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Sat 12th May, 2012

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Gemuarto commented on Review: Bloodborne (PlayStation 4):

I really can't get that masochistic and hardcore label.... I enjoyed this game very much and it wasn't too hard to platinum it. And death in this game is not like game over in other games, it's much more forgiving.



Gemuarto commented on Soapbox: Sony Really Needs to Give Us More Pla...:

Funny thing is that you can upload saves only on account with PS+. So if you have 2 accounts on one console, you need to buy PS+ for every account, to be able to upload saves. What a stupidity, if you ask me, hate you Sony.



Gemuarto commented on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's Debut PS4 Trailer I...:

@Tasuki Oh, I hate your post, because we've stoped already. And here you are trying to convince us to stop. Do you have hero complex or something? =)))

Also, it's not an opinion from my side. HR copied many aspects of first Deus Ex and many praise HR because of that. And because HR copied a lot of aspects of first Deus Ex, it's just right to tell that first Deus Ex is more ahead of time than HR. So where is an opinion here? I'm just speaking about obvious facts, nothing else. That's why I can't understand that agree to disagree thing. It's like you tell someone that your car is black and then that someone tells you that your car is white, actually. And you are like - WHAT????? And he is like - let's agree to disagree. Uh, OK.....>___<



Gemuarto commented on Live: Watch as Square Enix Reveals a Brand New...:

@NathanUC People were waiting for the game annonce... And what do they have instead? This idiotic crap nobody cares about. Everyone just want to know the name of the game and platforms and maybe some footage. But this, this is just nothing. Middle finger in the face, if you ask me. And above all - very stupid and zero creativity.



Gemuarto commented on So, This Dude's Way Better at Bloodborne Than ...:

All bosses in BB has gap in their defence. You just need to figure out when and how to hit and be patient and not greedy when attack. And then you can kill every boss with any level you want =). The hard thing is that some bosses have really small window when you can hit them safely even once. So you need to be pretty precise.



Gemuarto commented on God of War III Remastered's PS4 Price May Make...:

And what is remastered in this remaster except resolution and framerate? Does it have better graphics?

Also, the Last of Us Remaster has 15$ single player DLC + DLC maps for MP + better graphics. And it was pretty fresh game, more like game of the year edition.



Gemuarto commented on Review: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PlayStation 4):

@JaxonH To tell you the truth, I like to read reviews when I already have an opinion and played for some time.

@NathanUC Yeah, it's a shame that Bloodborn and this are out almost at the same time, But I thik I will play this first =). Not very like Souls games. Still want From Software to ressurect King's Field. I liked King's Field because it felt more like adventure, than action, compared to Souls.

@ShogunRok Oh, thanks, I had a feeling, that there is something not right, but ignored it =).

@get2sammyb I am digital kind of guy. Can't remember when I inserted disk in something for the last time =)/



Gemuarto commented on Review: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PlayStation 4):

@AyeHaley This game was made by Hajime Tabata, not Akira Toriyama. And Toriyama is the reason why FFXIII is somewhat strange peice of a game. I mean, bad things are connected not to the number, but to the person =). So you can give it a try. I played it on PSP for around 4 hours and decided to wait for HD port, because thought it was too good for portable format, LOL.



Gemuarto commented on Review: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PlayStation 4):

@get2sammyb In US, yeah. But I am going for EU version =). And need to wait till friday T___T... Good that Episod 4 of RE:Revelations 2 is out tommorow =).

It's just when I see early reviews, I starting to feel like game is out already, but I can't play it, for some unknown reasons, LOL.



Gemuarto commented on Round Up: Hotline Miami 2 Reviews Dial the Rig...:

@rastamadeus I don't think that visuals are outdated for purpose. Developers just don't have money for a good painter. And gameplay in this game is like qte in Resident Evil 6. One mistake and you need to start it over. Boring. And when you play this game on vita or ps3 or whatever console you have, you feel that it is a pc game, because controls on consoles are just awful. I think I beat this game once, so I know what I'm talking about. Oh and story is just dumb. And I really hated that food fetish between missions. It felt like I've becoe a hipster. Violance and good soundtrack are the only things that hold this game together. Without them, it's just total ***t. Boring QTE game... Very short campaign. Story is not engaging and trying to be smart, but still looks stupid. Design is very poor, no real diversity in levels, they look all the same, to me.



Gemuarto commented on Review: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episode...:

I think second episod is better than first. It has 2 boss fights and some pretty cool locations. Hate you Sammy for giving so low score to such a cool game. Your site gives good scores only to boring and stupid indies with messed up battle system, like Apotheon, for example. Shame on you,