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Thu 4th Apr 2013

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rockman29 commented on Reaction: Sony Delivers the Greatest E3 Press ...:

@Tasuki you're chastising me for being unhappy that to enjoy something we all have to just tolerate trolling? Is that mandatory for watching E3 on a website now?

Lmao.... I'm done, you don't need to ban me if that's your attitude, don't bother wasting your energy lifting your finger, I can ban myself.



rockman29 commented on Reaction: Sony Delivers the Greatest E3 Press ...:

@Gamer83 I'm sorry bro, I enjoyed watching the conferences with most of you, but I'm way too sick of people acting entitled over others over what games they like.

I've always been a fan of games for all platforms... PC, consoles, handheld... games are fun.

How people are not happy seeing Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony all with pretty cool games heading to all their platforms... no clue. I mean ffs Nintendo is getting Starfox and Zelda and both Xbone and PS4 are getting DOOM and Fallout. Why everyone so mad?

Everyone just has to poop on each other as much as possible because frankly they are full of crap. Sick of it. I just have so much more fun enjoying games on my own these days. I thought I could reintroduce myself to a friendly gaming community here again..... but it's the same ***t as everywhere else. Rather enjoy videogames on my own terms, just a waste of time to have to tolerate trolls every time something exciting in games happens.

Tbh if I were running a site, I'd be using the banhammer WAY more frequently to show that being friendly is way more important in building a good community.

Watch the language please -Tasuki-



rockman29 commented on Reaction: Sony Delivers the Greatest E3 Press ...:

@KelticDevil No one is stupid enough to not see that you're just trying to troll and start an argument.

The fact that the mods have specifically said not to do this after your posts, and that you think you're being clever by still doing it is nothing short of amazing.

In short, I hope you're drunk. If you're not drunk, then I just feel sorry for you.



rockman29 commented on Reaction: Sony Delivers the Greatest E3 Press ...:

@KelticDevil "Sony name dropped several "big" titles that showed zero gameplay footage & have no release date in sight. Not to mention, some of these titles are very niche Japanese games, so they may not even be a big deal to some people."

You didn't even WATCH the conference, please.

You really so full of yourself that you need to tell other people to not be excited for something? You're either a shill, or shallow, or both then. If you're interested in a nerd fight, look elsewhere.

Just keep in mind no matter how rude or obnoxious you act, it won't stop people from being excited about these games and buying them when they come out.

So get over yourself. Sick of people telling other people not to enjoy something, this forum/website was full of that nonsense during the Sony E3 conference.

I thought I was going to participate in this forum community post-E3, but after seeing the population of fanboys coming over from the Xbox and Nintendo side, there's no way in heck I'm wasting my time here. Last post on PushSquare for me.

To the hosts on PushSquare and the other gamers who were enjoying the whole show from all the publishers, was good watching with you.



rockman29 commented on Reaction: Sony Delivers the Greatest E3 Press ...:

@get2sammyb @shogunrok They are all just acting sore, or they are genuine shills.

It was genuinely the best E3 conference of all time. I have never seen that many strong megatons in a single conference. It's not even close.

The ones who are trying to detract from the sheer weight of the announcements are just being flat out unreasonable and trying to ruin it for the rest of us.

Genuinely, without a doubt, the hugest E3.

THREE megaton deliveries for long, long requested games (Shenmue 3, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and The Last Guardian).

And TWO unrelentingly awesome demos for exclusive games in Horizon and Uncharted, which are visually unparalleled on any platform.

And that was only half the reveals.

It is not even a contest. Don't let these partisan fools take away from the excitement. If you LOVE games, regardless of platform, this was the best in E3 history, PERIOD.

Only Bethesda this year came close (DOOM and Fallout 4). But they did not have those three megaton reveals for games people have been asking for since 15 years ago and 6 years ago......



rockman29 commented on Rumour: Guerrilla Cambridge to Reveal PS4 Excl...:

Yea I want to see it.

And since it appears to be MP based, they better have a gameplay demo.

Microsoft conference was good but only just. Everything was expected. If your best announcement is B/C that is 2 years too late, and RARE bundle of games, then you didn't make any splashes with games.



rockman29 commented on E3 2015: Ready at Dawn Ditching PS4 for Oculus...:

@get2sammyb It may not all have to do with the reception of The Order.

Sony is also clearly investing heavily in PS4, PS Now and now Morpheus as gaming platforms.

My guess is their spending on these new ventures is causing them to shift resources away from their lesser successful studios, even if they still perform relatively well.

We've seen RAD leave and before that cuts to the DriveClub development team. I'm guessing only Naughty Dog is immune to the pruning during this "research and development and platform launching" cycle Sony is going through right now.



rockman29 commented on Soapbox: Why So Many E3 2015 Announcements Are...:

They are just spreading out the fun over an extra week or two.

I'm OK with it, gives a chance for smaller studios and studios not so tightly knit with the established big 3 console makers to make a nice splash on their own.

In all I think more games will get the attention they are asking for.

All the announcements within 3 days is a little too much. A lot of cool items might get lost in the shuffle.



rockman29 commented on May 2015 NPD: PS4 Enters E3 2015 As USA's Best...:

@Faruko There are a lot of PC exclusives (Natural Selection 2, CS:GO, Homeworld: Remastered, Star Citizen, Pillars of Eternity), but they are becoming fewer and fewer. Just like console exclusives are.becoming more rare. Divinity and Witcher series are not the only ones to make the jump. Even games like Elite: Dangerous are making the cross-platform jump. With the exception of the CS series, the volume that those exclusive games make pales in comparison to a select few games on PC.

The point I was making was not that PC games are doing poorly. They are healthy too. The point I was making is that the revenue on PC is far, far more skewed towards free-to-play and subscription models that it is on consoles. WoW is still a force on PC, because of East Asia and even large pockets in EU and NA. Keep in mind also.... even CS:GO now has free-to-play unlock mechanics. As does Team Fortress 2. These extremely successful games are being turned into services to gather their revenue. Much like Dota 2 has started off as, TF2 and CS:GO followed.

The vast success of a few titles like that means that a large proportion of that revenue is concentrated and skewed towards a smaller number of developers. And in the sense of that being able to support a job economy around games, that is less ideal than what other platforms (namely consoles) are able to do by moving more units of full priced boxed/digital games from a wider selection of developers.

That is something the consoles are not credited with enough.



rockman29 commented on May 2015 NPD: PS4 Enters E3 2015 As USA's Best...:

@Faruko The rhetoric about a market dying was more about consoles.

Keep in mind that spending on PC is heavily lopsided towards subscription (WoW, FF 14) and free-to-install MMO and MOBA which nickel and dime for nonsense content like virtual dress-up, and budget/indie games. I've alone sold $40+ worth of Dota 2 costume items (all of which I obtained free from the game) on Steam, not counting a $40 single costume I've yet to sell. Seriously, look at the spending in East Asia or Russia or Eastern Europe on Dota 2 and LoL and MMOs, it's obscene. And these are in countries where consoles were previously banned (China only just overturned it) or prohibitively expensive too.

It's consoles that are keeping more developers and publishers afloat. All the major series like GTA, AC, COD, etc. sell considerably more on console platforms.

Consoles being 3 to 1 has nothing to do with anything. PC as a platform is more ubiquitous worldwide. The models working very well on PC for revenue are not the same as on consoles, though. Some are the same (all the big games are released on consoles and PC), but some are very different (Dota 2, LoL, and other free-to-play games like FPS) are vastly more popular than consoles in some regions of the world.

Even mobile gaming revenue is expected to overtake consoles in the near future. But do you think that's because mobile gaming can support/employ a vast and diverse set of studios? Or is it because the payment model is completely different, and phones are more ubiquitous worldwide? Only a small subset of "games" on phones attract enough revenue to build a studio and employ any sizable workforce, and are able to spend millions and millions on marketing (Clash of Clans, anyone?). But that kind of success is not the norm. It's just a lot of people have phones, and a few mobile studios have a LOT of advertising bucks.

Being able to moved a boxed/digital full-priced game accounts for a lot. And this is something consoles are proving generation after generation that consoles are particularly good at. And it's something that is healthy for the economy, to provide the cash that funds big and small games we spend upfront on. That's keeping a lot more jobs in gaming, and that's why it's keeping a lot more diversity in it.



rockman29 commented on May 2015 NPD: PS4 Enters E3 2015 As USA's Best...:

@rjejr There are PC game boxes of Witcher 3 you can purchase in store.

Different games sell quite a bit on PC, and free-to-play is getting massive there (google the spending on Dota 2 for example). Counter-Strike is still a big brand, lots of COD/GTA sales on PC as well.

Consoles are just a much, much larger market. Regardless of what PC elitists will have you believe. Witcher 3 sales heavily lopsided towards console sales (in the range of 70% of all sales) exemplifies that fact. It's especially telling for a game series that originated on PC (Witcher 1 is only on PC as far as I know, and Witcher 2 is only on X360 for console releases).

So much for that "consoles are dead" narrative, amirite?

Disclosure: I'm a PC/PS gamer, and also now a Ninty gamer after I recently bought a WiiU



rockman29 commented on Blood Will Spill as Super Meat Boy Comes Free ...:

"Brutally difficult, fast paced platformer Super Meat Boy is finally coming to PlayStation systems later this year, developer Team Meat has revealed. Posting on the PlayStation Blog, the studio noted that it "felt their pain as PlayStation fans had to suffer for years without the greatest platformer ever made".

Wtf? Gtfo please.



rockman29 commented on Civilization Revolution 2 Plots an Uprising on...:

Need some more games on the Vita. Come on Sony, show up with some first party.....

Wish they didn't cancel the dungeon crawler...... Warrior's Lair was the working title I believe....... such a game could've been perfect for Vita.



rockman29 commented on Sigh! This Silent Hills Revival Rumour Is a Lo...:

Norman Reedus could've been forever stapled into the history of videogames with this game if it released, real shame.

He is already stapled into the history of TV with TWD, but to be tied to what would've at the very least be seen as a watershed moment in games as well would've been something else.



rockman29 commented on Sony: PlayStation Vita Is a Legacy Platform:

It's sad what is going on with Vita...... just doesn't have the sales volume and publishers are playing too safe.

Still has a lot of games if you take PSP and PS1 titles compatible with it..... which is mostly what I play on it.



rockman29 commented on Sony Admits PS4 First-Party Lineup Is Looking ...:

I'm fine with them not releasing first party stuff in the tens of games every year, I don't want many trash games. I want good games.

Having so many first party titles will make the quality control loose and the cost will skyrocket managing all that.

All I want is some good games from them, and some good games from others. And so far they have delivered in spades. I enjoyed all of Killzone SF, Infamous SS, DriveClub, The Order, TLOU Remastered, and Bloodborne. If they keep that quality and pace up I am more than happy.

Honestly, out of the gate for PS4 I was not expecting that many titles I was willing to buy right away.

The Xbone is $350 right now in the US simply because Microsoft can and is willing to absorb the costs. And it's really only helping them in US and Canada, not really anywhere else. The content is clearly in favour of PS4 at the moment though, and will be for the foreseeable future. You're basically getting everything on Xbone aside from choice exclusives like Sunset Overdrive and Halo, and all the PS4 exclusives which is way more....

The rising dollar will make a price cut for the PS4 more viable earlier rather than later. It just depends on when Sony deems it to be reasonable to knock down.



rockman29 commented on Potential Outrage Brewing as Ultra Street Figh...:

@get2sammyb It is still CAPCOM's decision to outsource their own product.. It is a product bearing their namesake and IP and they are selling to the public. It is their onus not to publish and begin selling a defective product.

CAPCOM is not devoid of responsibilities of quality control by default. Even Sony is in part responsible, as they do, in fact, partake in quality control for all products that release on their platform, and it is through their own store and on their console that the game is being sold.

Excusing these practices or trying to shift blame to unpopular parties does nothing but enable such lazy and shoddy software practices to continue.

There is blame to go around. And CAPCOM is the least deserving to be excused for such a poor product release.