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Sat 23rd Feb 2013

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doublejj commented on Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Features 60 Mi...:

even though this is not a sequel but yet a prequel it will be really cool to see the naval side of AC3 will be even more the theme of this game cause when i was a previous owner of the Nintendo Wii U i played AC3 and the naval battles were quit the fun part of the game far moire better than the hunting and the homestead missions i didn't like as much. the main story in AC3 was a disappointment to sat the least but hopefully they learned from it.



doublejj commented on Feature: Sony's PlayStation 4 Reveal - Did It ...:

My expectations were met I pretty much called the event and I knew it was going to go down the way it did cause with e3 coming up sony didn't want to show all their card in one hand they played it close to the chest and real smart and I do not feel bad that they did not show a finished product cause after all it was a sony meeting to show the future not a full blown presentation on a mass stage.



doublejj commented on Ubisoft: Watch_Dogs Will Be More Immersive on ...:

from what i seen in the demo at the event, t seems that watch_dogs has incorporated the assassins creed mentality into the game with the fluid climbing and the way the character moves and certain aspects that caught my eye. this has worked for assassins creed and it will work for watch_dogs. i cannot wait for this game to come out and that's cool that they will incorporate the touchpad into gameplay which should be a given on the PS4.



doublejj commented on Talking Point: Does It Really Matter That Sony...:

No i dont believe that it mattered that Sony did not have a physical console to show due to the fact that Sony is playing this close to the chest with letting everything out of the bag so early in the war against Microsoft. I believe that if Sony would've showed a console then at E3 they wont have any other surprises to unveail cause remember they still have E3 and i believe that at E3 they will have a finished console and all the specs will be live to view and all answers will be answered as they will get ready to launch the platform near the end of this year. Good move Sony cause after all its a chess match between Microsoft and Sony and now since the meeting its Microsoft's turn to answer with a meeting of their own cause if they don't have anything this year they will fall behind even Nintendo as the war is heating up.