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Zombie_Barioth commented on Metal Gear Solid Voice Actress Backs Away from...:

Usually devs are paid by the hour like any other non-commission job, then get a bonus based on how well the game does.

Him and the other members of Kojima Productions were demoted to private contractor or something to that effect, so this whole "mistake" excuse is likely just her backpeddling to save her own keister after Konami blew their collective gasket over her tweeting about it.

Its just a technicality at this point, either they quite (Konami possibly giving them the "option" to retire early) or they gave them early notice that after the projects done their gone.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Some UK Schools Are Cracking Down on Children ...:

I would, but your link is broken. I did my own search and it turns out the PEGI is indeed voluntary, except for in a few countries. The PEGI board apparently agrees that violent games don't cause any long-term or lasting effects too.

Its handled the same way as the US it seems, its technically not illegal, but without a parent present or in one of those countries that do enforce it the retailers can be fined. They don't turn a blind eye, they just can't legally withhold sales.

The only regulations I think we would need are making it mandatory to display the ratings board in stores, and perhaps make following it mandatory too. A higher rating for the worst offenders might work too, one that's treated similar to selling alcohol, meaning the "with a parent" loophole won't work while avoiding the AO stigma.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Some UK Schools Are Cracking Down on Children ...:

Sorry to interject, but Its not actually illegal to buy them, its the same as with R-rated movies, a parent/guardian must be present or its a no-go. The whe point of it is to make sure the parents know about it first.

The problem isn't kids being able to play such games, its that many people don't understand much if anything about the ratings, or simply don't care. The latter isn't bad when its just parents using their own judgement, but you can't have that with the former, which a lot of anti-violent game proponents are guilty of as well.

Cracking down on things without proper awareness and understanding won't help, the difference between games or movies and smoking and alcohol is people know they're bad for you. There's also studies that show violence in games don't harm children (middle-school age ones anyway), but rather reduce aggression and stress, even in kids with disorders such as ADHD or depression. Its not exactly cut 'n dry.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Some UK Schools Are Cracking Down on Children ...:

Parents should definitely be made more aware of and better educated on the ratings so that they may make better-informed decisions, but even as a bluff reporting people for neglect is a huge accusation. By all means, schedule a meeting, send out pamphlets, CPS is something you should only bring in if your absolutely sure something is wrong.

This is just too much of a grey area anyway. At what point do we stop reporting these "signs" of neglect? What constitutes a "child" in this case?

Nevermind that not all mature-rated games are equal, and many studies have proven violent media isn't harmful, and is actually beneficial in some ways. Some, like Halo for example, barely deserve it and are just somehow too much for a teen rating.

All in all, I think its more important parents are given the proper tools to make decisions, not have outside forces set their own guidelines to enforce based on what they feel is acceptable.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Hideo Kojima, You're Totally Hired:

Theres's actually a lot of similarities between Sakurai and his history with Nintendo and this thing betweeb Kojima and Konami. The two are also friends, and pretty similar in terms of personality and work ethic, which makes things even crazier.

I don't know about continuing work on MGS, but he probably will make Kojima Productions independent, probably with the other senior staff who were let go and anyone else they can convince to go with them.

What's with these companies and their key staff? They're practiaclly driving everybody responsible for their success out and into going independent.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Tales Of Fans Should Expect 'Massive Surprises...:

Yeah, Symphonia is the last game before they added free-run, which allows you to break out of the 2d plain. Its a remake of a PS2 re-release of a 2003 Gamecube game though. Tales if the Abyss is the first to have it by the way, and is worth a look if you have a PS2 or 3DS.

Graces F played with it even more , and if I recall relies more on timing your dodges to maneuver and position yourself, which a lot of fans seemed to like. Xillia goes back to the more traditional style, but keeps the more modern mechanics

There's also TOS:Dawn of the New World, a port of the first games sequal on the Wii. It has the more modern mechanics of later Tales games, but there are also quite a few differences and deviations from the formula that make it not everyone's cup of tea.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Pachter: This Is the PlayStation 4's Generatio...:

They have a lot of exclusives for sure, but at the same time those exclusives also make up the bulk of their game selection because there isn't much else. The key word is here quantity, they simply don't have enough to make up for the games the Wii U is missing out on.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Talking Point: What's Your Favourite PSone Game?:

Man, this is a though one. I would have to say Legend of Mana. That game was everything I wanted in an RPG as a kid, real-time combat, crafting, it had a little bit of everything. Beautiful game too, with hand-drawn artwork if I remember right, and it still holds up to this day.

Threads of Fate and Tomba 2 come pretty close though, followed by the first Digimon World game.



Zombie_Barioth commented on CD Projekt Red Doesn't Believe in Charging for...:

Well, at least Bethesda learned from that, unlike most other companies out there. Gotta give 'em credit for that, they haven't tried to slip a fast one past us since.

Bethesda, CD Projekt, and R* definitely prove the industry wrong that you have to nickle and dime your fans at every turn to make a profit. Same goes for games needing online multi-player too.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Er, Where's the PS3 Version of Grand Theft Aut...:

So the PS2 classic version is also missing? That actually suggests the PS3 will be getting an HD version, since if they're planning on releasing an HD version why leave up the PS2 version? Especially if they're the same price.

It could still be a timed exclusive though, why for the 360 though I don't know. Of course, whoever leaked it might not know the whole story either.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Could Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas HD Be on t...:

Well, they did base this games of of real-life California, and they had two games to learn from before hand. San Andreas was probably one of their most ambitious projects.

I've been wondering the same thing. I mean, they already have an trilogy set, so an HD trilogy would be a no-brainer. Maybe they were too busy with other projects, they aren't the most prolific company after all.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Wild Season Is the PS4 and Vita Harvest Moon T...:

it really depends on what your expecting, but yes, they're still good. Some of the DS ones have been a bit iffy though, namely Island of happiness, Sunshine Islands, and Grand Bazaar, but its mainly due to playing with the formula.

As @Ohhaime said thePS1/GBA/PSP games are a good, Back to Nature is pretty much a reboot/spiritual successor to HM64.

If you want a modern one, Magical Melody and Animal Parade are probably the best console games so far. I can't vouch for the recent DS/3DS games though.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Soapbox: Why Are We Arguing Over Holiday Exclu...:

Yea, its pretty ironic, seeing as Nintendo created the very controller that influenced one of today's standards. People joke about them purposely doing the opposite, but in this case it seems as thought they really are determined to do anything but what the competition is doing.

Unfortunately, the gimmicky hardware is apart of something they've done for generations now. They have a history of using proprietary hardware and other unorthodox methods in an attempt to control the market, that was Yamauchi's way, and they seem pretty keen on following.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Soapbox: Why Are We Arguing Over Holiday Exclu...:

I get what your saying, but you could use that logic for pretty much any game. Even COD's fanbase would be a "vocal minority". I'm not saying your in the minority, not at all, I'm talking about the game's ability to push systems.

Even if OOT is the "best game ever" is that game worth missing a half dozen more great games on another platform? Is it worth buying a $299 console just to play one game? This is a problem I think Nintendo has been facing for a long time, its just been slowing getting worse.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Soapbox: Why Are We Arguing Over Holiday Exclu...:

If I remember right, OOT sold about 7mil. and SM64 about, thats about par for the course for Nintendo games. Thats not really a "vocal minority" either, those are pretty good numbers, especially for the N64.

I don't think its a matter of people not valuing Nintendo's games, I think people just value the plethora of 3rd-party games more. When they lost those games the fans followed.

Arguably, its not the exclusivity that sold consoles, it was the 3rd-part games themselves, and its always been the 3rd-parties. It just so happened many were exclusives. Many of those who made the NES and SNES so great jumped to Playstation, and stayed there. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.



Zombie_Barioth commented on September NPD: Sony Silences Analysts as PS4 S...:

The PS4 is doing ridiculously well, you'd think it'd slow down at least enough that Microsoft could catch up but its not, so I can't really fault Pachter for being wrong here. I don't want to go so far as to say we have another PS2 on our hands, but dang, it sure as heck looks like it.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I finally got around to playing Tokyo Jungle, so I've been working my way through that for the past week. So far I've gotten up to the axis deer and wolf in survival and the hyena in story mode. It doesn't seem like much, but its crazy fun (literally and figuratively).



Zombie_Barioth commented on Feature: Why Do Next-Gen Games Keep Disappoint...:

Overly high expectations are a big part of the problem, on both sides. People expect every big release to be revolutionary, like it'll change the genre or even games as a whole. The publishers are the ones pushing the marketing that encourage these sky-high expectations.

Sadly, anything less than an 8 is a 'bad' game, its a sentiment carried on both sides. The reviews themselves are used as apart of the marketing campaign, thats why both news sites and publishers are choosy about what gets shown when and fans get just as upset if their game scores 'poorly'. People aren't happy with just a good game, they expect the "best".



Zombie_Barioth commented on What Happens When a War Photographer Plays The...:

@Cowboysfan-22 @wittypixel

No, I believe he really was trying to say violent games desensitizes us to real violence. Read the quotes @get2sammyb posted, particularly the second, hes implying desensitization from simulated violence directly impacts his work.

I have to give him credit for admitting his problems with the game is just how his brain is wired, thats a pretty big deal admitting your own faults. Its an interesting experiment but I don't believe fake/simulated violence desensitizes people to the real thing. By his logic if you enjoy murder-mysteries, crime-dramas, and the like then your also a desensitized zombie.

That Jimquisition @seeafish posted is what exactly comes to mind, I'm an aspie and even I had knots in my chest watching that. This is just someone who doesn't game, has no interest in the medium, having a gut reaction to something he isn't accustomed to or understand.

You can see that when he described being killed by clickers as "pseudo-sexual". Yes, thats actually a thing, but thats not what that is. He also seems to expect an almost human-level of detail and emotion out of the characters. He doesn't try to look at why things are the way they are at all.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Minecraft Will Continue to Exist on PlayStatio...:

Minecraft is so big and wide-spread now I don't think Microsoft really 'gains' anything from removing it from competing platforms. Not monetary, and certainly not PR wise. Because of that I doubt its a big system seller in the same way as Halo or Forza, since unlike those most people likely already own something that plays Minecraft. Thats arguably why its so popular to begin with.

I believe Microsoft likely bought Minecraft just for the sake of owning it, and its under Xbox simply because its their gaming division, just like how Atlus is technically under SEGA instead of being its own separate subsidary. Phil Spensor would manage it far better than, say, the head of their PC division.



Zombie_Barioth commented on One Day, You May Be Able to Play Every PlaySta...:

They're already selling pre-payed download cards, so they may just down-size a bit and do that. They still have hardware and accessories too.

They might also focus more on retro consoles, that market won't just up and disappear. Didn't they open a retro-store or section a while back?



Zombie_Barioth commented on One Day, You May Be Able to Play Every PlaySta...:

I doubt that will be the case. I mean, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime is supposedly "the future" of movies/TV, but that hasn't overtaken DVD or Blu-ray. Same with music. The only thing thats declining is cable. An all-digital console is whats most likely to happen, physical could still have a niche since someone still needs to sell the hardware, and they'll want something to profit off of, especially dedicated retailers like Gamestop.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Sony: PS Vita's Remarkably Resilient, and Won'...:

They could, the problem is if they see making enough of a return on those ads. The other games (besides Freedom Wars) aren't theirs. That price tag gets in the way of selling "kids" games too, nevermind the memory cards. I wouldn't trust my kids with cards that size either, not for what they cost.

They could partner with youtubers, Twitch streamers, ect. They wouldn't demand nearly as much and would still be pretty effective, not to mention appreciate they'd support too.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Sony: PS Vita's Remarkably Resilient, and Won'...:

I don't think its really weird, its just that like most other companies I don't think Sony knows how to market something outside the typical multi-million dollar ad campaign. Thats not really something you can do with games like Persona 4 Golden or Guacamelee.

The other problem is not only is Sony not quite as well known for 1st party game, they don't have as much oomph as Nintendo's either. Sony themselves said only 4/10 of their games sell well, where as Pokemon alone can do 14mil. combined. Most of their big IP aren't as suited for handhelds, they're 'big screen' experiences, where as most of Nintendo's can scale down pretty well (going 2D/2.5D for example). Not knocking them but I think how many people bought a Vita for Uncharted compared to a 3DS for Mario or Zelda speaks for itself. Being a console seller doesn't mean it'll sell handhelds too.



Zombie_Barioth commented on You'll be Able to Play PS4 Games on Sony's New...:

The same way you would a tablet, using a dock of some sort. The PSP Go had this feature so I find it funny they removed it with the Vita.

The thing is while this is a smart move on Sony's part, its also one less reason for people to buy a Vita. Its a stand-alone device so theres nothing stopping someone who bought it for remote-play also buying a few games. A phone on the other hand is something you'll likely have regardless, and while more expensive have much more utility than a Vita. If someone would buy a $600 computer laptop why wouldn't they buy a $600 phone or tablet? Isn't your typical mac easily twice that?



Zombie_Barioth commented on Shu Yoshida Hopes Rise of the Tomb Raider Rele...:

So does Square-Enix. I don't think this is a case of SE needing help, I think its just a case of them thinking they can get both Microsoft's money and our money on top of it. Just as Yoshida said, the money has to be covered somehow, otherwise they wouldn't make it an exclusive at all. So they must think timed exclusivity will result in more money than if it was a multi-plat from the get-go.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Why Won't Sony Allow You to Subscribe to EA Ac...:

Thats exactly the issue. Sure, you don't have to now, but what about when things take off and they feel like they can get away with more and more? This is an industry thats become pretty well known for taking good ideas and slowly twisting them into something bad after all.

DLC started as just "extra content" to encourage people to keep their games longer, now we have day-1 DLC, on-disc DLC, and exclusive pre-order DLC. Pre-orders and their bonuses went from securing your copy and receiving a thank you gift of sorts to the games and their "bonus content" being sliced up 9-ways till Sunday and handed out piece by piece. Same with exclusivity, which now also comes in the aforementioned piece meal or bought and payed for flavors.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Gamescom 2014: PlayStation TV Changes the Chan...:

Its tempting to me just for the PSP backwards compatibility, since its right around the same price on top of having (most of) the Vita's own library. Problem is, several of the games I would get for it are PS3 or PS2 ports, albeit enhanced versions, but it would literally be hooked up next to them.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Popular PlayStation Network Classics Cost Just...:

My guess is the companies are just willing to eat the cost, assuming most people will end up spending more than that anyway, which they usually do. I remember hearing the reason most apps or in-app purchases are never under 99ยข is the transaction fee.

Amazon created their own currency, "Amazon coins" , which allows them to work around that issue with transaction fees though, since they're prepaid.

The Humble Bundle could be exempt from that due to being a charity, maybe they get the fees waved because of it. I don't know if that would count as a '"charitable deduction" for a company, but I wouldn't be surprised if they can spin that as a "donation". That or they just assume (or hope) people will spend more.

I'm not sure, but I think Steam also has a $5 minimum.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Talking Point: Are Publishers Taking Pre-Order...:

Thats not the same case as with Titanfall. The PS brand is where the majority of the Tales of fanbase is (i.e. sells best), its Namco's choice to make it PS exclusive. Its likely the same case with Ni No Kuni and Metal Gear Solid. Playstation is practically the home of JRPGs, and where MGS got big.



Zombie_Barioth commented on PS4 Propels Sony Back to Global Hardware Sales...:

Yea, and needless to say their follow up to that didn't exactly do them any favors. I don't mean the "deal with it" fiasco either, but the way they fumbled their explanations then got upset when people "don't understand" .

That is, if they really did just explain things poorly, and weren't dancing around the truth, which is what a lot of people probably take issue with.

The success of the 360 was enough to sell many people on an Xbox One if it wasn't for that, although $500 was a pretty steep price difference, kinect or no kinect.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Talking Point: Will the PS4 Get a Price Drop a...:

Its not really needed, they'd be better of taking whatever money they'd lose and spend it fixing the Vita's problems. A bundle is good enough, especially if its completely digital. They could also use it to get people to try PS Now when its ready. Just give people a few free rentals or something.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Talking Point: What Are Your Fondest Memories ...:

Those media features certainly came in handy, I used my PSP just as much walking to and from school as I did playing games.

Having portable PS1 games was nice, and one of the main things that made me want a PSP in the first place, besides Monster Hunter of course. Having classics like Legend of Mana and Wild Arms playable anywhere is tough to beat. All the retro collections and modern RPGs like Disgaea and Hexys Force makes it even better, and probably one of my all-time favorite handhelds.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Farewell Old Friend! Sony to Cease Selling the...:

I'm kinda surprised they kept up production so long. Around here I'd see a few stores keep one on shelves, but I just figured it was leftover stock or something.

The good news is with 76 million units sold there should be enough floating around picking one up should be pretty easy, and this would be a good time to do so.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Here's PS4 Sequel Assassin's Creed: Unity's Fi...:

Its not the DLC people have a problem with, its the way its used. Why is it that pre-order goodies are the first thing we learn about the game?

I don't think anyone really has a problem with giving people incentive to buy brand-new, but trying to coax people into pre-ordering before any info on a game is released is sneaky and underhanded at best. How about leaving the mystery curtains to the game shows, huh?



Zombie_Barioth commented on Japanese Sales Charts: inFAMOUS Fails to Jump ...:

Yep, and handhelds of course. Gaming on the go is a lot bigger over there since people commute to work more.

Theres also the issue of space, but I think not being home as much plays a bigger role. Most people probably don't see the point in owning both, especially with the way mobile tech is progressing.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Don't Holster Your Six Shooter, More Red Dead ...:

Red Dead Redemption was one of the best games this gen imo, so this is good to hear. Well, that and I'm a sucker for westerns, so theres that.

I was on a bit of a western kick when I picked it up too actually. Who'd have though reruns of Little House on the Prairie would lead to that.



Zombie_Barioth commented on You're Going to Want This Ace Freedom Wars Col...:

Eh, thats my problem with "today's standards". I certainly don't expect everything but the kitchen sink but I miss the days when things like plushies were pre-order bonuses, not one of the nicest things you hope to get out of collectors editions.

That being said most of that stuff is probably worth their price, going by what they'd be worth at retail, but probably not the entire $63 extra they want for it. The game being only $30 is probably why its so cheap to begin with.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Sony's Square Enix Stock Sales Don't Spell Dis...:

I'm aware of why FF7 went was on PS1, but they could still have stuck with Nintendo if they really wanted to, and their games would sell systems still. In fact Final Fantasy was a system seller for Sony, who didn't have much of any clout compared to what Nintendo had with their IP. It was very much a symbiotic relationship.

As for stocks, what I mean was they basically bought back the shares Sony originally bought, so it was almost like borrowing money.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Sony's Square Enix Stock Sales Don't Spell Dis...:

So jumping ship from Nintendo consoles to Sony's for almost all their games since the N64/PS1 isn't showing Sony preferential treatment? Its been like that for 20yrs now, is that enough or do they owe Sony their eternal loyalty?

What they're claiming is they're literally returning the favor, Sony bought their stocks when they were strapped for cash, now they're buying those exact same shares back for the same reason.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Sony Bosses Forfeit Bonuses Ahead of Billion D...:

Its kinda funny how that happened, I mean Nintendo and Sony's short-lived partnership lead to Sony entering the market, and Sony not partnering with Microsoft lead to them entering too. I think Microsoft even have tried to partner with SEGA at one point. Apparently nobody wants to work with them.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Talking Point: Why Sony's Right to Retain the ...:

What about 1st-party exclusives? Why would Sony put Uncharted on Xbox if their goal is to sell Playstations? It doesn't work for PC because no one company owns it.

Its a two-way street, it can be good for the developers as well as the publishers, but it can go south as well. It really sucks when an IP is stuck in limbo no matter how much fans or the developers want to work on it (do I even need to say who?).

I wouldn't go so far as to call it anti-consumer though because every business has its secret sauce. Why do you eat at one restaurant over another? Because they offer something the others don't.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Naughty Dog Struggling to Squeeze The Last of ...:

As long as the disk space is actually used I don't have a problem with it. I've played at least one game where the second disk was literally just end-game bonus content (ToS grade shop) and nothing else.

I think thats the main reason studios don't like multi-disk as well, its another mostly unnecessary expense.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Gaikai? No, PlayStation Now Is Powered by Blac...:

Well to be fair, most of the Go's problems were with the PSN, not the Go itself.

The problem with the internet isn't that not everyone has a fast enough connection, obviously Sony must think there are enough people for it to be worth the trouble. The problem is the ISPs themselves not wanting to expand and grow. With monopolies like Comcast and Time Warner and how easy the system is for them to manipulate they don't have much incentive to do so.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Wait, Why Does The Last of Us' Ellie Look All ...:

If its what I'm thinking it is Avatar's sequel isn't supposed to be a direct one, assuming your referring to the underwater one that is.

You make a good point though, while it might be nice sometimes the end should stay the end. It probably won't ruin anything but they might not be able to get it just right the second time either.