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Re: Which way is Sony heading - new heads and all.


They just had their best ever year (not that you'd really know by the way the media's reported it) so I think 2018 will be more of the same. They may revise the hardware again (form factor, not power) and I think they'll definitely bring the base model down to $199 at some point this year.

Behind the scenes they'll be working on PS5 which I imagine will follow the same tenants as the PS4 (affordable, high quality hardware) but I think they'll also be developing a new VR headset and motion controllers to go in tandem with that.

I think they're going to continue iterating on services like PS Plus, PS Now, and PS Vue too, because that's where the real money is these days.

EDIT: Also, I don't think Japan is massively important to Sony anymore. Don't get me wrong, they'll continue to invest in Japan and Japanese games, but PlayStation is an American company now. Their priorities are the NA and EU markets.

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Re: The Chit Chat Thread


I wonder what the time zone difference is going to be like. I loved the Rio Olympics because all the good stuff happened in the evening UK time, but I'm not sure what Korea's like.

Let's have a look...

It's not going to be great for the UK I don't think, everything will be happening either in the middle of the night or early morning.

Urgh, I suspect Tokyo 2020 will be like this too.

Re: PSVR the next generation


I think the improvements are obvious: higher resolution screen, fewer cables, lower latency, better tracking. The bigger limitation with PSVR right now, in my opinion, are the PS Move controllers. They're good and I think Sony was right to recycle them, but it's going to be amazing when they come up with new motion controllers.

Re: Setting up PSVR today eeeek exciting!


@Wesker It sounds like a cop out, but you do build up a tolerance to the eye tiredness the more you use it. I don't think VR is ever going to be something you can "veg out" with for a dozen hours a day because it's so much more intense than staring at a TV, but you can definitely build up to multi-hour sessions (depending on the game).

@themcnoisy Check out our best VR games article if you want more good game suggestions. There's a surprising amount of high quality stuff for the headset to be honest: