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I've been playing video games for my entire life. It would be insane to stop now.

Sun 28th Jun 2009

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Swiket commented on E3 2016: Who 'Won' E3 2016? Social Media Can't...:

"The idea of there being "winners" at E3 always makes us giggle – like these corporate conferences are full on sporting competitions."

Didn't you guys just publish an article yesterday titled "10 PS4 Games That Won E3 2016"?



Swiket commented on Talking Point: Did Sony PlayStation's E3 2016 ...:

Short but sweet.

Not sure why they decided to end on the Days Alone gameplay though. Other than the World War Z reminiscent crowd effects, it just looks like a generic zombie game. Imagine what a great finisher it would've been if they closed with the Kojima trailer.

Still, I really enjoyed that press conference.



Swiket commented on People Are Going Daft Over Dark Souls III Clot...:

I don't care about the expectations, in fact this is exactly what I expected. Another lame attempt from Namco Bandai to cash in on the Dark Souls name before their last game in the series comes out.

Between this and the release date BS, FROM Software can't leave Namco behind soon enough.



Swiket commented on Review: Dark Souls III (PS4):

I thought about buying Dark Souls 2 on the PS4 so I could replay it, since I never played the expansion packs. Then I remembered the goofy world design, the dumb Pharos stones, the amount of boss fights that rely on having multiple opponents... no thanks. Looking forward to DS3, though.