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Thu 14th May 2009

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astarisborn94 commented on Talking Point: How Much Do Format Face-Offs Re...:

@MadchesterManc "I dont understand how people can be pathetic for having an interest in the technical side of the industry. Ive studied electronics & have worked with a few indie-level studios as a level designer over the years, so yeah I do have a genuine interest in the technical side of things. It seems these days its trendy to hate on graphics and be all about gameplay. Funnily enough if you beleived that n weren't jumping on a bandwagon, you'd be playing 16-bit era consoles seen as that was when gameplay was at its most refined from gamings arcade roots."

This has nothing to do with bandwagons nor am I "lol graphics, it's all about the gameplay". Like you, I am very interested in the technical evolution of gameplay and looking through comparison pictures is interesting to me. As someone hoping to get into the video game industry, graphics are not something I deny the importance of.

But I'm not going to pretend that graphics are the end-all, be-all of games. I don't care about how many pimples a person has and I have no intentions of arguing for hours over which console has the slightly better-looking variation of a game. The Battlefield 4 thread had a massive arguments over slight difference in graphics. Slight differences in graphics. As if that is going to suddenly make a game better.

People have even cancelled pre-orders over how a game doesn't look the way they wanted it to, even though it has no effect on game play and the visuals are barely noticeable from a casual viewpoint. Don't know about you, but I fail to see the logic behind it.

Like I said, all games can look technically good without an excruciating amount of work. Even if we're going into graphics, aesthetic, frame rate and performance concern me more than which version of a game has slightly better texture.



astarisborn94 commented on Microsoft Less Than Pleased With Claims Of PS4...:

The issue really isn't the specs anyway. It's that Microsoft is trying to charge $499 for a slightly weaker system; $100 more than the PS4. While the $599 PS3 price was definitely outlandish, at least it was the strongest console by a considerable margin (and it went down as the years go by). The Xbox One, on the other hand, should be costing less than the PS4 and only cost as much as it did because of Kinetic being bundled with the system.