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Thu 2nd Feb 2012

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recurv commented on First Impressions: Switching Genres on the Fly...:

Wow, that's a great write up, awesome

Just FYI, we watched people run out of lives too quickly at Eurogamer Expo and took the decision to ditch the lives system altogether. Velocity 2X no longer uses lives, which makes a lot more sense in the context of a game awarding players for speed. Losing time by returning to a checkpoint (even if that checkpoint is very close to hand) is punishment enough.




recurv commented on Feature: The Reaction to PlayStation Vita:

I'm happy with the way it's going. I've been infruriated with naysayers, mostly within the industry themselves - they can't see that this exact device has been on the wishlist of proper gamers since about a month after the original PSP was released.

I am really looking forward to watching them slowly succumb to the awesome experience on Vita. Rather like watching people switch from PC to Mac over a 10 year period after claiming over their dead body etc.

Long live PlayStation



recurv commented on Feature: Must-Have PlayStation 3 Games - Sammy...:

Also agree - UC3 had touches of subtle artistry, whereas UC2 was a thrill ride.

I liken them to Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. I loved Solace, and thought it was a step up creative-integrity wise from Royale (Bond /didn't/ get to hump his leading lady for once, and actually had some remorse for resulting in the other girl's death). But people give Solace a bad time because of Royale.

Same situ imo.