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seeafish commented on Talking Point: Are We Starting to Expect Too M...:

Owning a PS3, 4 and a Vita, I almost feel guilty and humbled at the monthly onslaught of games for each of my platform. I can see how total newcomers to Sony's platform who may only own the PS4 feel annoyed, but these people can do one as far as I'm concerned. Can't expect multi million selling AAA games being free 2 weeks after release, seriously. Just be patient and by end of the year, I'm sure Killzone or Thief or something will be free... On PS3 I recall some games were less than 6 months old, so be patient, play some Indies, and stfu! :)



seeafish commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Can't...stop....playing...infamous. The game is ridiculous. Not even doing missions, but rather just roaming around. The city is brilliantly layed out.
Also dipping in and out of KZ MP with the official PS forum guys... Only 135 drone buddy kills away from what will probably be one of my proudest platinums. Been a long journey, nearly done... Nearly done...



seeafish commented on You'll Be Able to Turn the PS4 Controller's Li...:

Totally not bothered by this. I usually play in the dark and have a quite reflective LED TV, but never had any issues.
Also, since it's an LED light, it uses next to no power and dimming it will shave off like half a watt...



seeafish commented on Soapbox: Live from PlayStation Is PS4's Secret...:

Wasn't ever interested until I got a ps4 and started using live from PlayStation.
On the flip side, while I tend to enjoy solitary gaming session,especially for games with strong narratives (need an empty house, lights off, surround sound on for something like TLoU or MGS!), I do like the idea of virtually hanging out with some random peeps while I game, as long as they aren't douchebags.



seeafish commented on Sucker Punch: We'd Have Loved a Grunge Soundtr...:

I must say, the initial trailer with the Nirvana track was incredible and hyped the game up for me even more. It just suits the mood of this game brilliantly. Bit sad to see they won't be including original tracks, but it is very expensive so fair play I guess.



seeafish commented on Sony: You're Going to Have to Wait Patiently f...:

This makes me sad as SSM are my favourite dev ever. Was very excited to see what they could do outside of GoW. Although, I'm a die hard GoW fan (the 6 GoW platinums prove that) so more Kratos wouldn't ever be a bad thing for me.



seeafish commented on Xbox One's Heinous Launch Parity Clause Still ...:

Just to clarify, Microsoft is a GIGANTIC business, where Xbox is a tiny tiny piece.
They do this WITH EVERYTHING they do (hence I said heinous... they truly are a disgusting corporation).
I mean, Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, DirectX, Skype, Xbox... everything they ever did, they attempted to grab market share (usually with great success) by using shady practices and stepping on the little guy. I remember when IE finally killed off Netscape, they added insult to injure by dropping a large 'e' (IE logo) into the fountain at Netscape HQ.
They are bullies who don't want to COMPETE, they want to MONOPOLISE. Be it saying "OPENGL IS BY THE DEVIL!!" or "Gmail steals your data mmmkay", they just can't create a product and let it speak for itself without resorting to petty BS like stepping on some poor indie developers.




seeafish commented on Xbox One's Heinous Launch Parity Clause Still ...:

More anti-consumer and anti-producer policies from MS. This stuff isn't surprising anymore. MS have been a tech bully since the early's just how they do things.
The shame is that so many people outright defend their heinous practices. Hopefully Indies will tell them to shove it and all just release on PS. That will FORCE them to change and we can actually have some balance again.



seeafish commented on Opinion: EA Found Its Call of Duty Killer, and...:

Great article. Been discussing this very point with friends recently.
For MS, if it was an exclusive to XO, it would've sold systems. The 360 and PC releases diminish that greatly.
For EA, had it once again been an XO release, they wouldn't have lost out on much. The fact that it's CROSS-GEN means not only losing out on the current 5.3m PS4 install base, but the massive 80m PS3 install base as well. They have literally lost out on millions upon millions of sales, as this game will sell like hotcakes.
Personally, the game looks technically bland, but the gameplay looks very fast, fluid and just fun. Probably just get it on PC as it will run on most laptops by the looks of things.



seeafish commented on Metal Gear Solid Creator Hideo Kojima Thinks T...:

@JaxonH normally I would agree, but I think any PS fan would buy the crap out of any MGS regardless of what Kojima says. He could say he had a gay orgy with Major Nelson and Phil Spencer and the other Phil, and that did it while filming it on kinect and all money shorting on to a pile of Xboxes....PS fans would still queue up for MGS.
I mean it's been part of PlayStation history since 1998.



seeafish commented on Talking Point: The Increasingly Complex Issue ...:

Back in January I was speccing out a PC to finally make the jump from consoles back to PCs. Then Sony teased their event so I stalled a bit. After I saw it, my excitement was so high I forgot all about PCs and get totally overhyped by my love for Playstation.
Today, I'm sad to announce that ALL that excitement has been totally destroyed and I'm very close to just forgetting about consoles, maybe even gaming, for good... Or at least until these big, greedy SOB publishers go bankrupt and are replaced by companies who don't totally hate and abhor their customers.
E3, all eyes on you.



seeafish commented on Heavy Rain Cost €16.7 Million to Make, Made ...:

I really hate David Cage haters. Yes he's a bit weird when he speaks and says the word "emotionzzz" way too much, but dammit his games are awesome and very emotional.
First time I played HR I loved it. When my son was born I decided to replay it as he was growing up, and this time it was UNBEARABLE! I could barely finish it as I could literally place myself in each one of the scenarios. He truly evoked the feelings that I have for my son and somehow transposed them onto Ethan, then conveyed them back to me as the player/father. Truly great game maker, and I hope he stays with Sony and becomes first party so that he can keep focusing on more ambitious games rather than being forced down the dude-bro gaming alley and eventually closed down for being too "risky".
I'm happy he made lots of money and hope that proves a lot of us who are older than 14 actually do want a more engaging experience than "go here, shoot that brown person, slide here, cover, shoot, slow-mo cut scene, go there".

Also, I really hope Leo Di Caprio will rethink now that major hollywood players are involved in games (although let's see if Ellen Page ever works in movies again first lol) as he's an awesome actor and I would love to see him in a game.



seeafish commented on Rumour: You'll Be Able to Link PS4 Controllers...:

@rjejr I don't think the data will physically be stored inside the controller but rather the unique id of the controller will allowed access to all the things stored in your PSN cloud if you will. This would keep costs down as well, making this affordable for Sony to manufacture.
I am loving this concept and hope it's true.



seeafish commented on Talking Point: Does the PS4 Need 4K Resolution?:

Yes and no. TV technology needs to and will improve and 4K is the next logical evolution. The say that 8K resolutions are the theoretical max that the human eye can perceive so we're not that far from having completely upgraded TVs to the maximum!
The problem lies in development. Dev houses are already spending far too many resources on creating textures for 720p games. Now imagine making 4K textures; the level of detail required will put some serious strain on dev houses to the point of forcing them to expand their team of artists. This adds significant cost which has the negative side effect of making games more risky, thus potentially killing off whole range of games that simply won't make development. Perhaps I'm being a bit bleak, but its how I see things going...
And tbh, the last time I moaned about graphics was when I had a ps1. Since the ps2 I've always been satisfied. Not really sure if this is even needed...



seeafish commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Release Less Exclus...:

It will be a sad day when Sony stop making exclusives due to silly marketing reasons. They will turn into MS and just become another generic platform for your call of battlefield 4s and whatnot.
Without exclusives, it loses the flair it has, the thing that makes me and millions more gravitate towards the console. I genuinely think that's the reason you get a more mature overall crowd on psn as opposed to xbl.
However, they do spend too much time promoting some games and forgetting others. I always feel that the brilliant Resistance 3 was forgotten within 2 weeks of release. Stuff like that shouldn't happen. The big games will sell themselves; advertise the smaller ones.

Oh and please don't act like the whole Halo 4 mountain dew/7 eleven thing was a good idea. Never liked halo, but that totally cheapened the brand. Very similar to uncharted 3 and subway. It's painful to watch stuff like that and ruins the character for me. It's similar to how Yoda is currently advertising additional data rates for Vodafone here in the UK.



seeafish commented on Yes, The Phantom Pain Is Almost Certainly Meta...:

Kojima and co always amazed me with their mgs announcements. Each one is so elegantly executed, with twists and turns to truly make you excited about the game. I'm a sucker for this.
Regarding the trailer, for me the dead give-away that it was a new mgs was down to the very quick glance of the main character running. CLASSSIC Snake style movement.



seeafish commented on Preview: God of War: Ascension Is Familiar but...:

Having been of the lucky few to play this at EuroGamer Expo this year (both MP and SP) I can say Ieft the stand with goosebumps.
The SP is the same excellent Kratos formula but just a bit tighter and better executed. I LOVED how you can now hold one enemy with one chain while slashing away at another with the other chain. All in all, game play alone will make me get this day 1.
The MP was good too, but as mentioned, I'm not sure how long it will stay fun...



seeafish commented on Redesigned PlayStation Store Launches from 17t...:

The search feature is a welcome change, as it currently sux.
In terms of layout though, once you know your way around, the current store isn't THAT bad. But there's loads of space for improvement, so I'm happy they've redesigned it.



seeafish commented on Guide: How to Get US Netflix on Your UK PS3:

Hang on a sec. Those IPs are for the popular service right? That requires a paid subscription for continued usage, unless you wanna constantly setup new test email accounts?
Might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's how it works.



seeafish commented on PlayStation Plus Cloud Storage Capacity Extend...:

if you have lots of space free you must not play that many games.... I'm currently down to 40MB left and I don't even play THAT many games. A gig is VERY welcome. Just means I can backup games saves I don't really care about, just because! :p
Thanks Sony, now please sort out CS:GO in EU and we're all good!



seeafish commented on Sony Confirms That It's Still Backing 3D Techn...:

I love the technology but the content sux. I want things to truly engage me in 3D and pop out at me. Things should be made with 3D in mind otherwise it's just a stale "depth effect", which definitely isn't worth the loss in definition...



seeafish commented on Feature: The Making Of The Sony PlayStation:

That SNES/PS1 hybrid is crazy!
Very interesting article though. Such a shame seeing Sony in the state they are in now, considering how they completely changed the market with PS1 and 2. Still, bad decisions and poor launches aside, the PS3 is still the best piece of tech in my house. I challenged a whole bunch of my 360 playing friends to give me ONE reason to own an Xbox over the PS3 (completely unbiased, I promise. Put my money where my mouth is and said I'd get on if they could come up with a reason). Needless to say I still only own a PS3.



seeafish commented on Sony Not Ruling Out Super Slim PlayStation 3:

While I miss my phatt 60GB with backward compatibility and 10 million USB ports, I certainly do not miss the sound of vacuum cleaners when I would play a game.
Also, after 2 of them died on me, I had to get a slim.
The slim never makes a NOISE and never gets overly hot... although I have experienced more system crashes with it compared to the phatt.
I would welcome a cheap £100 super slim, like the slim PS2, with open arms,



seeafish commented on Sony: Some of Our Competitors Are Losing the Plot:

Firstly, LOL @ Squiggle55! :D

Second, I totally agree! The only people I know who are still compltely MS loyalist are people who hold outdated views about PS3 (IT HAZ NO GAEMZ!!) or people who ONLY play Halo 4 and cod on XBL (or just idiots who think MS respects them as humans or something).
Two E3s now MS have been showing off multi-plat sequels and new dashboard features, while Sony has been games, games, games! And E3 is about GAMES!
I always watch the MS pres feeling dazzled by shiny interfaces and features, but by the time Sony are done with theirs, I remember how much I love playing games, and start preordering exclusives. That's why I love Sony, and that's why you can see on countless forums and blog sites that GAMERS are leaving MS, and loyalists and casual people are staying back.