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Wed 31st August, 2011

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seeafish commented on What Happens When a War Photographer Plays The...:

The photographer is clearly missing the point of the game, but worse, perpetuating the usual stigma against gamers and reinforcing the myth that violent games somehow desensitises us in real life.
Jimquisition sums the situation up far more eloquently than I ever could:
Like most people here, I've played games, many of which were violent, since the tender age of two. Yet I cannot stomach watching the news when they show little kids being carried bloodied up by their grieving parents. Nor can I stomach the suicide in that video...



seeafish commented on Reaction: Destiny's PS4 Launch Proves PSN Isn'...:

People forget the FIFA 15 demo came out the same day, and the half of my friends is who didn't download Destiny, were downloading that, so hats off indeed.
I've had VERY minor issues within a few hours of the launch, and I mean minor: a message had to be retried (sending messages was a bit slower than usual in general) and my party got killed once... Other than that, no issues, and I I've been on Destiny for approximately 5 hours per night.



seeafish commented on First Impressions: What's Call of Duty: Advanc...:

Even though I've left this series long behind, I must admit I'm curious about this outing. I'll wait for general consensus before buying though.
I've also been wondering: if the majority of CoD games score 8 or 9 from most critics, and Advanced Warfare truly is groundbreaking as opposed to the usual rehashed rubbish they churn out year after year, how should this be scored...?



seeafish commented on Approximately How Long Does Destiny's Story Ta...:

Dunno, played 5 solid hours, and only just got out of Old Russia. Played the first level on the moon too. It's down to how well the game is designed, where it allows you to get totally side tracked and start exploring. As a result, I'm near level 10 and got some kick ass gear already.
I did do 4 bounties (one of which involved playing 5 control missions on crucible) so that padded out my time, but that's how I choose to play the game; it'll take me a LOT longer than 10 to finish the story.



seeafish commented on No Personal Information Has Been Accessed in P...:

I wish more people understood how the Internet works. So much flame going on on the webs at the moment. A DDoS != a hack. It's 'merely' a network packet flood that denies service. Nothing high tech or 'hacky' about it and no access to any server can happen during a DDoS, thus nothing can ever be stolen.
Oh and btw, != == not equal to.



seeafish commented on Don't Worry, Crystal Dynamics Considered Your ...:

For once a parity clause would actually make sense.
Imagine if Sony told SE that due to the exclusivity TR can't be released on Sony platforms. Ouch.
All in all, MS wasted tonnes of money on this deal. Even the perception of exclusivity didn't last more than a few days.



seeafish commented on Guide: How to Complete the Spooky P.T. Demo on...:

Brilliant demo, what a great marketing idea to get hype going.
Played this with a friend at 2pm on a sunny day and it still scared me ****less.

Language - get2sammyb



seeafish commented on Gamescom 2014: Pre-Order Call of Duty: Advance...:

sigh Wish CoD would stop getting so much attention (although it generates clicks, so I can see how it makes sense). I don't want it to die or whatever, but I wish it would move into class of games like LoL, Dota and WoW; VERY mainstream, played by millions, but doesn't really get much news coverage. Most gamers have stopped caring about this franchise, but it's rammed down our throats regularly. Case in point, I use Appy Gamer app to read up on gaming news. Even big, breaking stories only have 4-5 articles from various feeds. The latest CoD MP news had THIRTEEN consecutive articles, with another 3 further down. That's 13 articles of "Latest CoD MP news" in a ROW! WHY?!
The proof that people don't care? They were ALL marked either as "don't care" or as "game over" by the community readers.
In summary, gamers don't care, news sites over-report (if that's a word).



seeafish commented on How Does Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Loo...:

Wish I hadn't platinumd this already. One of my fave games last gen, and as an open world crime game, personally I found it wayyyyy better than the overrated GTA5. If anyone missed it last gen, be sure to pick this up. It was largely overlooked, which is shame, cos it's just a solid, fun game, with excellent fighting and driving mechanics.



seeafish commented on Sony Sued $5 Million Over PS4 Shooter Killzone...:

Two things get to me about this bullsh*t lawsuit:

1) How many people defend this in the comments of the original polygon article. Seriously, f*ck you guys.

2) Guerilla invented new technologies to create a game that graphically took my breath away (spent ages staring at the small details). Not just the frame buffer stuff, but the dynamic animation technology and the AMAAAAZZINNG MADDR audio (play the game with good 7.1 headphones or a sound system to hear the awesomeness). They are nothing short of geniuses in their field and some cockface thinks it's his right to sue them.

Really get sick of living on this planet sometimes...



seeafish commented on Feature: Why You Should Try The Last of Us Rem...:

Played one match on PS3 but didn't really feel it. However, I think I didn't give it enough chance. Will try it again on PS4. Perhaps I will like it since it seems to differentiate itself from the usual crappy tacked on MP modes.
Also, UC2 MP was brilliant, particularly the survival modes.



seeafish commented on Bumping The Last of Us Remastered's Framerate ...:

@WARDIE TLOU on PS3 was a last gen game. On PS4 it's current gen. It's completely rebuilt from the ground up, rather than being a glorified skin mod.

Personally I'll go for 60 I think, as the smooth gameplay is just heaven. Movies are meant to be cinematic, games should be....uhr....gamimatic...?



seeafish commented on Feature: The PS4 Destiny Diaries - Day Two: Th...:

I can see why Bungie were so loved in Camp MS all these years (never owned an xbox). What an astonishing game this is, and considering it's a beta, it's pretty damn smooth.
If anyone is playing tonight, add me: capitales7



seeafish commented on June NPD: PS4 Brushes Aside Xbox One Price Dro...:

@Paranoimia I believe at the moment, the HDMI in (and by extension TVTVTV) is the last shred of identity the Xbox One has left. I mean, the One in the name is based on Input One... If they got rid of that, they might as well do a recall and release an Xbox Two.
Happy for Sony and PS4. My best gaming years have always been when Sony were on top, and that seems to be happening again now...guess I'm actually happy for myself here. :D



seeafish commented on How Is the PS4 Controller Used in The Last of ...:

I like the controller features, especially the speaker. Transistor uses both speaker and lightbar brilliantly and it really does add to the immersive feel.
Also, when you play in the dark, the light bar shines on your fingers, but it's hardly a good indicator for health. Once again, transistor really uses it nicely to show when the transistor itself is speaking.



seeafish commented on Sony Bosses Forfeit Bonuses Ahead of Billion D...:

Sony are slowly returning to being pioneers in the electronics world. They were quite "****y" for about a decade, but then they suddenly release cool **** like PS4, Xperia Z1 and Z2 and their latest TVs are brilliant. Hopefully they can focus more and return to profitability. A tech world without Sony would be a sad world indeed...