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seeafish commented on Just What Is Sony Santa Monica Working on for ...:

@eLarkos heh, fair enough. Different tastes and all.
Tbh, not entirely sure why I love the games so much, I think it's just the meat headed kratos. I'm usually into deeper games, but GoW just captivated me and I think the story is great too, as well as the epic boss battles. They are just fun games IMHO.



seeafish commented on Just What Is Sony Santa Monica Working on for ...:

One of the biggest GoW fans here (6 platinums) and two things irk the hell out of me when reading people's negative comments about the series:
1) It's a casual or easy game (as @eLarkos said). I challenge you to play the games on Chaos difficulty or finishing all the various trials modes available. It's gaming bliss for twitchy fingered people. Either that, or I suck at games, however without sounding cocky, I really don't! ;)
2) They should do a different mythology. No thanks. Kratos == GoW. If they are leaving Kratos and mythical Greece behind, I'd rather they made a different franchise with a different name, since calling it GoW would just go to disappoint hardcore fans like myself.

SSM are hands down my favourite studio in WWS (tied with ND of course) and anything they make is likely to be a must buy for me. I hope they either call it a day with GoW and make another spectacular series, or stay true to the originals with evolved gameplay.



seeafish commented on Talking Point: Is This Gaming's Most Disappoin...:

I've never gamed as much as I have this year. I'm fatigued. Between my PS4, Vita and my shiny new PC, I've sunk a hundreds of hours into gaming this year.
I think people's expectations were too high. Had a blast with all Sony first party titles, even platinum'd a few of them. Looking forward to Bloodborne, Evolve and Uncharted now. In the meantime, I'll be on FC4 and Civ Beyond Earth. Might also get GTA5 of enough people migrate to ps4; that game is hilarious with friends.



seeafish commented on Feature: What's the Status of DriveClub on PS4...:

Sad stuff... Feel bad for Evolution. The Japan earthquake nearly wiped them out, but they came back from the brink only to have this fiasco happen...
I think it's time Sony WWS reassigned these guys to other studios and just let GT be the Sony driving IP. In fact, I'm sure these guys could fit right in at Polyphon. :)



seeafish commented on Eye Witness Claims Uncharted 4: A Thief's End ...:

@DerMeister Yes, that would be a far better way to approach the gameplay and overall narrative. Picking up a chain gun and getting trophies for 500 headshots isn't very "everyman" heh.
I think it's a larger problem action games face. I had the same issue with the brilliant Tomb Raider last year. Her first kill was a momentous moment, but after putting an arrow through the 1000th enemy's head, it had kind of lost its taste.
TLoU did a great job of making the fighting (against humans at least) seem gritty and as a matter of life and death, but even that got a bit too much towards the end.
There are so many areas in all these games where enemies suddenly show up where I think "why can't this just be an environmental puzzle, where you need to find your way out, rather than killing people and head for the door". I got faith in ND though... I think they are aware of this and hopefully we will see something similar to what you suggested in UC4.



seeafish commented on Eye Witness Claims Uncharted 4: A Thief's End ...:

@rastamadeus hmm, dunno man. While I would say the shooting got old in all 3 games failry quickly (also, how can I see a genocidal mass murderer as a protagonist?!) the gameplay and set pieces have always been top notch. Closest thing to an Indiana Jones game for me. They are fun and full of acting gems, with real chemistry between the characters. I'm super hyped for this, but truly hope they learn from TLoU and tone down the genocide of poor canon fodder baddies.



seeafish commented on Injustice, inFAMOUS: First Light, and More Com...:

Loving this. Been enjoying the indies but yes, bout time we got a few high profile releases. Personally can't wait to play secet ponchos and first light.
Also @Bad-MuthaAdebis bought swapper on launch. Fantastic puzzler if you're into that kind of thing. I personally loved the feel and atmosphere and it has a cool, multi-ending story.



seeafish commented on Sony's Still Bleeding Money, But PS4's in Beas...:

Such negativity here.
I for one disagree with all of you and am currently jumping back on my PS4 for probably the 2000th hour since I bought it at launch. No other console or PC I've owned has gotten this much use, and I'm a serious gamer. I'm loving the exclusives, I'm loving the remasters (yeah, TLoU was "just a port" pfft) and loving most of the indies. I love the controller and even the bloody gimmicks like the controller speaker and light in Transistor. Also, share play is such an amazing idea. I love these things so much I'm pretty much overlooking the PSN and FW issues, as I'm sure they'll stabilise.
If I'm this happy this early into the life of the console, and it's clearly a success, the so-called investment has already paid off; I'm profiting at the moment and the future is bright for me on the PS4 once the big boys really start utilising the capabilities of it.
I'll let you all get back to your grumpy party now. :) Happy Halloween!



seeafish commented on Push Scare: How Final Fantasy VII's Not-So-Sca...:

It's completely unrealistic, wishful thinking, but SE haven't made a goos FF since 10. Thus I wish they would just can 15, 16....nn, and just remake 7 to 10 for new consoles. Not HD remake, but actually rebuild those amazing games, from the ground up, in a new engine, potentially with VAs (although that might kill it...) with some of the mechanics updated.
I would literally cream myself if such an announcement was made. Alas, we'll probably just continue to get more bland and meh FFs for the foreseeable future...



seeafish commented on Push Scare: Why the Petrifying P.T. Is the Per...:

Played this with a friend. Neither of us had any idea what it was. We had a laugh, albeit were scared to crap the whole time. Best thing for me was the constant volume control. I kept turning it down (played with surround, which is amazing btw!) cos the background noises were freaking me dafaq out. He kept making it louder when I didn't notice to piss me off.
Also fun was the Lisa jump scare. Trying our best to not act scared after the fact was pretty hilarious.



seeafish commented on Why Is Sony Taking So Long to Release PS4 Firm...:

@Paranoimia I want to shout Xbox On at my know, like Xbox :p
You are right though. Having worked in the service industry for many years, I can safely say that customers do not really know what they want. Let me qualify that: individually, they know what they want, but to assume that collectively they form some kind of hive mind, is rather ludicrous. Cater to the majority, and you'll piss off the minority...the minority could very well be 49% of your customer base though.
My take it on it, do what Apple does. I absolutely loathe their products, but they effectively don't want me to buy them. Instead, only people who love their products wholeheartedly do, which means they have a VERY loyal and happy customer base, who will spread the word. How is this possible? They say "here is what you want" rather than "we're listening to your feedback".



seeafish commented on Rumour: Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 Will Sparkle...:

While graphics aren't paramount for me, if GTA5 runs at 60fps on PS4, I'm definitely buying it. I recently played it online with on PS3 affer almost a year on PS4 and the framerate gave me a headache. Funny how we get spoiled by better hardware. :&



seeafish commented on Feature: What's New in PS4 Firmware Update 2.00?:

@ztpayne7 thanks. Read the comments on EU blog and the mod implied it's coming in a future update. With Sony, who knows what that means. Think they would've announced it though since it's highly sought after.
Hm, kinda wish they would adopt a monthly release schedule like MS. This is far too random.



seeafish commented on How Many People Play Destiny on Average Every ...:

@Godsire- it could've been a mass effect scale MMO, which sounds badass... Instead we got solid, if not some of the best, fps mechanics and challenging missions, but unfortunately without much base or back story. It's very fun to play but it could've been something truly great. Ahh well, i don't care as I'm on it every damn day regardless. :)



seeafish commented on How Many People Play Destiny on Average Every ...:

87h 17m here. I can totally relate to those stats.
I'll keep playing games until I play the raid. Then I'll review whatever new content comes out.
@Bad-MuthaAdebis you sound rather confident in picking up 14 shards... When I do the daily heroic on 28 my party always gets shards and I always get energy :(
But damn, the game's got me hooked and am now prepping for the raid. Level 28 with legendary and exotic gear already but want to level everything first. If anyone wants to play hit my clan up here or add me on PSN capitales7



seeafish commented on Review: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (Pla...:

@Bad-MuthaAdebis personally, this game was a highlight of last gen for me. Best open world game I've played after RDR (although RDR wins on story, SD's gameplay is head and shoulders above it). This game made GTA5 boring for me and it's sad it's so overlooked. Therefore, I highly recommend you pick it up, particular if you enjoy sandbox games.



seeafish commented on Feature: Why Do Next-Gen Games Keep Disappoint...:

Agree with what @Tasuki said, it's getting out of hand. Each release hypes itself like it's the second coming, only to be... well, a good game, but one the hype faaaarrr supercedes.
I learned long ago not to follow the hype and just make up my own mind.

Furthermore, I honestly don't see the value of reviews short of explaining if there are any serious issues with a game. I love some games that are 40 on metacritic and loathe others that are 95...people have different tastes, so how can we make decisions on subjective things by being told something is good or bad. Doesn't make sense to me in the slightest.
Take Killzone and Driveclub for example. The negative criticisms most reviewers gave those were positive points for me. Meanwhile the things GTA was laudes for were exactly the things I hated about the game.
My point is that this article is moot because review scores have no actual value other than giving gamers something interesting to read in the form of someone's opinion...



seeafish commented on When the Heck Is PS4 Firmware Update 2.00 Depl...:

@RawWilson1 I genuinely considered subscribing to MU, but I currently pay £8 a month for Google all access and unfortunately MU couldn't match the catalogue of Google. Tbh, for my tastest, it didn't even come close. Makes me sad, cos I really would've liked to stream some stuff while grinding some Destiny or whatever.



seeafish commented on What Happens When a War Photographer Plays The...:

The photographer is clearly missing the point of the game, but worse, perpetuating the usual stigma against gamers and reinforcing the myth that violent games somehow desensitises us in real life.
Jimquisition sums the situation up far more eloquently than I ever could:
Like most people here, I've played games, many of which were violent, since the tender age of two. Yet I cannot stomach watching the news when they show little kids being carried bloodied up by their grieving parents. Nor can I stomach the suicide in that video...



seeafish commented on Reaction: Destiny's PS4 Launch Proves PSN Isn'...:

People forget the FIFA 15 demo came out the same day, and the half of my friends is who didn't download Destiny, were downloading that, so hats off indeed.
I've had VERY minor issues within a few hours of the launch, and I mean minor: a message had to be retried (sending messages was a bit slower than usual in general) and my party got killed once... Other than that, no issues, and I I've been on Destiny for approximately 5 hours per night.



seeafish commented on First Impressions: What's Call of Duty: Advanc...:

Even though I've left this series long behind, I must admit I'm curious about this outing. I'll wait for general consensus before buying though.
I've also been wondering: if the majority of CoD games score 8 or 9 from most critics, and Advanced Warfare truly is groundbreaking as opposed to the usual rehashed rubbish they churn out year after year, how should this be scored...?



seeafish commented on Approximately How Long Does Destiny's Story Ta...:

Dunno, played 5 solid hours, and only just got out of Old Russia. Played the first level on the moon too. It's down to how well the game is designed, where it allows you to get totally side tracked and start exploring. As a result, I'm near level 10 and got some kick ass gear already.
I did do 4 bounties (one of which involved playing 5 control missions on crucible) so that padded out my time, but that's how I choose to play the game; it'll take me a LOT longer than 10 to finish the story.



seeafish commented on No Personal Information Has Been Accessed in P...:

I wish more people understood how the Internet works. So much flame going on on the webs at the moment. A DDoS != a hack. It's 'merely' a network packet flood that denies service. Nothing high tech or 'hacky' about it and no access to any server can happen during a DDoS, thus nothing can ever be stolen.
Oh and btw, != == not equal to.



seeafish commented on Don't Worry, Crystal Dynamics Considered Your ...:

For once a parity clause would actually make sense.
Imagine if Sony told SE that due to the exclusivity TR can't be released on Sony platforms. Ouch.
All in all, MS wasted tonnes of money on this deal. Even the perception of exclusivity didn't last more than a few days.



seeafish commented on Guide: How to Complete the Spooky P.T. Demo on...:

Brilliant demo, what a great marketing idea to get hype going.
Played this with a friend at 2pm on a sunny day and it still scared me ****less.

Language - get2sammyb



seeafish commented on Gamescom 2014: Pre-Order Call of Duty: Advance...:

sigh Wish CoD would stop getting so much attention (although it generates clicks, so I can see how it makes sense). I don't want it to die or whatever, but I wish it would move into class of games like LoL, Dota and WoW; VERY mainstream, played by millions, but doesn't really get much news coverage. Most gamers have stopped caring about this franchise, but it's rammed down our throats regularly. Case in point, I use Appy Gamer app to read up on gaming news. Even big, breaking stories only have 4-5 articles from various feeds. The latest CoD MP news had THIRTEEN consecutive articles, with another 3 further down. That's 13 articles of "Latest CoD MP news" in a ROW! WHY?!
The proof that people don't care? They were ALL marked either as "don't care" or as "game over" by the community readers.
In summary, gamers don't care, news sites over-report (if that's a word).



seeafish commented on How Does Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Loo...:

Wish I hadn't platinumd this already. One of my fave games last gen, and as an open world crime game, personally I found it wayyyyy better than the overrated GTA5. If anyone missed it last gen, be sure to pick this up. It was largely overlooked, which is shame, cos it's just a solid, fun game, with excellent fighting and driving mechanics.