented on You Can Download Free DLC for Metal Gear Solid...:

@3rdEyeMind huge fan here, and IMHO, you're missing out. I've played this for over 12 hours now and only 33% done. Sure, it's just repeating the same 6 missions, but the base/map, gameplay mechanics, enemy AI, and all the other fun stuff is just fantastic. Spent £20 and have gotten more out it of than other full priced games.
it's NOT a demo. It's just a very limited game, but with so much freedom that you can keep playing it.
And Kojima even trolls you in one of the missions. Also, Deja Vu is BRILLIANT bit of fan service to MGS1 fanatics like me. Took me almost 2 hours just to finish that, and I didn't even find everything.

Honestly, so far I've only heard people who haven't bought it refer to it as a demo. I'm jumping back in now to play Jamais Vu.



seeafish commented on This Input Code Adds Credence to the PS4 Port ...:

@get2sammyb I drooled a little when you said God of War... 3 would be a treat on PS4!

I must say tho, this is good news. I preordered this game, but sold it on the day it arrived (within 1 minute of picking up the parcel) due to sudden change in financial circumstance heh. Would love to experience it in glorious H... Wait.



seeafish commented on Pachter: Sony Would Probably Like to Get Call ...:

No no no nooooo!
I love how Sony focuses on the best first party gems and Indies. Don't waste money on securing crappy map packs for a month before the competition. Who cares! Besides, CoD is definitely on the slump... Let sleeping dudebros lie.



seeafish commented on Talking Point: Are We Starting to Expect Too M...:

Owning a PS3, 4 and a Vita, I almost feel guilty and humbled at the monthly onslaught of games for each of my platform. I can see how total newcomers to Sony's platform who may only own the PS4 feel annoyed, but these people can do one as far as I'm concerned. Can't expect multi million selling AAA games being free 2 weeks after release, seriously. Just be patient and by end of the year, I'm sure Killzone or Thief or something will be free... On PS3 I recall some games were less than 6 months old, so be patient, play some Indies, and stfu! :)



seeafish commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Can't...stop....playing...infamous. The game is ridiculous. Not even doing missions, but rather just roaming around. The city is brilliantly layed out.
Also dipping in and out of KZ MP with the official PS forum guys... Only 135 drone buddy kills away from what will probably be one of my proudest platinums. Been a long journey, nearly done... Nearly done...



seeafish commented on You'll Be Able to Turn the PS4 Controller's Li...:

Totally not bothered by this. I usually play in the dark and have a quite reflective LED TV, but never had any issues.
Also, since it's an LED light, it uses next to no power and dimming it will shave off like half a watt...