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Working at an Estate agents isn't as glamarous as you'd think. Still, The pays good enough for me to buy lots of games that I dont have the time to play! Sometimes I may seem a little Otaku when it comes to Hatsune Miku, but I assure you, Its all in good fun! Founder/Editor/Author @ Otaku Gamers UK

Sat 4th December, 2010

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MadchesterManc commented on So, the PSP Almost Matched the Vita's Sales in...:

@get2sammyb I've noticed there's a few go fans around here :) It's not for everyone, but those that like it swear by it lol

@Jazzer94 I tend to dump my physical copies so I don't have to carry them around & I have a few digital only releases so it's built in memory is great, lack of UMD drive gives better battery life too. The screen being 1/2 an inch smaller makes things look a tad crisper too while the design of the go with its slide up screen is a lot more pocket friendly. For me it's a step up, but it all depends on how you use it.



MadchesterManc commented on Talking Point: How Frequently Do You Want PS4 ...:

@Mrjonathon You say you don't care, yet your posting essays after already stating you weren't wasting anymore time here. Much butthurt? And where did I say I sleep with your mum? You're the one insinuating that as I never stated that at all. Maybe you have some weird fetish where you like to fantasise over random guys doing your mum. God knows what you 'thugs' get off on these days. Oh and if your gonna listen to rap, try easy e. 2pac is whack. You're no doubt gonna reply again, so I'll get a mop ready so you can mop up your salty tears over being such butthurt



MadchesterManc commented on Talking Point: How Frequently Do You Want PS4 ...:

@Mrjonathon Thug Life? What are you 12? Did your mommy finally let you watch a film like Menace II Society & now you think ya gangsta? Your obviously no adult with how illiterate your posts are. Shouldn't you have been in school today instead of posting on game websites? Im sure that's where your mum said you were when I had to bolt for work this morning....



MadchesterManc commented on Talking Point: How Frequently Do You Want PS4 ...:

@Mrjonathon Not all gamers complain. I dont because Ive been gaming long enough to not expect the world during a consoles first year on the market. Plus Ive had a Ps3 for about 7 years which, amusingly, didn't do half as much back then that it does now. Hence why its best to have patience instead of sounding like a whiner. How do we know that Sony doesn't already have a roadmap in place for the rest of the year to roll out features? It was only a suggestion to use Youtube on the net & its nowhere near as bad as your making out. Are you always this volatile? If the app on Ps3 is anything to go by, ill take the Ps4 browser anyway seen as its less clunky (and a hell of a lot faster seen as Im wired up with Ethernet) & I can stream videos at 1080p as apposed to locked at 720p. Since when did Sony release the Ps4 just for you anyway? You keep making it sound as though the worlds behind you and your demands, yet Im sure the Ps4 has just passed 7 million - so theres obviously people who are more interested in its gaming capabilities than all the superfluous things. Sure there's things I want, 3D BluRay playback is top of the list, but im content enough to just wait as I know its going to come eventually and its not the end of the world that I have to plug in my Ps3 to watch a 3D BluRay every now & again is it?



MadchesterManc commented on PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 Will Add New Sharing ...:

@get2sammyb Yeah I can see Sony charging for more items to customise your videos too. The software seems to be quite customisable as it is, so Im sure most people will be happy enough with just the freebies. USB exporting is a good addition too.

Still doesn't look like 3D playback is coming in this update :( much tears...



MadchesterManc commented on Talking Point: How Frequently Do You Want PS4 ...:

Gamers just love to whinge & complain these days if things aren't exactly how they want them to be. Its ridiculous. Sony couldn't catch a break doing lots of little updates last gen & they still can't now by spreading things out with larger updates. If poeple played games as much as they spend their time spitting their dummys out on message boards, they'd probably enjoy their pastime a little more.

@Mrjonathon Why would you want a clunky Youtube app when the browser works perfectly fine, even for HD streaming, for Youtube. The Browser also supports HTML5 so if there's any sites that host their videos in that format you can watch them that way (I do so for Anime's) Flash is slowly being phased out by the looks of things the more HTML5 gets a foothold so adding flash isnt really a priority



MadchesterManc commented on Whoa, Sony Is Selling All of Its 9,520,000 Sha...:

@get2sammyb Like you said, Final Fantasy games are always going to release on Playstation and we'll probably never see a console exclusive main release on Playstation again in these modern times. Best to sell up and get some extra cash, its not like Sony are going to be losing out on anything



MadchesterManc commented on Review: Conception II: Children of the Seven S...:

@Shellybird27 Maybe people just like playing their Japanese Japanese :P Like @NintendoNaut I prefer to have a Japanese audio track too which is why I stick mainly to niche Jrpgs as the likes of NISa are great as they provide dual audio (original japanese audio & a dubbed english one) I tend to stick with the Japanese audio as thats the developers original work, and some aspects can get changed or lost during the translation. Persona 4 is a good example of this, as I watched the anime in Japanese & then played P4G dubbed. I found the english dub on the game to be quite jarring with regards to how characters were potrayed due to how they came across from the translation/VA work. Some characters seemed a little too different to me. Localised games should always offer up that choice of audio, which is something Atlus rarely seem to do unfortunately



MadchesterManc commented on Weirdness: Sony's Snazzy 4K Media Player Looks...:

They're probably just streamlining whilst using the success of the Ps4 as a baseline for designs going forward. If people associate the design of the 4K box to the Ps4, then the jobs a good un for Sony. Unfortunately, I dont have a 4K TV & so have no interest in a 4K box.



MadchesterManc commented on Drinkbox: People Don't Understand the Purchasi...:

Keep the niche eastern titles coming. I could honestly roll around the floor with glee at the prospect of all the Moe coming to Vita this year. Ive bought way more games for the Vita than I have my 3DS due to its growing library. Its also good to see Vita ports of Indie titles that seem to get announced for Ps4 too



MadchesterManc commented on Rumour: PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 Right Around ...:

@ReigningSemtex @get2sammyb @GavinDevlin The Ps4's web browser allows you to stream videos on Youtube, you can even switch them up to the HD streams too, Unless Sony have sneakily took that feature out these past few weeks since I last used it.

@MJR Does your TV not have a HDMI CEC option in its menu? I got a new telly at the weekend & when I activated it, it allows me to control my Ps4/Ps3 with my TV remote for everything except what you'd need a controller for. Works great with BluRays

Im just waiting for 3D BluRay playback & ill be content. Im hoping its a surprise inclusion with this 1.70 update



MadchesterManc commented on Talking Point: Is The Last of Us Remastered En...:

"Is The Last of Us enough to carry PS4 until Christmas?" Is that the only game coming out on Ps4 for the rest of the year!? da Ps4 haz no gamez! :P lol

Joking aside, Im not the least bit interested in this remaster. Theres some genuinly interesting stuff coming out on Ps4, Wolfenstein & Destiny to name just a couple, that a remaster of game thats been out less than a year hardly excites, especially with talk of it being full price too. DW8 will more than likely keep my Ps4 occupied for a while anyway with the amount of content that games packing till something interesting arrives. On the subject of remasters, Metro Redux is actually a far more enticing remaster for myself. So..yeah..I voted no



MadchesterManc commented on You Can't Resist the Fall of Resistance's Onli...:

@ztpayne7 Fall of man hasn't aged too well for me but could still be worth a go if you find it cheap. 2 improved on the original quite a bit and has some epic set pieces during its campaign. The 3rd game has the best single-player of the 3 and gets quite atmospheric at times, probably has one of the best FPS campaigns of last gen. Worth trying if you've not played through any of them



MadchesterManc commented on Feature: 12 PS3 Hits We'd Like to See Remaster...:

No Motorstorm Apocalypse? With the added grunt of the Ps4 it would make a fantastic remaster and it would give them a chance to iron out a few quirks of the game. Shame to see the series brushed under the carpet. Pacific Rift was probably my most played racer last gen.

Ended up voting Beyond. Any excuse to play through it again ;)



MadchesterManc commented on Football Manager Classic 2014 Will Be Scoring ...:

If it plays like a proper en=try in the series and not like those wonky PsP iterations Im all for it (I remember playing nothing but Football Manager 2007 for about 4 months on Xbox360 back in the day) This bundle is a surprising one though. Wouldn't expect Sony to align itself with a niche footy series but they do like to surprise on the odd occasion.



MadchesterManc commented on Persona 4 Goes for Gold on the PlayStation 3:

Oh look, it's the Persona 4 release Noone gave a damn about at launch making its way to Ps3 (honestly you could buy a sealed copy of the game for less than £10 a year after release) No doubt it'll sell this time riding on the P4G wave ;)



MadchesterManc commented on Review: The Witch and the Hundred Knight (Play...:

It's amusing how opinions can vary so much. Here the game is labelled as abhorrent & juvenile, yet a few days ago my co-editor remarked that it has the charm of a NISa game also saying "If you aren't familiar with NIS games or don't like them this isn't for you" @odd69 I think I'll still pick this up too. It's not gonna be great, but it's gonna be good enough for fans of NIS material



MadchesterManc commented on Review: Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Com...:

@divinelite No problem :) Not played a release in the series since Samurai Warriors 2 Empires myself so im looking to jump in again and see how things are if 4 makes its way west

@ShogunRok That last part of your reply had me rolling around on the floor like Yui Hirasawa at the mention of cake. Really looking forward to picking up my copy at the weekend



MadchesterManc commented on Rumour: The Post-Apocalyptic Metro Series May ...:

@AhabSpampurse If you enjoyed Last Light, you'll love 2033. It's more atmospheric that it's sequel by quite a bit. If the game gets tightened up & comes with the gameplay improvements of Last Light, it's gonna be worth it for 2033 alone. I'm a big fan of the 2033 novel so it's a no-brainer enjoying the games as I do. I'll gladly double dip even with owning these on my measly PC as the Ps4 ports would no doubt run better for me



MadchesterManc commented on Review: Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f (PlayStat...:

@Ralizah @Superconsole at least they give you the subs in Romaji so you can sing along ;) No such luck for series veterans as the PsP iterations were never localised.

Ended up passing on the Vita release as I'm back on the PsP for handheld gaming at the moment and K-ON!! Ho-Kago Live!! has blown my socks off with how slick of a rythmn game it is on said handheld. Should be good to go till 2nd arrives



MadchesterManc commented on First-Person RPG Mind Zero is Dungeon Crawling...:

With Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth being penned the other day for localisation by IF later in the year, it's looking like the good start this year for the Vita with regards to niche Japanese localisations is set to continue. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I couldn't be happier with how this year is turning out for the Vita



MadchesterManc commented on Review: Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster (PlayS...:

@ShogunRok @SuperSilverback don't worry guys, I don't think it's an issue with the game. I think I've figured out what may have been causing the framerate issue. The past week or so up till a few days ago my Vita had been screaming at me about low memory (less than 40MB lol) I'd been having the problem. Since I deleted Uncharted to free up a few GB the other day I've had no issues. I can only assume the game is caching or the low memory available was causing some OS issue with caching. Can be the only explanation as to why I had the framerate woes for the first part of the game n Noone else has :)



MadchesterManc commented on Review: Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster (PlayS...:

@ShogunRok Framrate would drop quite noticeably during in-game engine cutscenes during the first hour or 2 of the game, mainly around the Kilika Temple section more than anywhere else. Must've been something to do with the high quality models as more than a few onscreen would set it off. Like I said tho, since Luca it's been fine, not even noticed any since, and it never happened during actual gameplay. Maybe SE gave me a borked copy :( lol It is surprising how well the Vita version holds up. My co-editor Andi is doing X-2 and he's playing through it on both & he's commented a few times on how there's barely a difference between the two technically. Good work from SE, but with how long it's taken its no surprise :P



MadchesterManc commented on Review: Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster (PlayS...:

@ShogunRok When you were playing FFX on Vita, did you come across the same performance woes as me during in-game cinematics? The lead up to Luca was really bad but it's been relatively Ok since then. It's odd tho because the actual gameplay is really smooth. Penning a review myself but it's something I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else lol

Its been good going back to FFX and SE have done a great job with the remaster. I should really get back to playing the actual game tho n leave the Blitzball alone. Always been a sucker for the Blitzball mini-game



MadchesterManc commented on Uncharted PS4's Director Justin Richmond Depar...:

I don't know how anyone can see this as bad news. If Sony are in the process of re-hiring then it can only mean that the studios will have some fresh input & direction. It'll prevent the output from the studios going stale this generation at least



MadchesterManc commented on Yes, The Last of Us Is Set to Stumble onto PS4...:

Can't Sony give us something interesting if their going down the remaster route. Considering the Ps4 has no Wipeout, how about a remaster of Wipeout 2048? But no. Instead we get The Last of Us. A game I doubt I'll be wanting to play through again even with a graphical upgrade. I think this is a move to combat Halo 2 being remastered for the Xbox One, more than anything else.



MadchesterManc commented on Talking Point: Are We Starting to Expect Too M...:

I'm more than happy with the service myself. I've got a huge backlog if games for the Ps3 & Vita to play and all I've had do for that is keep paying £39.99 a year. For the price of a single game I get over a dozen, that's how I view it anyway. I think people need to temper their expectations tho with the Ps4 in particular. All this crying lately for some kind of AAA Ps4 release is laughable for a system that's not even been.on the market 6 months. The only reason we've had great offerings on Ps3 this past year is due to the huge library the system has. At least let the Ps4 grow a library before whining & enjoy the surprisingly good offerings weve had from the indie sector so far on the service



MadchesterManc commented on PS4 Firmware Update 1.70 Will Be on Your Syste...:

I doubt Im the only one here who's hoping 3D Bluray playback is being included with this update but just not been mentioned yet. Im perfectly happy with my Ps4 as it is now aside from the issue mentioned above, so most of these updates talked about so far are kinda moot for myself