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Re: Talking Point: Do Sony's Family Franchises Have a Future on PS4?


I bought ps3 just cause of buzz sports champions start the party and all the casual games for move. If it wasnt for move i wouldnt have bought ps3... I have my pc for hardcore games so i want casual games for my living room to play with friends.. No good casual games like sports champions on ps4 then i ll never buy ps4

Re: Review: Sports Champions 2 (PlayStation 3)


All the games are fantastic(cause i am not fan of golf). Boxing and even tennis which some say is not good are perfect. And of course ski is good. My body really hurts from boxing today.. Perfect game in my opinion

Re: Features: Move's First Year - Part One


yeap i got into consoles only for these kind of games and had trouble in the beginning deciding which to choose between xbox and move but the move has not made me regret choice.. At least for now with existing games

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