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Features editor of Nintendo Life since August 2011, editor since March 2014; love video games and Nintendo. I've previously completed two degrees in Literature and the History of the Book, which haven't been helpful at all...

Fri 28th Aug 2009

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ThomasBW84 commented on Rumour: PS4 Codenamed "Orbis", Due Christmas 2013:

@get2sammyb I think there are some TVs on the way this year that pump out that sort of resolution, though they'll cost between £6000-10000, naturally. If devs find HD projects expensive, they won't even bother with those resolutions.

I do believe that Kotaku is talking a load of nonsense



ThomasBW84 commented on Review: FIFA Street (PlayStation 3):

Great review Sammy. It certainly sounds like fun, I always enjoyed the street modes in the old-school FIFA games: I'm going way back to 1998 with that comment