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Sat 12th May, 2012

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Gemuarto commented on You'll Never Earn The Last of Us' Latest Singl...:

I really hate when developers add trophies after launch of the game. Also, hardest difficulty in TLoU felt easier than hard. Don't know why O__O... maybe because I knew all ins and outs. So, I don't think that this will be really hard =).

And I don't know why anybody need to worry about stupid trophies in ND's games. I still don't know why I beat platinum out of TLoU.... Those MP trophies were pain in the ass. And also I hate post launch DLC trophies. With them, you never can be sure if you beat 100% out of the game =( Trophies have really long way before them, to become complete. Now trophies are total mess and full of stupidity.



Gemuarto commented on Weirdness: Sony's Snazzy 4K Media Player Looks...:

@moomoo @Scollurio I really think that 32 inch displays are the biggest thing on wich 1080p doesn't look ugly. Everything bigger need better resolution. It's a fact =). Even 32 is too big for 1080p. 27 is the border. So, I think that 4K is a must for big displays. Hope Sony will make PS4K to use with them =). I am speaking about gaming =). For movies 1080p is OK, even on 60 inch displays =). Not OK, but ok...



Gemuarto commented on Drinkbox: People Don't Understand the Purchasi...:

I think I didn't buy any games for Vita this year, thanks to PS4, it took a lot of my game's budget and time. And now I am playing Destiny of Spirits for free =)))... And I have some backlog on PS+ and need to finish off some games like Persona 4, for example..... LOL. And funny thing is, almost every game I bought on PSV appeared on PS+ =))). so, I decided to wait untill PS+ or some tasty sales before buying anything for Vita. I even didn't bought Tearaway and Ys =). And Ys was the reason I bought Vita at the first place =). But I'll buy them in the future. tearaway for 10$ and Ys for 20$ =))). I can buy them now for that money from fellow gamers, but I prefere digital, so....



Gemuarto commented on Review: Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Rebo...:

Meh.... This game is too expensive and takes too much time to play. Even PS+ is cheaper than this =))). For that money, it's really not so good and has a lot of flaws. And it is a game, that I can play for free here and there. Maybe once or twice a week. And I don't want to pay for that =). I mean, I am not against buying the game, but paying for game monthly... No, thank you. And it doesn't have some mind blowing content inside, either. Just solid MMORPG with FF theme =))). It really deserves 6.5 at most.



Gemuarto commented on Trials Fusion Runs at a Higher Resolution on P...:

I really hope that games on PS4 will be 1080p till the end. =) Don't want to wake up one day and found out, that PS4 have become 720p.... I really like clean and accurate picture over some minor graphics improvements.



Gemuarto commented on Batman: Arkham City and Mercenary Kings Lead t...:

@FuturLab_Dave I'm just curious how things will turn out in VX2. But not so curious to participate in competitions or something. Maybe I'll support your team with my money, though =). But I still have some doubts, because of VU. But with new engine and things more polished, VX2 can turn out in really great game. Eh.... Can't decide... though. From some point of view, I think that creating VU was bad idea. And I am really curious why you decided to make VU instead of totally new game. Also, playing VU, I thought, that I want some less complicated more classic sidescroller from yout team. Eh, somehow it feels sad that indie developers trying to be original, instead of making something more classic. I think Resogun has really good balance of classic and originality.

And thanks for the update about realese time =).Sorry if I was too bold. Wish you best luck =).



Gemuarto commented on Sony Would Like to Publicly Thank You for the ...:

@JaxonH No, I told that in hope that Shuhei Yoshida will ask me, why PS4 has bad controls =(. Yeah, I know, it's mad. But who knows, right.

Agree with you, DS4 is best controller ever. Except that I heard it has some problems with sticks material. But overall DS4 delivers a lot.



Gemuarto commented on Batman: Arkham City and Mercenary Kings Lead t...:

@FuturLab_Dave Eh, I don't want to tell something that will affect game in some undesireble way =)). Indies are great because nobody can tell developers what to do =))). And I really have no idea how hard it is to make a game. I mean, even if I told that VU was dissapointing, I really respect you guys, and wish you best =).

But if you ask, yeah, I used right stick for bombs. And tried touch screen for teleport. Bombs with right stick are good, but still sometimes they fly not in the direction you want. Maybe you need to make dead zone bigger or something >__>. Or maybe, with constant boost, the problem will dissapear by itself =). You know, because it is not very convinient to hold R button and fire bombs with right stick at the same time. Or, maybe it's beeter to make bombs fire after you realese right stick. And to make some laser pointer to appear, when you push it =). So you push right stick, see where bomb will fly and then realese it =).

Teleport is actually pretty solid the way it is(touchscreen is unconvinient). But I think that it can be better if you make teleport more like high speed movement through walls. So when you push teleport button, ship starts to move to destination player choose. But I am not sure how that will affect game mechanics, don't remember exactly, maybe this is important for your game to leave teleport the way it is for better rhythm. Just make it more responsive. Because I remember that sometimes, when you realese teleport button, ship didin't jump.

Sorry that I can't give you better feedback. Need to play again to do that =). Some things are already blured in my memory. But I can do that, if you send me code to download V2X for free =). LOL... On Vita or PS4 =). If you seriously want to know my serious thoughts about serious game improvement =).

Ugh =). Really glad that you answered, Dave =). It's nice that praised developer like yourself, found some time to listen to common folks like myself =). LOL.

Also, sorry for late answer, but it was already after midnight here =(.



Gemuarto commented on Review: Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster (PlayS...:

Eh,,, somebody, I want to buy FFX-2 separetly. WTF SE??? FFX-2 is one of my favourites on PS2. But FFX is just awfull =(. Not awful, but meh... I played it after Grandia 2 and Skies of Arcadia and it was like - what the hell. Is it Final Fantasy at all? Why are you running through linear, boring and long tunnel in RPG??? What happened with FF??? And those strange looking heroes...

Anyway, SE doesn't want my money T___T.... for the second time. Fist, they didn't realese Kingdom hearts digitally.



Gemuarto commented on Batman: Arkham City and Mercenary Kings Lead t...:

@FuturLab_Dave WOW, this is so nice of you to ask =). Actually, VU is pretty good from some point of view, but teleport and bombs mechanics are way too complicated and frustrating in terms of controls, when you try to beat 100% trophies out of the game =). I know that it's my fault, that I can't deal with that, but I am really sensetive person in terms of good controls =). I don't remember exactly, but it can be nice to add something to trigger constant boost, maybe in options, or some button to activate it, you know, for levels with constant boost. Because it's really frustrating, when you need to push boost button, throw bombs and teleport at the same time. You can tell that it's tiny thing, but for me, I think that controls are somewhat broken. And, you know, in terms of reality, on ship like that, I think it is good idea to make button for constant boost. So pilot can concentrate on more important things and have more fun.

Also, I think that it's good idea to make possible to trigger switches by automatic fire or something like that, like in twin stick shooters, for example. Because with current bomb controls, it feels more like luck than skill when you can complete boost level with 100% completition. I tried to fire bombs very fast, but there are always some bomb, that flies in another direction. And it looks very strange, when you can fire bombs in any direction and can't do the same with machineguns. And because of that, controls feels pretty frustrating.

Don't remember about teleport mechanics, but it's not as bad as bombs and boost... =). Maybe you need to create some mechanism, that will push ship in open space, when it is on the edge of the wall.

You can tell that all this will make game less hard. But when controls are tight, you just can make more challenging levels. and players will feel themselfs better, because they could beat hard levels thanks to their skill and not luck. And, yeah, I know that luck is part of the skill.

I know it's hard to make perfect controls, but maybe you need to think how this will look and feel in real life. And think how player will feel when he can't do something he wants 100% of the time. By something, I mean basic actions in the game, which should work 100% of the times, in my opinion.

I don't remmeber controls for sure. But if you don't want to make machinegun like in twin stick shooters, maybe you must let people to throw bombs pushing circle, square, triangle and X =), instead of directional buttons. So bombs will fly in direction player wants 100% of the times. =). That can partly solve the problem.

I beat about 30 to 40 levels of VU with 100% completition, but then I realised, that I don't have fun and feel myself frustrated because of controls. And I don't have fun just completing levels, also. Only 100% =))). Anyway, your game have really great potential, guys =). If you'll make controls more fluid, tight and comfortable =).

Oh, maybe your game is just too hardcore for me, don't know. But, you asked, I answered. Will be glad if this helps, even a little bit =). Also, I have my doubts about Velocity 2X, but at the same time I understand, that VU was build upon mini game for PSP and most flaws came form there... At least, I though so, when I deleted VU from MC forever =).

Also, ship movement in VU is really cool and fun =).

And, yeah, you need to make shooting more meaty =(. I mean, when I shoot alien ships in VU, I don't feel like I shoot them at all. yeah, I remember that impression. You hear some sound, but visually....

But my biggest problem with the game - CONTROLS =). They are just uncomfortable for me... =(

Eh, sorry for so many words and mistakes. English is not my native language =(.



Gemuarto commented on Talking Point: Are We Starting to Expect Too M...:

Plus is good even if you have only one console. But eventually Sony will add big games for PS4 and that will be great. But I think they must keep Infamous out of plus, it is really good game and people must buy it =). I wish SP make more badass games like that=)



Gemuarto commented on Talking Point: Are We Starting to Expect Too M...:

I like PS+ on PS4. It is great. I don't play games they give for ps3 and psv. Don't care about that outdated crap =). And still think that PS+ is great. The only game I didn't like so far was Don't Starve. I really like indies and for me, PS4 offerings are better than psv and ps3.



Gemuarto commented on Review: Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Com...:

@ShogunRok SB is really better than DW and SW. Also there are games like Tales of Heroes on PSP and Senran Kagura for PSV. Or that game with one million, ONE MILLION troops on Xbox, can't remember the name. I think you can put Oneechanbara and Drakengard at the same room, also. But Sengoku Basara is the king =)



Gemuarto commented on Sharing Is Daring in This New PlayStation 4 Pr...:

I hate Sony, because share function on PS4 is very annoying, stupid and inconvinient. Do they even have some guy who thinks about consumer convinience? Did you ever tried to upload several screenshots at one time? OMG.... that was so painfull and stupid.



Gemuarto commented on Hardware Review: PS Vita Slim - Screen if You ...:

@ShogunRok It doesn't matter how much time he spent with devices, preferences are still preferences. And I don't even know how severe downgrade is possible with current technologies. Are you telling that PSV screen is bad even compared to other IPS screens with same or about ppi?



Gemuarto commented on Hardware Review: PS Vita Slim - Screen if You ...:

@MadchesterManc I can't understand why Pushsquare is trying to convince everyone that new screen is total crap. I can't even look at it as downgrade, it's more like different screen than worse screen. OLED has some very nice color transitions and very good blacks... But in exchange, new screen has more natural colors.