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Thu 4th April, 2013

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rockman29 commented on Review: The Order: 1886 (PlayStation 4):

I think the review score is a bit harsh, but at least the review content seems fair to justify that score, so each to his own :)

I finished the game today and for me it's been a solid title.

It does feel a little claustrophobic at time, to the game's detriment, but I feel it offers just so many excellent qualities at the same time. The cinematic feeling is unparalleled and the graphics as well, and the game itself is fun and it combines that with quite an engaging story.

I feel those are things I can't say about that many games, so I think it deserves commendation for advertising something and then doing it very well. And bottom line is that the formula they have is fun, even if it is different and has it's share of problems.

I'd have scored it a 7.5 or 8/10 personally, but with a note to say that the shooting is very well done, the presentation is virtually impeccable, and for once a pure action game has a story that's the most engaging since Uncharted and TLOU.



rockman29 commented on Talking Point: Are Bigger Open Worlds Really B...:

"Compare all of this to Resident Evil, a release which has just been remastered for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, and has a setting so small that it would barely even register on Assassin's Creed Unity's icon infested map. The Spencer Mansion is tiny, but there's beauty in its brevity, with every single carpeted corridor and locked door harbouring secrets that almost insist upon your attention. Sure, some critics may argue that there's a bit too much backtracking in the adventure, but learning the ins-and-outs of the environment is part of the package's appeal."

Preach Sammy, preach! Have enjoyed few games as much as this remake since The Last of Us Remastered in July last year.

There is substance in games like Resident Evil. It doesn't matter if the scale had been small or large, and Resident Evil is incredibly small. And it proves that scale has nothing to do with making a memorable or legendary game such as Resident Evil.

The difference is Resident Evil demands that personal attention and invites the player into all the mysteries of the intimate world they created. And it's not intimate because it's occasionally claustrophobic. It's intimate, because of the purpose in all the facets of its design that bring the player into the experience. Slowly the game lets you master the combat mechanics, inventory, mystery solving, and eventually as a player, through your own problem-solving skills and style of playing, become the master of the mansion and the game as a whole. And all that from starting the game with a pistol, a prayer, and monsters and a mansion locked down all around you. And that progression is all driven by the player's choices.

If anything a claustrophobic game like Resident Evil is truly more open and offers more choice than any so-called "open world" game that has several times too many square kilometres of space than they know what to do with.



rockman29 commented on Talking Point: Are Bigger Open Worlds Really B...:

Open world is just BS advertising almost all the time. It doesn't matter. It's an excuse for developers and publishers to forget the creativity and content, because they are depending on the players to be mesmerized by the "scale" and "look how tall that building is!" Developers and publishers use open world to depend on the imagination of players to fill their empty worlds.

I'm glad @jaz007 mentioned Infamous Second Son. The game world size is perfect to give a sense of scale but also the community of the world. The game opens up and advances the story at a great pace without the player feeling constrained by the game world size, or overwhelmed with how many kilometers the next mission start is. It is a great marriage of linear storytelling and a free environment to explore.

"Open world" is simply the fashion of today unfortunately. It's a great excuse for developers and publishers to manufacture games assembly-line style and forget about making any of the special and intimate moments in gameplay or story that turn a game into a memorable one.

And for this old gamer, this cancerous trend is causing us to miss the development of those intimate, memorable games with unique gameplay that developers could otherwise be focusing on. What might Ubisoft be making instead of a completely average blend of GTA and Assassin's Creed like Watch Dogs? We'll never know, because publishers are only willing to change the formula around a predictable version of the open world 3D GTA game that is 15 years old.

"Open world" is deceptively more lucrative than it really is. I'm sorry, but not all games can get lucky and become GTA V and Far Cry 3 and 4 in sales.

I feel there will be select exceptions to the assembly-line-like structure of most open world games, such as Infamous Second Son and the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. MGS is maybe the only series changing in an interesting way by moving into a different scale. But MGS has never been the norm. And the norm is ugly, filthy hoodwinking of players using scale without substance.

I agree with others than "open world" CAN be done very well. But outside of select few game series such as the Witcher it is used as a crutch by developers hoping players will fill all the blanks.



rockman29 commented on Talking Point: What Are Your Most Memorable Pl...:

@get2sammyb If only we all looked that excited and engaged while playing videogames :D

My most memorable one was playing GTA V on PS3... doing a multiplayer race with some forum buddies.... just a regular car race over the airport, but it was so shockingly action packed! Everyone had the lead at least a few times, lead switches over and over, was really nuts.

And then just towards the very end three of us were all just beside each other, and I was in the middle just a little further behind. The two cars in front of me both tried to sideswipe me and each other and they both hit one another so hard they knocked each other out of the way, both spinning out to the sides, and made the slimmest lane in the middle that I just raced between and 30 seconds later I took 1st place :D

If only it had been PS4 I could've recorded it and put it on Youtube lol :)



rockman29 commented on Game of the Year: Silver Trophy - P.T.:

@get2sammyb I approve of your final decision to include it in the final list :)

Let all the children on the site cry foul because their overblown-budget game of choice didn't get the 2nd spot.

That a playable teaser is even thought to be included in the shortlist, let alone the final list, says enough about the achievement of the experience that the teaser offered itself. Or what was not offered by other experiences. Or both.



rockman29 commented on Review: Driver (PSone):

@Tasuki Even today it takes me like 5 tries to get past lmao! Very challenging.

Hot damn, love this game, the first two were real gems on the PS1.



rockman29 commented on Review: Metal Gear Solid (PSone):

Anything less than a 10/10 and I would've had to call 911 :P

"This leaves us in a bit of an awkward position because, as reviewers, our job is to pinpoint the exact reason a game succeeds or fails. So what is it about Kojima’s stealth opus which is so utterly compelling? Can we justify such a high score for a game which commits so many cardinal sins? How exactly does it manage to get away with these falters? While we can never be entirely sure, we think that the answer to most of these questions probably has something to do with nanomachines."

A game is defined by the rules that confine it. Except when that game is MGS, a game stepping out of that framework to offer an experience that was more than just a game.

So maybe a game is not just defined by the rules of its gameplay. MGS may have always been idiosyncratic, but its that very aspect at doing something peculiar very well that makes it an interesting game.

It's not just another game, whether in its gameplay or in the rest of the very, very diverse experience either.



rockman29 commented on Review: The Unfinished Swan (PlayStation 4):

There may not be the meatiest game here, but what you definitely find is a fantastic experience.

It really puts you in the role of the young child exploring his family life and the game world. Wonderful experience and deserved praise :)



rockman29 commented on Push Rewind: PS4 Firmware Updates, PS Plus Fre...:

Agreed with the A- grade on sales, or A, same difference. And a B overall is fair if a bit tough for a great year for PS4.

Surprised a C+ on the press conferences though. Even if one is disappointed by the output from the past two E3 shows, which were arguably not amazing, but far from poor, the latest Gamescom conference seemed like a revelation to me, particularly with WiLD and The Tomorrow Children.

I definitely agree with taking a retrospective look at Sony's overall performance, but maybe at least in that aspect the article may be being a little over-critical to seem more just, but it looks a little inaccurate at least in my view.

C+ for games seems a bit harsh, but I have to say I've thoroughly enjoyed all of Killzone, Infamous, Last of Us Remastered, and NBA 2K15, and I plan on getting Evil Within soon. For a first year I think it's quite strong :D

In any case, I hope that is not the case, to be overly critical to seem more just. Maybe a B grade, no modifier, would've been more appropriate :P

The grades overall seem quite fair though :)



rockman29 commented on Talking Point: What Are Your Thoughts on the P...:

KZ SF is the strongest redeeming launch game I think, though the others may be very good too hopefully.

Indie titles and other small downloadable games should help keep things fresh early on too.

The earlier Infamous SS comes, the better though also :)



rockman29 commented on GamesCom 2013: Ready at Dawn Trots Out Images ...:

I can't either! The information mentioned about the preview build they showed at GDC behind closed doors.... awesome! Crazy amazing physics and all!

It's like a Gears/RE4/coop or team based TPS... and really next gen..... this one will really come together well I think :)



rockman29 commented on Talking Point: Is the PlayStation 4 Launching ...:

2 weeks won't do much in the grand scheme of things.

PS3 launched a year late in all honesty, and it lost sales because of that.

But at the end of the day this is a marathon, to support a product for several years. 2 weeks will not even be a dent in the overall sales, even if it does manage to affect momentum in the short term (I doubt that will be the case).