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Sat 12th May, 2012

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Gemuarto commented on Guide: Tips for Surviving The Witcher 3's Puni...:

@Johnnycide Oh, I beat Bloodborne very long time ago, on platinum. And playing this game on highest difficulty and find myself using Quen less and less... I think it's useful when you afraid some unexpected atttack or to learn enemy patterns... Best strategy is to experiment with everything you've got, if finding yourself unable to defeat some enemy.



Gemuarto commented on Guide: Tips for Surviving The Witcher 3's Puni...:

@Splat Or maybe you have very low standarts of quality =))))... Compare this game to Dragon's Dogma, Ni no Kuni or Zelda...

And, you know, cd project red is a PC developer, mostly. And it is normal practice on PC to publish games in beta state and use early adopters as beta teseters. Sad that console crowd starting to accept this practice too =(((...

And yeah, maybe most glitches are not game breaking, but there are a lot of tiny glitches that make a game look like one big glitch... I assume you just following a story on easy... and because of that have no problems...



Gemuarto commented on Guide: Tips for Surviving The Witcher 3's Puni...:

The number of glitches in this game is fenomenal, I counted around 30 glitches in two days of playing. There are funny glitches, but there are glitches that prevent you from completing some generic quests, for example.... Even AC Unity had less glitches than this glitched as hell masterpiece. I feel like I am playing beta or something...



Gemuarto commented on Project CARS' Conclusion to This Le Mans Race ...:

@Bad-MuthaAdebisi So now you are talented person if your game is glitched? Cool.... Also, it's not really hard inour days, and you just need some knowledge how to do things like that.

Also, if you do stupid things like this trophy, you can be considered stupid, even if you havesome degree in chemistry or something.



Gemuarto commented on Badland: Game of the Year Edition Brings Yet M...:

@themcnoisy Man, I don't care. I know, that I ve replayed Super Metroid recently and it was fantastic =). And that I were bored to death by those three games you are talking about. Most indies are medicore or simply really bad. Even those that praised by media. Most reviewers just have no taste in our days. Maybe I think so because I like to replay some games from SNES, GBA and DS era, I don't know. But I feel like that. Indies need to grow up... Now, they are on amature level, not all, but most of them.



Gemuarto commented on Street Fighter V Targets Smashing Sales on PS4...:

@Gamer83 NB can make solid Soul Calibur. So I'll take my chances. And I like Soul Calibur better than Tekken. Soul Calibur 2 is my favourite fighting game of all times =). Yeah, they can do bad Soul Calibur again. But still there is a chance... All they need to do is to build it around Soul Calibur 2.



Gemuarto commented on Not Up to Speed with Destiny's House of Wolves...:

@Wesker I don't know. I think if I've upgraded my weapon to max once, it should stay upgraded forever.

Also I hate that they didn't upgrade vault space in Dark Below and made me delete some gear from venus raid. And now they are telling that I can upgrade it. I think Bungie is bunch of morons =)



Gemuarto commented on Game of the Month: April 2015:

Bastion isn't as good as prove of creativity and worse than Transistor...

But Mortal Kombat is a real rubbish. I can't understan how WB even dare to sell garbage like that.



Gemuarto commented on Reaction: Destiny's Prison of Elders Is a Step...:

Still, the amount of content in Destiny is very small. No wonder Activision has revenue 1.28 billions. They sell air. Where are new planets? Where are new enemies? Where are new types of weapons and new classes of characters? Instead we have randomly generated something and another reason to grind through same old content. Those armor and weapons orbs, they are not improvement, but the way to make you grind more, through this very very small content.



Gemuarto commented on Review: Shovel Knight (PlayStation 4):

@AcesHigh73 I am not anti-indie, I just want reviewers be as strict with indies as they are with big games. I beat platinum out of Bastion recently and while I liked it, I think it's at most 7 out of 10 game. Transistor is 8 out of 10. They got some flaws, you know. And according to pushsquare they are totally excellent. Ii think it's not good for indies when people give them too much credit. I really don't know what to think if indie gets 9. Maybe it's good, maybe it's total bs... who knows.