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Sat 28th Nov 2009

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THENAMESNORM commented on Wii U Exclusive LEGO City Undercover Earns Its...:

Great game, will defo pick this up. It is without doubt my favourite Lego game. I just hope not too much is left out in the porting i.e. the Gamepad usage although it's not a disaster if so.

And just to weigh in, the WiiU sales were a catastrophe, not the console. I'm very fond of my WiiU. I feel that slagging off rival consoles was an unprofessional thing of the 90's. When did you last hear Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft badmouthing the competition. From what I've seen - over the last few years especially - has been nothing but respect.



THENAMESNORM commented on Review: Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward (Pla...:

Over on PushSquare's sister site, Nintendo Life, it was awarded at 10/10 however the review seems to have gone....strange. The review is still on metacritic but clicking on the link takes you to the game profile page and the review is nowhere to be seen. very odd.

There's a demo on the 3DS eShop if you want to try that version, not sure on a Vita Trial though.



THENAMESNORM commented on SEGA Teases Major Shining Series Announcement:

The only game I'd be interested in would be Shining Force 4, as so many others also seem to say. However I do not believe they will ever make another entry in the Force series.

I have played some of the other Shining games, namely Soul and Soul II, and they just didn't give the same experience.



THENAMESNORM commented on Doctor Who on Vita Will Use Unreal Engine 3:

Can't wait any Doctor Who related software, but I can't help but feel I'll be let down by this, especially when they big it up so much. But still, it's a step in the right direction, and can't be worse than Return to Earth on Wii. Can it??



THENAMESNORM commented on Feature: Must-Have PlayStation 3 Games - Damie...:

I'm desperate to try Valkyria Chronicles! I downloaded the demo a couple of years ago but never got a chance to play it! Watched a quick video of the combat on youtube, seemed like a cross between advance wars/fire emblem and toy soldiers! I'd love to see a review from Push Square but If I can find it at a decent price in the U.K. then I may just have to buy it!