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Fri 25th May 2012

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jwhyrock commented on Feature: How Is PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Treat...:

To the reviewer and/or anyone else who uses guides before starting a game or even in the middle of the game, you're killing the magical sense of discovery. You're taking the edge off the sense of fear and trepidation for the unknown dangers you will encounter.

The Kings Field and Souls series are carefully crafted atmospheric experiences that when you go in already aware of what you need to do or what you'll encounter you're really ruining your enjoyment for the games.

Same can be said for reading a spoiler laden movie review before watching a movie, but exponentially so with any From Software masterpiece.



jwhyrock commented on Talking Point: Does the PS4 Need 4K Resolution?:

oh and I completely agree that the price of the PS4 will be important, but I also think our thinking about how much a console should cost should evolve with the times.

Consoles are now full computers with many features. I can't tolerate having such weak hardware any longer. Consoles are so outdated by today's current hardware standards it's ridiculous and it shows.

I want the high end specs and if Sony will force us to keep the same hardware for a decade they better damn well future proof it.

Side note: if they disable used games I will go Xbox (unless Microsoft does the same thing)



jwhyrock commented on Talking Point: Does the PS4 Need 4K Resolution?:

of course higher resolution is necessary. duh. Seemslike a stupid question unless your only frame of reference is a console between 2006-2013.

First off resolutions are always getting better just as the hardware is to support them. Keep in mind with many intelligent consumers already spoiled with relatively inexpensive giant TVs such as 80+ inch DLPs they are not going to settle for smaller screens or stick with a 1080p television for the rest of our lives (myself included). Bigger is absolutely better and if you can add beautiful picture Hell yes.

The high price of the 4k displays will keep out the mainstream consumer and the slow sales coupled with competition and efficient manufacturing will drastically reduce the prices for those of us on a budget.

Don't forget Sony has this stupid decade long lifespan obsession with their consoles which means 4k will be a must at some point in that time frame.

To not future proof the hardware would be idiotic and I will reiterate that I do not believe 4k will be ridiculously priced for very long.

Anyone not in college with a semi decent home theater knows what I'm talking about (and/or PC knowledge).

Some random poster said 3D was a gimmick? lol what bs. 3D is excellent and adds a lot both to movies and gaming. If the movie or game sucks that has nothing to do with the technology.

I have a DLP 3D setup and it is a joy to play on. One thing people screw up a lot is setting it up properly, it takes some research and experimentation to get right.



jwhyrock commented on Review: PixelJunk 4am (PlayStation Network):

Excellent review man! I already bought it the first second it came out, but haven't had time to sit down and enjoy. I think my only issue will be what you already mentioned, being at the mercy of the existing tracks. I sincerely hope down the line there is a way to allow full creative control in a game that can be accessible to n00bs, but give full creative vision to people with skillz.

I think my problem with 4AM and this isn't a huge one, is that sure at 4am I'm in the mood for The Orb, Delerium and/or fill in the blank peaceful trippy electronic act, but what about 4PM? I'd like me some Prodigy, Crystal Method, Daft Punk, Tipper, Adam Freeland, Chemical Brothers, etc. etc. Music that gets your blood really pumpin'

Also my first visit (I think) to your website and my first post so hey all.