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crazycrazydave commented on Bandai Namco Opens Up About Controversial Tale...:

@Orpheus79V I agree with you here. There are plenty of games from different companies that have varying degrees of content in them and yet are given the same age rating. It's curious how some companies don't have to remove that much from their games to get the same rating. Especially western games.

This is clearly something that has been done before submission. The whole point of sending in the games for rating is to have your game rated. If they were going for 12+ rating, I could kinda see why they may want to change a somewhat graphic representation of the character dying. At 16+, this is just a lame excuse to not send the game in for a second rating in case they somehow get an 18+, (which they won't, as it's not anywhere near as graphic as it could be). 16+ games are generally very adult games, and films and TV shows with lower ratings deal with child characters dying. Besides, when did a rating change of a game series alienate the fanbase? And when did Tales games become so mainstream that they would loose so many advertised slots, despite that fact that most Call of Duty games are 18+ and get advertised on TV and in console bundles?

This is a Japanese company that is out of touch with how ratings work. They need to look at western games and gauge how violent a 16+ game can be. I just watched the reworked scene and it's not at all violent for a 16+ game. Western games such as Warcraft 3 have a scene containing a character being stabbed through the chest (rated 12+, CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Also, Heart of Darkness anyone? Anyone remember that?

Thank goodness there's a PC version coming so that modders can have a go at restoring the original scene. And at least they aren't rewriting the story.



crazycrazydave commented on PlayStation Plus Price Increase Confirmed for ...:

@Kage_88 I'm with you on this. I'd be more sympathetic to a price increase if the games were yours (at least, in the conventional sense that you don't need to purchase a PSN subscription to play them after you stop paying for it). As it stands, it feels and always has felt like a cash cow to me.

If people really feel it's good value, that's fine. I prefer games with the ability to make my own servers, thus allowing the games to be preserved by the community long after the official servers are down.



crazycrazydave commented on PS4K Will Be Sold Alongside PS4 Throughout Lif...:

I honestly think the PS4K will have exclusive games not available on the standard model, and those will be the PSVR games. No way is the standard models doing high framerate and high resolution graphics without it looking like a ps2 game. More power is needed for VR.



crazycrazydave commented on Store Update: 24th May 2016 (Europe):

Ridiculous seeing as a PC copy is £29.99 according to the website (digital, I think). Why console's digital stores sell their games for RRP when physical special editions are cheaper is beyond me.

Played the beta for Overwatch on PC, and really quite enjoyed it. A lot of variety in the characters. Enjoyed playing as Widowmaker.



crazycrazydave commented on Now Ubisoft's Saying Consoles Like PS4 will Be...:

I really wish people would stop saying that streaming is the future of gaming. It's far from it. People like ownership of things, and games can take a long time to complete, unlike films and TV shows (unless you're watching something that has 10+ seasons). People already have issues with owning digital copies of games, nevermind over a streaming service. Who remembers what happened to Onlive?

As others have already noted, it's funny how it's the CEOs of two of the most despised and Pro-DRM companies are the ones saying this. The day the consoles become streaming services is the day I game exclusively on PC.



crazycrazydave commented on And Here's Battleborn's PS4 Launch Trailer:

I'm all for humorous reporting, but I've got to say, if you can't write more than 2 sentences + a gif, then you need to either leave it, or save it for your Twitter or Facebook. It's completely inadequate. I'm aware of the authors dislike for this game, and that's fine, but 2 sentences + a gif is something anyone can do.

Btw, I couldn't care less about Gearbox or Battleborn either.



crazycrazydave commented on We're Not Sure What to Think of Valkyria: Azur...:

Don't honestly understand why developers have so little confidence in their products that they feel the need to change the genre of their games so that it can reach a larger audience. Most examples of this happening may bring higher sales but completely miss the point of why the original game sold in the first place, and why the sequel (or in this case spinoff) is being made.

The graphics and art style looks good, but looks VERY linear. Will need to keep an eye on review scores for this one.



crazycrazydave commented on Backlash Fears Have Stopped Dead or Alive Xtre...:

Koei Tecmo need to ask themselves the question: who are we selling our games to, and who buys them?

I can tell you right away that it's not extreme feminists.

Don't be such cowards and claim it's the feminists when in fact the last few games weren't critically received or sold very well. People will buy it if it's a good game, even if it's smut. You released the previous two games, why not this one? Never bow down to the vocal minority, and make the games you want to make.

At least they had the sense to include English subtitles anyway so people could import it.



crazycrazydave commented on Blimey, Sony's Publishing Helldivers on the PC:

I assume that this is a similar situation with Halo: Spartan Assault and Nintendo developing games for mobile. These games are marketing tools to bring new players to their respective platforms. This isn't a cause for alarm, Sony is selling plenty of PS4s, so there's no chance of Uncharted 4, Gravity Rush 2, etc. appearing on Steam.



crazycrazydave commented on Surprise! Sony Isn't Working on First-Party Ti...:

The Vita is a great console, and could easily fill in a nice niche if it was marketed properly as it's own system, not as an accessory to the PS4. As long as there's more games coming from other developers, i'm not too bothered overall. I won't be buying a next gen Sony handheld (if it ever appears).