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Working at an Estate agents isn't as glamarous as you'd think. Still, The pays good enough for me to buy lots of games that I dont have the time to play! Sometimes I may seem a little Otaku when it comes to Hatsune Miku, but I assure you, Its all in good fun! Founder/Editor/Author @ Otaku Gamers UK

Sat 4th December, 2010

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MadchesterManc commented on Gamescom 2014: Sorry, PS4 Firmware Update 2.00...:

I'll be literally bemused if people start whining about the limit. Its still a superb feature & there's no extra charge for the feature (aside from PS+) People have to do the same thing with 'free' calls to landlines whereby they have to hang up & call again to refresh the hour. They don't complain.

EDIT: I think part of the reason a limit is in place is to appease publishers/developers too. Im sure they wouldn't like the idea of potential sales going down the drain due to people doing a marathon sessions via this Share Play & completing their games that way.



MadchesterManc commented on Reaction: PS4's Variety Shines at Gamescom 201...:

I thought Sony's Gamescom was better than E3. People seem to forget that Gamescom is for the smaller studios to show what they're doing, so the fact there wasn't any megaton announcements is par the course for the event. Instead we got a look at a lot of interesting titles, which is why I watch Gamescom, instead of the usual suspects being rolled out (the mistake Microsoft made at the event) and turning it into an E3 lite. Sony may have lacked a show stopperduring the show, but if what Im reading regarding Sony being the publisher on the game - then this new SIlent Hill potentialy being an exclusive is as close as it gets to a bomb at Gamescom



MadchesterManc commented on Poll: What Did You Think of the Sony PlayStati...:

@Scollurio Some people were expecting an E3 V2.0 & what we got was a Gamescom conference instead. Sony tend to focus on the smaller offerings at Gamescom which meant much disappointment for the blockbuster/AAA lovers. Roll on TGS so we can see what developers in the east are getting up to on Ps4



MadchesterManc commented on Poll: What Did You Think of the Sony PlayStati...:

@MoleZandor That's the way things are on Pushsquare these days. Takes a little getting used to but you'll eventually be able to filter through most of the bile.

I thought it was decent. As expected to be honest. Quite a few interesting games to keep an eye on going forward. Gamescom has always been the place Sony showcase their smaller offerings, so I'm not sure why people were expecting E3 levels of showmanship & announcements. TGS is just around the corner, hopefully we get some Hyperdimension Neptunia V II Ps4 gameplay footage there...



MadchesterManc commented on This Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Trailer Is N...:

Really looking forward to both titles. Burst on the 3DS was a fantastic side-scroller, so I fully expect Tamsoft to have brought the goods for Shinovi Versus. Bon Appetit should be great on the go too with it being a rhythm game :) Shame they're digital only, but Im just glad to see them on our shores.



MadchesterManc commented on Sony Sued $5 Million Over PS4 Shooter Killzone...:

Amusingly, for something to be designated as '1080p' it only needs to have 1080 as it's horizontal resolution while it's vertical resolution can be anything. Rendering every third frame as 960x1080 as Shadow Fall does, is still 1080p. If the person starting up this lawsuit had looked into HD standards beforehand, they wouldn't be looking like a goyt right now.



MadchesterManc commented on OneChanbara Z2: Chaos Sure Isn't the Shyest Ga...:

No mention of the new Zombie sisters, Anzu & Sayaka, that are glimpsed in this new trailer? Honestly the most intruiging aspect of this latest release so far with how it all might fit together when you consider that you spend about 95% of your time in the series slashing up zombies. Will they be friends? foes? are they playable? Who knows. Should be interesting finding out



MadchesterManc commented on Wait, People Are Still Going on About the Infa...:

People still going on about this? Jeez :| I had made the choice to not put any of my cards on my account, so I wasn't too bothered when it happened and the digital copies of Infamous & Wipeout HD Fury with a month of PS+ seemed fair enough for me at the the time. Didn't they even take out some kind of insurance package for people who may have had their card accounts compromised? I dont understand why Sony should have to give more



MadchesterManc commented on Naughty Dog Wants All of Its PS4 Titles to Run...:

This 'darling' status ND has in the industry never ceases to amaze me. It's like they've entered the realms of godlike recently with this 1080p60 talk. Shame that spec doesn't guarantee a great game now eh, but then with all the hot air blowing around from outlets recently you'd think it was all that mattered



MadchesterManc commented on PS4 Firmware Update Details Right Around the C...:

The Xbox One is getting 3D Bluray playback!? Dafuq you playin at Sony? :| Its one aspect that baffles me. Ps4 plays Blurays, it has 3D games. So why does my Ps4 still not play 3D Blurays? I honestly cant believe how long I've been waiting for this one singular aspect to be added. None of this other stuff people mention interests me or has become an annoyance. Sony are starting to take the biscuit a little with their firmware updates though. My Ps3 is getting on a bit too so it would be nice to retire some of its duties.



MadchesterManc commented on PS4 Exclusive Omega Quintet Fuses Idol Simulat...:

No surprise to see Compile Heart bringing the goods early in the Ps4's cycle. Looking forward to this, although I may import instead of waiting on a localisation. My Ps4 needs some Moe, and fast, as I hear it occasionally sobbing due to all the otaku love going to its older sibling. We have Natural Doctrine in a few months time, but that looks nowhere near as interesting as this does.



MadchesterManc commented on Already Own The Last of Us? You Won't Be Getti...:

If you shop around, you can get it cheap enough. Ive seen it going for £29.97 the other day. Gonna be waiting a bit myself tho before i pick up the remaster, didn't really think it was much cop the first time, but ill give it another try & Ive preorderd Metro Redux instead.



MadchesterManc commented on OneChanbara Z2: Chaos Brings Out Its Best Biki...:

I doubt we'll get this released here. The previous release never made it over on Ps3, so its doubful. Plus all the White Knights in gaming journalism these days would tear the game a new one so its not worth the hassle by D3 to bring it west. Peeps like myself that like the series will just have to import



MadchesterManc commented on Weirdness: Garrus, What Are You Doing in Docto...:

How you've managed to write an article trashing a TV series & eeking out 3 paragraphs for what is a split-second glimpse of a character in a trailer that bears a minor resemblance to an alien species in a game is highly commendable. Its not like Mass Effect doesn't 'ripoff', pay 'homage' or 'reference' any shows/movies cough Star Trek cough



MadchesterManc commented on This Swiss Store Thinks That Beyond: Two Souls...:

With how incredible it looked on Ps3, the mind boggles at what it could mean for a port to Ps4. I remember interviews pre-launch where mention was made of some rendering techniques from the Ps4 build of their engine had made its way into the Ps3 release. It would be good to see what's in store from this engine of theirs, and with Quantic Dream being the Don, I'd double dip for this.



MadchesterManc commented on Review: Child of Light (PlayStation Vita):

@NamelessAndi Give it an hour or 2 n if it doesn't click - it wont. I played it on PC and didn't get all the hype either. It's a by the numbers platforming turn-based Rpg with a weak story & artsy visuals. It's a 6/10 game. Decent but it never does anything great or fresh. To be honest there's been a distinct lack of fresh ideas & quirkiness to the 'artsy' scene for a year or two now & with the likes of Ubisoft making millions off it with CoL by pandering to the clique, it leaves one wondering when that spark will reappear



MadchesterManc commented on Yu Suzuki: I'm Ready to Create Shenmue III Sho...:

@SimonAdebisi Im surprised they haven't gone the Kickstarter route to get funding for Shemnue III. I think they'd get easily enough money to remaster 1 & 2 while working on 3, maybe even getting some towards a 4th entry like Yu Suzuki says he may need. It is baffling that he's sitting on his hands waiting for a publisher when the fanbase will fund the project a few times over



MadchesterManc commented on Murdered: Soul Suspect Developer Seals Its Doo...:

@FullbringIchigo Thats the biggest problem with the industry in the west these days. People just call for innovation & new experiances because they think its hip, when all they really want is a new perk on COD and they're satisfied. Won't be long till studios like Quantic Dreams close up at this rate and then Im done with the games industry in the west

I feel sorry for the lass over at IGN who reviewed the game as some Youtube commentators, one called Dark Side Phil, have been blaming her review for the closure. Seriously. Apparently if the game would've scored better there, the drones at IGN would have bought the game and it would have kept the studio open with the increase in sale it would've got...



MadchesterManc commented on Shuhei Yoshida Doesn't Understand People Who D...:

Agree with Yosp. A game is a game to me, regardless of its budget. I don't understand the mentality people have of not wanting to play games that haven't had millions spent on their production. I do prefer Indie & Niche titles myself though as most AAA releases these past couple of years have felt a little 'hollow'. You only have to look at Ubisoft & the template they seem to employ for almost all their AAA releases to see what I mean.



MadchesterManc commented on Nintendo Thumps PlayStation in E3 2014 Twitter...:

@ELAWIS Because Nintendo showed Zelda & Star Fox whilst running a Smash Bros tournament. Hence a lot of tweets. Its that simple. Even I contributed a little with this tweet

I thought all 3 had a rough E3. Only 1 or 2 surprsing games announced. Sony's best during the press conference was an indie game, Miscrosoft relied on CGI trailers for their interesting newly announced first-party titles & Nintendo, well It was Nintendo. I find most of their first party offerings disinteresting & only dabble on the Wii a little of late so I wasn't in awe of what they showed. To be honest Im not an E3 guy myself anyway, I prefer to see whats cooking during the Tokyo Games Show. Even Gamescom tends to have been more interesting that E3 these past couple of years

Everyone wins at these shows with game announcements, but with a few more events stilll to go - Im not putting all my eggs into the E3 basket as there's still more to come this year, from Sony at least as Im not too sure Microsoft bothers much with other events. Nintendo still has its Directs afterall too.