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lvnlavitaloca commented on The PlayStation 4 Just Can't Catch A Break In ...:

@Jazzer94 I think the question is more likely"why make exclusives for a country that doesn't buy home consoles". Maybe they expected poor sales figures in Japan and that's why it launched there 4 months later than Europe and North America. I think they can do just fine without selling any ps4s at all there. I don't think sony needs to worry about japan not buying consoles, japan needs to be worried that no one is going to cater to them if the don't purchase the new hardware.



lvnlavitaloca commented on Having Problems with Your PS4 Controller's Ana...:

Trials evolution killed my left thumb stick. Violently moving it back and forth to try to pass some of those levels definitely took its toll. I really like the look of those aluminum sticks though, and 12.99 isn't bad for a cool looking upgrade.



lvnlavitaloca commented on PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Is Indeed Disapp...:

@get2sammyb If only "early next year" ever was that. Typically "early next year" means holiday of the following year. No way this and all the other delayed games are coming q1 or 2 of 2015. They'll end up holiday releases of 15 or 16. The release schedule every year is horribly unbalanced.



lvnlavitaloca commented on Sony: The Economics Don't Work for Blockbuster...:

I'm really disappointed in the Vita at this point. The lack of new software is embarrassing and I have purchased and played through everything worth playing. I didn't invest in a $250 system and a $100 memory card to play indie games. I was sold on portable fps and uncharted. I've actually went and bought a 3ds. The Vita is collecting dust now, which makes me very sad. At least there is Borderlands to look forward to.



lvnlavitaloca commented on Review: inFAMOUS: Second Son (PlayStation 4):

@get2sammyb The reviews I have read (including this one), lament the amount of content in the side missions. It was just announced that thee day one patch for Second Son will provide 3 additional hours of side mission content, with additional content to be added for free on a regular basis. I think this is likely to help combat the used market as people cannot trade the game in once they are done if they want to see what happens with the additional content, but I think that is what has hurt the game's metascore.



lvnlavitaloca commented on Sony: We're Willing to Eat Costs to Create Gre...:

@banacheck Most definitely. The general consensus was the game looked rough leading up to the PS4 launch. Everyone kept saying this particular studio worked in a way that allowed them to make the whole game then add polish later, but there was concern in all the previews leading up to the original release date. Apparently the concern turned to reality and they couldn't pull off what they envisioned in time.



lvnlavitaloca commented on Sony: We're Willing to Eat Costs to Create Gre...:

I would like to think this extra time means extra polish. Sometimes extra time means something is fundamentally wrong with the game(see duke nukem, prey, etc.....). This is a Sony owned studio though, so I am inclined to think polish, polish and more polish.



lvnlavitaloca commented on Unannounced Need for Speed Title Canned as Foc...:

@Gamer83 I agree, I think the concept would be an awesome new IP, but I doubt need for speed will ever go away, I've been playing it since the 90's. I was thinking more along the lines of what Ubisoft has been doing lately. They have a core team working in a project until the final stages of development then they bring in all their other studios to add to the final product. That is why splinter cell felt kind of assassins-creedy, and why assassins creed now has boats. Its smart to leverage all of your talents and not just have "the fps guys" and "the racing guys".



lvnlavitaloca commented on Soapbox: Sony Is Depriving Players of the Opti...:

I bought a 32 GB shortly after launch and it is full. I can't wait for the 64 to come stateside as I plan on buying that too. The price is agrivating, but when compared to apples price structure(an extra $300 for a 64 GB iPhone vs the 16gb model) its not that bad. That is what blows my mind, people have no problem shelling out rediculous amounts of cash for anything with an apple on the back, but say the vita/PSP/ps4 etc.. are too expensive.



lvnlavitaloca commented on You May Be Touring the Dark Dungeons of PS4 Ex...:

I thought Deep Down had the most impressive trailer of all the games shown at the PlayStation meeting last February. I don't know how I feel about free to play yet though. I just hope Capcom doesn't mess it up, their track record hasn't been the greatest as of late.



lvnlavitaloca commented on Talking Point: Is PlayStation Plus Helping or ...:

I bought tearaway day one. It's awesome. However, I often feel like I am wasting money when months go by with ps+ giving away only games I already bought. So I can see where that could be a real problem for sony when it comes to gamers with a little more patience. At least sony is pulling down $50 a year for ps+.



lvnlavitaloca commented on Talking Point: Do the PS4 Controller's Gimmick...:

@get2sammyb I also noticed the battery life of the dual shock 4 is poor. I attributed this to the fact that all my chat audio was routed through the ds4 as my pulse headset isn't compatible yet. I wouldn't think an LED light would be to harsh on the battery. Still, I do miss the ds3 battery life. I keep one ds4 on charge while I play with the other.