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Working at an Estate agents isn't as glamarous as you'd think. Still, The pays good enough for me to buy lots of games that I dont have the time to play! & Moe is life. Founder/Editor/Author @ Otaku Gamers UK

Sat 4th December, 2010

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MadchesterManc commented on Talking Point: Are Bigger Open Worlds Really B...:

I prefer smaller open world's myself. Using Elder Scrolls as an example, I found the world in Oblivion to be far more interesting than Skyrim. Everything just seemed a little more focused and the world was more interesting to explore due to there not being vast voids between points of interes. Large open world's need to pack the world with interesting things to do in between quest points etc otherwise it's a waste of everybodys time



MadchesterManc commented on PS Vita App Near Will Cease Searching for Game...:

Considering I bought a PSTV to play Vita games, I really don't care about useless apps being removed. Like most, I never understood what NEAR was even used for. It was never explained & when I used it I had no clue what I was gaining. As for Youtube, I have a bazillion devices that can access it anyway, plus the only way to access Youtube on a PSTV is the browser as it is so no loss here. As long as I keep getting good Japanese 3rd party releases with PSTV compatibility, which looks to be the case this year, I don't care about apps being removed

Anyone managed to get the Network Media Player app to work? The Vita/PSTV having DLNA is a neat idea, but the app seems like it was created as a joke. It just doesn't seem to work



MadchesterManc commented on Would You Resist a New Resistance Game on PS4?:

I didn't think much of Fall of Man to be hones. I started enjoying the series soon though with 2 taking the scale up a notch & throwing in 60 player multiplayer with 8 player co-op. Resistance 3 had one of the best single player campaigns last gen, and it's 3D & Move implementation was some of the best. I haven't bothered with Burning Skies, but I did thoroughly enjoy Retribution on the PsP. It's a series I wouldn't mind Sony returning to at some point, but it's one I doubt they will.



MadchesterManc commented on Opinion: Why You Shouldn't Write Off PS4 Racer...:

Agree with @get2sammyb on the article. It is a fine racing game nowadays.

Newsflash: You can buy preowned games. The original purchaser of the game was the one handing their money to Sony & Evolution and supporting the game. Your not supporting them if you buy preowned. I bought my copy from CEX for £20. Neither Sony or Evolution will see anything from that transaction. Food for thought to the naysayers preaching from a position of ignorance.



MadchesterManc commented on You Can Now Buy DriveClub for £19.99 with Pla...:

@rastamadeus CEX are crafty. The Bolton store near me dropped Driveclub to £20 just before Xmas, so I picked it up then (Decent racer to be honest for the price) When I popped in last weekend, price has jumped up to £25. Same with all their other Ps4 games, as Black Flag for example has gone from £12 to £18 :| Looks like you picked it up just in time for the Japan track that's due to be added



MadchesterManc commented on Hardware Review: PlayStation TV - Turn Off:

I'm still considering one, even if its just for reviewing purposes as most Compile Heart Jrpg's announced for Vita seem to carry PSTV compatibility. At £79 its not too pricey, although with my Vita being stolen a few months back I'll have to buy a memory card (16GB is £25 at CEX. Not bad I suppose) @BetweenTheTrees makes a great point regarding PSNow though, as the Vita TV would make a great portable companion device for the service. Sony should be pushing that angle a little more in the states

@get2sammyb does Amazon work with the PSTV? I haven't used Netflix since they tried charging me £8.99 for what I used to pay £4.99 for, and so switched to Amazon. £5.99 & HD Twin Peaks. Win Win.



MadchesterManc commented on PSN Is Down for Some, Sony Says It's Due to He...:

PSN was down last night? Thats odd. After I finished up Rune Factory Frontier n the Wii I switched over to the Ps3. logged into PSN. Played GTA Online for a couple of hours. Switched over to Ps4. Logged into PSN. Played a little of Infamous First light & Black Flag. Fired up Amazon Prime. Watched some Twin Peaks. Checked Twitter. Chuckled a little at the rampant stories of PSN being down. Hit the Sack. Aside from outlets putting out stories on it, I don't remember there actually being any users tweeting about PSN downtime last night. I have a hard time believing its as bad as people make it out to be. You'd think PSN never works for anyone. Ever.

@WARDIE Your point on the install base for Xbone being smaller thereby contributing to better server stability is something completely lost on most people



MadchesterManc commented on Life Is Strange Almost Looked a Lot More Mascu...:

I dunno. I wouldn't be surprised if its just a marketing ploy given the current climate as no doubt the Gawker SocJus conglomerate would run this story at the forefront of their websites and rejig it as some kind of proof of progressiveness within game development. Easy & free marketing. Not naming a publisher, or at least offering a hint if they don't wanna rustle feathers, leaves me skeptical.

"the medium is infested with more than enough angry skin heads" That's just a bonkers statement though :|



MadchesterManc commented on Tony Hawk Will Pop Shove-It on PS4 This Year:

All those hours spent combo dueling with numptys sporting luminous clothing & hair for their online characters on THPS4 online on Ps2...good times. I doubt we'll get a decent homage to the old school Hawk games though as it'll probably turn out like Skate (Not bad, but its no THPS2 now is it)



MadchesterManc commented on Review: Loadout (PlayStation 4):

I don't think its that bad, Played for about 4 hours now & still return for the odd round or two. I've not spent a penny & I had a decent enough gun after only a few rounds of the campaign. Ill agree the UI is a tad clunky & aiming feels a little floaty at times though, but everything else is decent enough for a freebie. Hell, it has better loot drops than Destiny at least



MadchesterManc commented on Talking Point: Has PlayStation Now's Subscript...:

Once Ps2 & Ps1 titles inevitably hit, I can see it taking off, but even then this subscription is a step in the right direction when you consider that 3 months subscription gives you unlimited access to all those games for the price of one game. To be honest though, I'd be more interested if there was an announcement regarding a UK rollout



MadchesterManc commented on PlayStation Now's All-You-Can-Play Subscriptio...:

So let me get this straight. For roughly £13 I get access to 100 games that I can play as much as I want for a whole month? and EDF 2025 is one of them!? Bargain. Honestly, considering £10-£15 is the average price for a single decent preowned game in the UK, paying that much for access to 100 for a month seems good to me (plus I have 100mb fiber, so no connection issues there) and the genre range in the titles is decent too.

Then you realise Playstation Now doesn't even have a firm rollout or Beta set for the EU & you lose interest :|



MadchesterManc commented on Game of the Year: These Are Your Favourite PS4...:

I can't complain reallyas I didn't vote at all. All the games I'd consider to be in a GOTY list either weren't available to vote for or had absolutely no chance of getting in any of the top positions. Can't say any of these in this article are going to make it on my personal list



MadchesterManc commented on Sony Suggests a PS4 Reboot if You Still Can't ...:

PSN was working almost perfectly last night. Driveclub server was a little slow to login, but Store, Friends etc all worked fine. I haven't had to do that MTU fix or any other malarkey, just turned the Ps4 on. Think there was an issue with the EA servers last night tho as Fifa15 required a manual server login & BF3 on Ps3 had some serious BF4 style rubber banding latency issues. Checking the Playstation App this morning, I'm also now able to log into that, so everything is peachy



MadchesterManc commented on Joy to the World, PSN's No Longer Offline:

@Thraxxy The reason XBL is more secure & stable than PSN is because it's a more closed system. Cross platform play (between Sonys 3 systems on Dynasty Warriors for example or between console & PC on FFXIV) like we'll be seeing on SFV between Ps4 & PC is much easier to integrate on PSN & Sony are more lax with their F2P integration too. Sure XBL has had similar once or twice (Shadowrun & FFXI on 360 had PC cross play) but it requires jumping through hoops, which Square noted with FFXI, that most devs don't wanna bother with. Sony could close up the network like XBL, but these interesting perks would dry up. I'd prefer to have cross platform play & diverse F2P offerings myself



MadchesterManc commented on Soapbox: Poor Communication Continues to Be PS...:

When you say PSN, you mean Ps4 right? As I've been playing online on the Ps3 perfectly fine pretty much all during Xmas when I've had the time. Ps4 has been a no go, but its not like I've had nothing to do over Xmas that I've just had to play on the ps4. It is still amusing reading the comments accusing Sony of being ignorant & arrogant from entitled crybabies that crop up in every article regarding PSN, never gets old.



MadchesterManc commented on Actually, PS4 Had the Most Great Games This Year:

@rastamadeus The whole 'its an opinion' notion is an amusing one in that it's usually held as a double standard due to confirmation bias. Case in point being @Vorlon opinion of there being a potential nostalgic bias in the media for Nintendo, which has seemingly been dogpiled by those that disagree. If the gaming press is allowed a free pass on that point on the basis of it being their 'opinion', why is @Vorlon not allowed the same privilege of being able to have an independent opinion? Because his opinion differs? Offends? There's gonna be people out there that play & enjoy Nintendo games, like myself, without viewing them as highly as others. If people have a problem with that opinion, well, thats their problem.



MadchesterManc commented on Actually, PS4 Had the Most Great Games This Year:

@Vorlon Your probably gonna get dogpiled for that comment, but I can sorta see where your coming from there. With me growing up on SEGA & not going back to Nintendo till a later time, I've always been curious as to the constant lavishing on Nintendo as I've enjoyed their games but never really thought they were the bees knees. It's more than likely nostalgia, Hell I'm guilty of it with SEGA stuff still these days even tho they don't do consoles anymore. Just that SEGA symbol is enough to turn my head on games they publish. It's quite telling for myself that the best Nintendo game I've played thus far is Skyward Sword, one thats usually never mentioned when people talk Nintendo.



MadchesterManc commented on Learn if Life Is Strange in January on PS4, PS3:

I'm interested just with it being from the same studio as Remember Me, which had decent storytelling & a great world to repetitively bash your way through. The fact its episodic puts me off a little though as I'm not really a fan of that kind of content delivery.



MadchesterManc commented on Review: The Crew (PlayStation 4):

@Scollurio Sounds about right, Ubisoft have had a ridiculously underwhelming year. It kinda makes one a little worried about other titles that sounded interesting when announced a la The Division :|

I'll pass on The Crew. I was lucky to get into the closed beta & it left a really bad impression on me then and returning for the open beta saw no change.



MadchesterManc commented on Rumour: Will Borderlands: Remastered Edition L...:

I could complain about remasters, but then that'd be a little silly seen as the German USK rating board leaked a possible Hyperdimension Neptunia Hypercollection for Ps4 which obviously has one intrigued ;)

Although I wouldn't say this Borderlands malarkey would be a remaster, more of a port. Lets face it, they'll just port the PC versions over to Ps4. It won't have the work put in like TLoU & Metro Redux in rejigging code or remastering older games with new engines.

@rastamadeus I agree with you on that. There's already enough Borderlands content out there that has seen a far more recent release that Ps4 owners would appreciate over porting 1 & 2. 2K are probably hoping to make a swift buck on the port before bringing Pre-Sequel and Tales From over to Ps4 to make a little more wonga.



MadchesterManc commented on It's Good to Have PlayStation Veteran David Ja...:

@sinalefa She was one of several new characters set for Tekken 7, which seems to have been lost on those complaining about her. As far as I've gathered, She was intended for all regions apparently. Now though - only EU, Asia etc will get Chloe & NA will get their own exclusive character. There's a story for it on IGN and you can probably catch some of Katsuhiro Harada's original tweets on Twitter regarding the backlash still.



MadchesterManc commented on It's Good to Have PlayStation Veteran David Ja...:

I feel for developers these days, having to put up with all the entitled whining from cry babies on the internet that have no intention of even buying their games. Just look at whats happened with Tekken 7 & the producer there removing a new character (lucky Chloe) from the NA version of the game due to people whining on the internet. It makes a change seeing a developer flipping the bird at the haters. Plus, I've enjoyed a lot of Jaffe's work so theres a fat chance i'll be pouting over this video (I actually retweeted it when Jaffe posted it last night)



MadchesterManc commented on Preview: Is PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 a Re...:

If I wanted to read more gushing praise for that Uncharted 4 footage, I'd read an Uncharted article. I get it, you guys are big fans of the ol' Naughty Dog (must be to be bringing up TLoU which is one of the shonkiest AAA titles to ever be highly praised) but I was kinda looking forward to reading up on The Order without more Uncharted being shoe horned in like almost every other article featuring The Order.

I'm quite sure Ready at Dawn are capable of delivering the game they want without the mainstream press heaping extra pressure onto them by thrusting their darling Naughty Dogs work into a constant comparison with RAD's first console title for Sony.



MadchesterManc commented on The Order: 1886's Latest Trailers Prove That I...:

Considering the last cover shooter I played was Spec Ops, which had a better story than most games as it is, it's been a while with those type of shooters so I'm not fussed about how it seems to play compared to other games. It's setting etc seems a lot more interesting than almost everything coming to any system in the near future. A decent lore etc can help carry a game that may not be too appealing to play as it can immerse the player. It worked for Skyrim anyway.

Funnily enough I'm looking forward to this a lot more than Uncharted 4. The whole 'summer blockbuster' feel of the Uncharted series is about as enticing as a Micheal Bay Transformers movie these days



MadchesterManc commented on Get Those Trendy Specs On, Persona 5 Is Taking...:

Such a golf clap announcement. Atlus are gonna wanna get Persona shizz out fast in the west from now on with P4G hitting the mainstream, so it was obviously going to arrive in 2015. Hopefully when some details are actually announced we'll be getting an actual dungoen crawling RPG this time instead of a waifu simulator



MadchesterManc commented on Yakuza 5 Lays the Smackdown on PlayStation 3 N...:

@get2sammyb announcement of the year. I'd like to think my co-editors big localisation push these past few months on my site & social media with a few prominent folks in the Yakuza fanbase had a little something to do with it. Who knows though, maybe it was always on the cards from Sonys 3rd party initiative afterall



MadchesterManc commented on PS4 Exclusive Uncharted 4 Dazzles in Glorious ...:

Looked like you'd expect am Uncharted to play, graphically quite good. Just as expected I guess so it wasn't mind blowing for me.

@get2sammyb you guys putting up the footage for David Jaffes new game soon? Thats the one I was looking forward to & my twitch stream crapped out during No Man's Sky :(