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Working at an Estate agents isn't as glamarous as you'd think. Still, The pays good enough for me to buy lots of games that I dont have the time to play! & Moe is life. Founder/Editor/Author @ Otaku Gamers UK

Sat 4th December, 2010

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MadchesterManc commented on Review: Risen 3: Titan Lords - Enhanced Editio...:

@SoulsBourne128 The 'Enhanced Edition' in the games title kinda gives it away. It's not even a remaster. Just an enhanced port.

Does this release feature any enhancements over the PC release? I was playing that not too long ago & it looked bobbins maxed. It's a shame the combat isn't too good as some other aspects of the game aren't too bad. An enhanced port should've been an opportunity to build on the original release. Missed opportunity.



MadchesterManc commented on Don't Hold Your Breath For Backwards Compatibi...:

After reading Digital Foundrys piece after E3 when testing the Xbox One backwards compatibility, the abysmal performance of some titles leaves me thinking it'll be as hit & miss as on X360 - so not really worth the time. I'm glad Sony has gone another route as trying to software simulate the CELL would be ridiculously difficult and a waste of resources



MadchesterManc commented on For Months, It Was 'Impossible' To Get Batman:...:

Doesn't surprise me. X86 may be a known quantity, but most developers still don't seem to have a grasp of parallelism across more than a few CPU cores fully yet, then there's hUMA & GPGPU to consider on Ps4 too. There's still more to consider as well, so not quite a cakewalk as some devs think.

@SeahorseLegs The likes of Compile Heart, Idea Factory, Nippon Ichi etc rarely have a patch for their games - let alone a day one patch. They tend to finish their games before releasing



MadchesterManc commented on Sony: We Aren't Making Vita Games Because of C...:

It's amazing that people want Sony to keep pumping millions into developing AAA games that won't sell on a system that doesn't sell. Even during the Vita's first year when it was buried under first party exclusiveS it didn't sell, it's about time folk just moved on. For the past year the Vita has only been good for Niche third party localisations & indie releases, and that's all it'll ever have going forward.



MadchesterManc commented on Sony: Backward Compatibility Is a Requested F...:

I'm surprised people think it's so easy for the Ps4 to emulate the Ps3. Let's not forget how long it took for Sony to create a Ps2 emulator in software to run those PSN Ps2 releases. The Xbox One BC is apparently only launching with support for about 20 games, which sounds like it's gonna be similar to Xbox 360's lacklustre effort. The amount of buggy titles due to the emulation & Microsoft pulling support for it after a couple of years means it hasn't wooed me like with others.

Playstation Now could be a much better option once pricing is sorted & Ps1/Ps2 titles are eventually added to the service. There's always the option of using the service on other devices too...



MadchesterManc commented on E3 2015: Guerrilla Games' Gorgeous PS4 Exclusi...:

I was thinking @get2sammyb & Co had forgotten about this. Looks most intriguing. I have no doubt either that the graphical quality shown was legit, Shadowfall was also announced with gameplay footage & looked superb upon release

Like the article says, this could be GG breakthrough game. They've been given the freedom to do their own thing so let's hope it works out well for them.



MadchesterManc commented on Reaction: Sony Delivers the Greatest E3 Press ...:

@BLPs did Yoshida run over the family dog? We all know you love the WiiU n all, but folk other than Nintendo can make good games too.

And your last point garnered a chuckle considering almost every Nintendo exclusive for at least the past year has been hyped by mainstream outlets. Hell, even the Pokemon remasters for 3DS got hyped even though remasters are supposed to be an evil of unspeakable evil...



MadchesterManc commented on Reaction: Sony Delivers the Greatest E3 Press ...:

I'm surprised noone has mentioned the quirky looking Final Fantasy game announced for Ps4 & PSVita. Or even the MM looking oddball in Dreams. It's a shame Horizon is being overshadowed so much too as it genuinely looked interesting & fantastic, better than I was expecting GG latest to be. Uncharted 4 finally looked worthwhile too. The trailer shown during the Project Morpheus mini segment also had a few games that looked interesting.

As for the 3 main bombs - Not interested in FFVII to be honest as everyone knows FFIX is more deserving of a remake, and it was only a CG trailer afterall. The Last Guardian looked fantastic and the 2016 date was surprising. Shemnue 3 was only a Kickstarter launch afterall too, which will no doubt be funded, but it would've been a genuine bomb by Sony if it was exclusive.

It's been a pretty good E3 so far, now I just need localisation announcements for Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II & Senran Kagura Estival Versus to make it great.



MadchesterManc commented on Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae 2.0 Patch Wil...:

Sounds good. I started the demo (bought Type-0 preowned, code hadn't been used. Lucky me) but then when i heard of a patch coming I stopped playing. I'd prefer to see how things are post-patch as what I'd viewed previously seemed a little underhwelming.



MadchesterManc commented on Fallout 4's Gameplay Reveal Goes Nuclear on PS4:

They may have ditched the previous gen for Fallout 4, but that engine hasn't changed much. The sooner developers stop sprucing up creaking Dx9 based engines, the better.

Considering they've been relatively quiet since Skyrim, and don't look to have built a new engine either, it means they must've had plenty of time to work on the games mechanics. Should be interesting in that regard.



MadchesterManc commented on Sony: PlayStation Vita Is a Legacy Platform:

People can keep suggesting things - micro SD slot etc, but nothing will save the Vita from the Grim Reaper. Nothing. Its been dead in the west now for nearly 2 years. Why should Sony do anything now when noone has give a damn about the Vita in the west for so long? The only reason its stuck around for as long as it has is due to decent indie support in the west & good performance in Japan with support from Japanese developers.



MadchesterManc commented on Evidence of Batman: Arkham PS4 Remaster Appears:

Wow. People talking about PC's like everyone has the same PC that they do. I needed that laugh.

As for this remaster, l'd probably give it a try at a decent price. Never got around to finishing Arkham City on Ps3. Hopefully they'd keep & boost the games 3D mode a little too



MadchesterManc commented on Here's Your First Look at DOOM on PS4:

I wouldn't mind too much if it ended up like Wolfenstien. That had a decent balance of story with run & gun gameplay. Considering Shadow Warrior is one of the best shooters on Ps4 for me, a straight up run & gun classic wouldn't be a bad idea either



MadchesterManc commented on First Impressions: The Witcher 3 May Be One of...:

Still not hyped at all, or even interested. I'm thinking of firing up Witcher 2 tomorrow and seeing if that can drum up any interest for next week. Considering most games that get hyped by the mainstream these days end up being bangers, I'm staying cautios



MadchesterManc commented on Feature: How Does The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Loo...:

Witcher 3 is best on PC? and I was gonna get it on Ps4. Thanks guys for letting me know that the PC I have which is used for typing up articles & visual novels (2.4ghz Core2Duo, 4GB ddr2 ram, radeon hd 6670) can run Witcher 3 better than the Ps4. I'll be able to save myself a bit of money on the purchase now



MadchesterManc commented on Formula Fusion Looks Just Like You'd Expect a ...:

its amazing when you look at some kickstarters where millions are pumped into it on the hype of who is behind the game, yet former Studio Liverpool devs who created one of the most consistently great series over the years can't even scrape enough together for a console release



MadchesterManc commented on Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Is Getting Pat...:

Tabata's response to Cindy being 'too sexy' was pure gold. Just goes to show how ridiculous commentators are in the west.

I've only played a little of the demo. Bought a preowned Type 0 that still had an unused code luckily, but I've been enjoying Type 0 enough to leave the FFXV demo for now. Might just wait for the patch to finish it off as it doesn't seem to play too well from what I've tried so far.



MadchesterManc commented on Soapbox: You Should Stop Pre-Ordering Games:

I'll never understand why people preorder AAA games. Your pretty much guaranteed a copy at launch anyway and the preorder bonuses are usually pitiful.

I think the only time I've ever preordered was for titles like Senran Kagura Burst, as your never guaranteed being able to pick up a copy of a niche game at launch. Most places only order in enough to cover preorders