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Re: Hands On: No Man's Sky PS4 Is As Bemusing As It Is Beautiful


Played for around an hour last night at launch, got my wrecked (preorder!) ship repaired but started looking for materials to convert to fuel. The planet I'm on is pretty beautiful, haven't explored too far away from my ship. Combat isn't the best, probably my least favorite part so far, aiming feels clunky and just firing a constant beam isn't too satisfying. But looking around for materials and finding creatures is pretty fun Inventory management is pretty overwhelming at first and storage space is pretty minimal. But overall I think this will turn into a fairly relaxing and beautiful experience.

Re: Blizzard Sounds the Klaxon on Overwatch Olympics Outfits


@WanderingBullet Yup, the boxes you'll get in the game for now (until this summer thing ends) will be summer loot boxes, and the PSN store boxes are summer loot boxes too. But, they are guaranteed (I believe?) to have at least one summer item. Some i got had two or three! And yeah, most of the skins look ok. Genji's summer loot palette is one of my favorites now o_o

Re: Yes, Overwatch Has Microtransactions


@Grawlog The difference being that destiny costed over $100 for all content if you bought it at launch, otherwise you're forced out of content. overwatch is $40-60 and you get all future content with no balancing issues for unlockables. Overwatch and blizzard has it's head on straight.