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Sat 21st Feb 2015

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scubydo commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This... Ch...:

Not much this weekend, but if I do it will be SAO Hollow Realization and DBX2. I am enjoying the story for SAOHR so far, and I am curious how it is going to play out, in respect to previous stories. Also, have a HUGE backlog of 2016 games and upcoming 2017 games that I might dabble in.



scubydo commented on Talking Point: Why Are Fall's Biggest Blockbus...:

I know for me, it is the FPS genre that I am not a big fan of. So when that is a majority of what is put out in a row, I tend to not buy a lot, plus I have so many games to play and finish that it is hard to keep up with how fast they produce them now.



scubydo commented on Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection:

Okay, with all the new mechanics in the newer games. Did they add any new features to these? Otherwise I feel like it will be a step or two backward in gameplay.



scubydo commented on Skyrim Scores Second-Best UK Debut in Series H...:

I like it, just the issue with the screen is driving me is just barely off now that I have fixed some other settings. Unfortunately, it is about 5-6 years old, so it doesn't have some of the features I need to fully get the whole picture on my TV.



scubydo commented on Video: Just How Beautiful Is No Man's Sky on PS4?:

well, I am enjoying the experience. That is what I am viewing this game as, an experience. Not necessarily a ground breaking game in some ways, but in other ways it a game that should be experienced. It's a journey!



scubydo commented on Hands On: No Man's Sky PS4 Is As Bemusing As I...:

ah, thats what the red orb does...okay thanks. I just automatically picked the first choice.
Thanks @AFCC That is what I needed to know...good to know I can do both and go back and forth. This game is going to drain hours of my gameplay. But the fact of pure exploration, really seems exciting to me.



scubydo commented on Video: Should You Buy DOOM on PS4?:

I enjoy the game in short bursts. I know this is not a game that will hold your attention for hours on end, but I am enjoying it. I will play it from time to time, to just enjoy some quick romps of blowing demons up.