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I like playing with dragons in Fire Emblem. I like playing Dragon Quest. I like Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Also, POKEMON!!! Also, rawr rawr rawr. That's dragon for "Spammers beware!"

Thu 6th Aug 2009

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TheLZdragon commented on Actually, PS4 Had the Most Great Games This Year:

They're both right. I think the Wii U has the most great games and many others think the PS4 has the most. It's all a matter of opinion

Also, we should accept that Microsoft is bad. They didn't even show up at the VG Awards show while Nintendo and Sony stole the show



TheLZdragon commented on Feature: Five Ways PS4 Can Keep the Lead in th...:

@Cloud7794 I don't think so either. From a business standpoint, a price drop won't change anything. The demand for Playstation 4 still seems to be relatively high, so dropping the price won't really have a purpose. Also, I think $399 is generous for the tech already, so Sony would just lose money from a price drop