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Fri 8th Aug 2008

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Wesbert commented on Talking Point: What's the Big Deal with Microt...:

First you pay money to play the game, then you're supposed to pay more to skip portions of it.
Of course, with on-disc DLC it gets even more surreal: First you pay money to own the game, then more to access all of it, and then some more to skip parts of it.
This seems to suggest someone doesn't quite grasp what games are for, either the gamer in question, the game developer in question, or both.



Wesbert commented on Talking Point: What Went Wrong with PlayStatio...:

I also think they should have tried to create a 3D game (more like Dissidia than SSB).
The Smash Bros formula works because most Nintendo characters started out in 2D side-scrolling games (including Link in Zelda II), so pitching them against each other in a flat environment felt natural and nostalgic.
Most Playstation mascots however made their debut in 3D games, and maneuvering Nathan Drake, Kratos or Sly in only one plane feels restrictive and wrong to many.



Wesbert commented on Sony Patent Details Advert Delivery Mechanism ...:

The picture in the link seems too simplistic for a modern console game, with "Score" and "Rank" displayed prominently on the screen. I think it might be more geared toward smartphones, freemium-type games or perhaps little flash-game advertisements on product websites.
So I don't think that we'll see Kratos jumping onto a griffon to tear out its wings only to have the action interrupted by a PETA-ad anytime soon.



Wesbert commented on BioWare Seeking "Closure" for Mass Effect 3 En...:

I can offer them three options to escape their predicament.
Option 1: Completely change the ending, so the activation of the secret project completely destroys all Reapers at once. Then cut to everyone dancing and celebrating, zoom to a Volus using Cerberus helmets as a xylophone, then pan upwards to the Normandy flying by shooting fireworks. Then watch the fans complain that they liked the original ending much better. This I call the George Lucas Option
Option 2: Create a DLC pack that promises to alter the ending and price it at $10. Once downloaded, it changes nothing except adding at the very end a screen with the words "Live with it!". This I call the Barnum Option.
The third option I call Solomons Option: Declare the intention to completely change the ending to suit the fans' wishes. Then open a forum for the explicit purpose of giving the fans the opportunity to describe just how they would wish it to end. Then sit back and enjoy the ensuing flamewar as each fan defends his own version of how the story should go while completely shredding every one else's.

By the way, I'm launching petitions to rewrite the endings of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Casablanca and Romeo and Juliet. Oh, and the Vietnam war. Who's with me?