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Thu 4th April, 2013

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rockman29 commented on Phwoar! Project CARS Looks Stunning on PS4:

Technically DriveClub easily bests, yea, of course, no question about that.... it's the best looking racing game, and arguably just game, on the market right now, definitely on consoles at least.

That said PCars looks great in it's own right, and to run at 1080p60 so easily on the consoles says a lot about their own engineering as well as the horsepower in the PS4.

This may be viewed as a more harsh assessment of the graphics of PCars, but in a way it does look like a full HD 1080p60 version of Gran Turismo on PS3.

But that is not a bad thing, we all know how good GT looks, and this is obviously a looker too.

Only saying it because I have much, much higher expectations of Gran Turismo PS4 to take the visual bar to a new level, like it has done with every release. I really want to see what Polyphony can offer on the PS4.

Anyway all that said, there is a new sim racer in town for consoles, and that is certainly a great thing and I'm sure there will be a big audience for this one. An under-served population on consoles IMO, great to see more options again.



rockman29 commented on DriveClub's Getting a Free Tour as Part of a N...:

@sub12 Even despite the failures that did hurt the game early, and did hurt sales in my mind....

A lot of people are now looking at the game as just that: the best arcade racer in the last 10 years easily.

I know I am looking at it like that. Bought since launch and the gameplay has always been stellar, and the overall game has just improved enormously with all the added features and content.

Regardless of what some may be saying about the game, the people who have played it know how amazing it is.

DriveClub is the best Need for Speed since NFS3 Hot Pursuit on PlayStation and PC, 'nuff said.



rockman29 commented on March 2015 NPD: The Good Blood Guides PS4 to T...:

@sub12 And I don't feel sorry for Microsoft, they made their bed and must lay in it. They have screwed over so many developers and franchises it's not even funny anymore.

If there's anyone to feel sorry for though it's the fans of those great series and the employees who did so much great work on the games.

Back to PS4 lovefest... the old blood is delish!



rockman29 commented on Soapbox: Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Play B...:

Today's gaming audience would turn off the channel if they were confronted by a spectacular, but difficult title, such as Megaman X.

Because they have so many easier alternatives that hold their hands, and give them gold stars for doing the least of what anyone else could in the same situation.

But those games lack the satisfaction of a game such as Megaman X, or Bloodborne. And that satisfaction is in increasing your skills up to the point where you are defeating those goons and bosses that served your bum on a platter only days ago.

In a difficult game in which you can learn the skills and gameplay and mastery to overcome your opponents is a game which recognizes the player for his or her achievements.

And this is not to say Bloodborne is only good because it is hard. It is good because its gameplay is excellent, and it also rewards the player for mastering it.

@john1981 just buy it and take the recommendation of the article. Take the game nice and slow. When you an encounter a new enemy, take your time to single it out and examine its skills and strength. If you die in an encounter, don't worry, because you can just return there and do better the next time.

You may or may not like it. But I suggest you try it, and then you can easily decide.



rockman29 commented on It Looks Like The Witcher 3's Season Pass Won'...:

@ShogunRok Was just a suggestion mate. No problem.

My issue is not with the site, or this article, only the universal citing of Steam without mentioning other online vendors.

Steam is provided with free advertising in this way, while sites which provide equally good, or better, service are frequently left in the dark.

I'm sure Steam does not compensate websites for these citations, or if they do I'm sure it's not much. I don't know Steam's relationship to Destructoid.

I understand your justification for using those two sources. But again, it was just an observation made on this specific practice, not a critique of the article itself.



rockman29 commented on It Looks Like The Witcher 3's Season Pass Won'...:


First off, lose the attitude.

Second, it was just a suggestion to share another source from where the game is actually coming from.

It was not, as you are taking it, a damnation of the author or your site or whatever you want.

Third, it does not hurt the article to provide a secondary source. Nor is it contrary or causes any compromise to one's "journalistic integrity" to provide additional sources to support the same information.

If anything it just shows a willingness to provide more complete supporting sources for the news you are reporting, giving more weight to the news story than other sites are willing to provide. And GOG would be another primary source as well, rather than Destructoid as a secondary source.

I've never seen a news author, or a research author, ever point out having too many sources supporting their claims as a bad thing. But everyday we learn something new I guess.

TLDR it was just a suggestion. No need to get defensive.



rockman29 commented on Review: Bloodborne (PlayStation 4):

That just means your objection is with their marketing.

What do you think is easier to advertise: what you just said, or saying "our game is difficult, be ready for a challenge?"

As a budding developer as well, don't assume you have a unique or better perspective either.



rockman29 commented on Review: Bloodborne (PlayStation 4):


"Umm....okay apart from an essay that basically invalidates what I'm spending £9000 a year minimum slightly misunderstood."

I didn't misunderstand anything.

You're not seeing that I didn't say your lecturer was "wrong."

I said he was framing the structure of the game for didactic purposes.

As you said, death in the game could be considering a mechanic. But it's not about being concrete. The mechanic is expressed in the player's ability to learn and persevere despite a previous failure.



rockman29 commented on Review: Bloodborne (PlayStation 4):

@BLPs The concept of a "game" is a wide term that does not apply to videogames alone.

Theory or definition, by dictionary, of game can be reduced to a bare "win or lose" scenario. Of course. That is not an explanation for the experience of a game though.

However, the experience, or existential value, of a "videogame" is not contained just within these compartmentalized definitions. A game has the "game portion" and then is has video, and audio, and music, and maybe a story, all of which can be look at in their respective parts.

But the existential experience you have with a game is not any single part, nor is it simply the sum of the parts.

A game like Bloodborne, or a game like SimCity, can have endpoints. Beat the last boss in Bloodborne, or even for SimCity you can play with objectives... to reach certain population or achieve some other city defined metric. But the experience is not necessarily defined by those endpoints. It's defined by being able to adapt and learn the skills of enemies so you can become

Your experience is how all the components between the beginning and end come together. Death as part of the experience is not incongruent with a game experience, despite what your lecture might tell you.

Your lecture is simply reducing the experience for the purposes of didactics. But games are art, gameplay is art, and experience is art. And the art and experience is larger than the individual components.



rockman29 commented on Review: Bloodborne (PlayStation 4):

@BLPs The problem you are having is not with you or the game.

It's that other games teach you that dying is bad and should be avoided.

Bloodborne and similar games are just about playing, whether you die or not, you get better at the game.

Every time you die in a Souls game or Bloodborne, you learn something about the enemies or environment that you didn't know before.

It's not about whether or not it's hard or you die a lot. It's whether or not you have been trained into believing that a game is always about winning.



rockman29 commented on Rumour: Did a Caterer Just Reveal Tony Hawk's ...:

I really hope so.

THPS1 to 4 was probably the best and most perfect skating arcade games ever, they have never been able to match those.

I would love nothing less than a return to form.

I believe as early as THPS2 they had a level creator as well..... just imagine that on the PS4 seriously......

SKATE is good and all, but it never had the charm and such great feeling of player control as THPS. Yes you could manually do many mundane maneuvers, but THPS was the Super Mario 64 of extreme sports games.



rockman29 commented on Konami Fired Hideo Kojima, According to Voice ...:

@get2sammyb I would challenge that the rigid corporate structure of Japanese companies, that Konami also probably has, would be to blame.

There are many more stories of conformist systems that dictate everything in Japanese companies, than there are of rogue, big-headed, egotistical characters.

I can hardly believe that Kojima could be equal in blame in this situation. Possible, but I think it unlikely.



rockman29 commented on Sony's Going to Give You Free Stuff for Duping...:

Stahp h8ing! Vita is da best!

Loving my Remote Play 60 fps...... and Gravity Rush ftw..... and can play Duke3D on it on the go......... where else you nubs got that huuhhhh??????

Damn h8ers.... :P

Seriously though..... Vita ftmfw!



rockman29 commented on Feature: There Was No Place Quite Like PlaySta...:

Just make it focus more on fun and playing mini-games than being a social event thing.

I remember there were some themed areas like Sully's Bar and stuff, but there was nothing really to do except warp there and look at it and then dance.

The best things about Home for me were Chess and Ice Breaker (the Arkanoid clone now also on Vita thankfully, very much enjoy it :D).

But I think the designers and then-bosses who were in charge of Home didn't have the same idea. They wanted a marketplace that gamers would come to just to socialize, shop, and go in themed areas.

While I can see the draw of that, I don't think it was just the execution was poor. I think the lack of content and then-connectivity capability of users just spelled disaster for the service.

I think it can be done "right" but I think they will also have a much easier time if the focus is on providing free activities and mini-games in the hubs, rather on focusing on some social marketplace that is just some side show to the actual games we bought the PlayStations for.

If they build an attractive hub that people enjoy coming to for playing a short game of Chess, or Bowling, or Ice Breaker, and it's accessible.... then after it becomes popular maybe introduce more of that microtransaction and marketplace aspect.... but don't focus on that solely first when there is not enough reason to be in Home in the first place (for most users).



rockman29 commented on Guide: How to Kill the Cleric Beast in Bloodbo...:

Stay behind the beast, and always dodge to the left of him (the beast's right weaker hand) as he will miss you more often on that side I think.

He doesn't turn around that easily, stay close to him and hug his bum basically and just keep dodging and hitting :)



rockman29 commented on The Order: 1886 Won't Break the Bank if You Sh...:

Such an awesome title, loved it the whole way through to be honest. I guess I can see how it's not everyone's cup of tea, but for me it was exactly what was advertised and a great experience. Jaw-dropping visuals, fun gameplay, and the art and design is so cinematic to warrant attention alone.



rockman29 commented on DriveClub Developer Waylaid by Layoffs:

It's not clear how many are laid off, so wouldn't really run too far with the story the way it is phrased.

A lot of big developers trim off fat after a big release, it's very common I thought actually.