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Wed 22nd Jul 2009

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Strofan7 commented on Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection PS4 Mark...:

Surprised this doesnt have ACI and ACIII to be honest. ACIII with some tweaks and upgrades could have been amazing, but no one would buy a standalone remaster of it.

Either way, climbing around Rome with upgraded visuals is enough of a reason for me to go back to these games.



Strofan7 commented on No Man's Sky File Size Isn't as Big as You May...:

I'm assuming there aren't many cutscenes/videos present in the game and I have to assume that takes up a very large amount of space.

For comparison Uncharted 4 essentially had 3 feature length films worth of cutscenes (not a knock - they were awesome) to add to the disc on top of the game itself and multiplayer.



Strofan7 commented on Feature: Black Friday 2015 Deals - Every PS4, ...:

The best I've seen is for Cyber Monday at Target. They are doing 15% off of the ENTIRE website with free shipping. So you can get the Battlefront PS4 that isn't on sale for Black Friday anywhere for $297.50. Though I assume it will sell out quickly!

Target did a similar sale on Sunday for 10% and it worked then.



Strofan7 commented on Talking Point: Should SCEA Prepare More Offici...:

Target's black friday sales were just announced:

PS4 Bundle with GTAV game and TLOU download code for $400. Which is a GREAT deal.

However - the Xbox One's bundle is frankly insane. Xbox one with Assassins Creed Unity and Assassins Creed Black Flag, for $330 AND a $50 gift card which essentially makes it a $280 bundle. Crazy.

I'd have to assume Microsoft will win a lot of battles with the difference in those prices.

Consumer wins at the end of the day!



Strofan7 commented on The Last of Us' Lead Character Artist Michael ...:

Honestly this isn't too surprising. They just wrapped up work on one of the greatest games of the generation and their personal stock is at an all-time high. Everyone who played a major role in this project can just pick and choose what they work on next and probably get a substantial raise while doing so.



Strofan7 commented on Here's How Renting Games with PlayStation Now ...:

I'm in the same boat as @rjejr

I have decent internet - not blazing by any means but I've had a hard time keeping the beta connected. Streaming netflix and sports works fine, so I'm a little surprised they haven't figured out the games yet.

Outside of connectivity, the system seems smooth and well planned. As long as they straighten out the connections this will be pretty worthwhile.



Strofan7 commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Respond to Microsof...:

Just read a Forbes article confirming the package is coming stateside as well.

I think its desperate, but that doesn't mean it won't work. Sony doesn't need to respond long as stock is selling out there is no reason to provide extra incentives.



Strofan7 commented on How Much Do Gran Turismo 6's Microtransactions...:

Honestly this is how microtransactions SHOULD be handled. Normal players can play the game the normal way, and lazy players or people without the time can spend money to buy shortcuts. The developer gets extra money and everyone gets what they want. Whats so bad about that? If you don't want to spend extra money...then don't. Just save up and buy the Jaguar in-game like you did on GT1-5. Nothing has changed.



Strofan7 commented on Round Up: Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Reviews Ai...:

Eurogamer's conclusion seems to be the most realistic: "It's a game that any new PlayStation 4 owner will be proud to show off - but it won't be one they remember by the time PS5 rolls around."

An exciting and worthwhile reason to upgrade to PS4, but nothing groundbreaking.



Strofan7 commented on MLB 14: The Show Catches PS4 Out on 4th November:

I'm pretty content with waiting awhile to upgrade to PS4 thanks to a giant pile of games I still need to play, but a strong next-gen version of this has a chance to change my mind pretty quickly!

While these games are amazing, I've played them so much since 2010 that I'm in need of something new and groundbreaking to really get back into it again. Fingers crossed!



Strofan7 commented on Talking Point: Which PlayStation Game Gives Yo...:

Scariest video game moment for me was back on PS2 playing Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit for you European folk). The scene where you're escaping the insane asylum freaked me out so much I was shaking and I've NEVER had anything close to that before.



Strofan7 commented on Review: Madden NFL 25 (PlayStation 3):

I think this game has been almost OVER-refined at this point. I picked it up after taking a few years off and playing mostly the NCAA games and am pretty disappointed honestly. I know there are sliders to adjust most aspects of the game but right out of the box the player controls are accurrate but too slow, any special spin moves/jukes/etc are too powerful and quick, and tackling is horrible. Defenders can lunge from 5 yards away to bring down the ball carrier and it is just frustrating.

While the game modes, interface (minus the loading speeds), and presentation are all well thought out and impressive, I don't really like the fundamental gameplay and to me that makes the game disappointing all in all. Also the only defense you can play is intercepting the ball which happens way too frequently. The artificial intelligence for defenders feels very much like a video game as they automatically know how to take the best route to the ball when they should be reacting to the receiver.

This is a good review and I agree with pretty much everything you said, but these are a few gripes that make it disappointing to me. I assume most people will still have a lot of fun with it though.



Strofan7 commented on Gran Turismo 6 Tough to Put into Gear on PlayS...:

@mibtar something that came up in a few discussions with the developers of MLB the show is that they have to cut features/performance because of the constraints on the vita game card, not the system's processing power. They hinted a larger game card may be in the works down the line but that for now its holding them back. I assume GT6 is having similar issues though processing power may still be in play.



Strofan7 commented on PlayStation's Bid for Greatness Campaign Tarni...:

I'm obsessed with completing my games, but the closest I've come to boosting trophies is when I lost all my saves and was only 1 or two trophies away from a platinum. Just didn't seem fair to have to redo all the work to get back to where I was...

BUT - I still didn't. And 1000+ gold trophies is just BS. Bad people.



Strofan7 commented on Reaction: Microsoft May Have Reacted, But PS4 ...:

@Gamer83 I'll vouch for that. My facebook was flooded today with people who were "so relieved" microsoft changed their mind so they can buy the X1 and not have to get the PS4 now. The DRM/etc issues caused enough of a mediastorm that it did penetrate the casual consumer, but since the change everyone is right back to brand loyalty with the xbox and seems to have no idea about different games, cost differences, or console power. It is so frustrating.



Strofan7 commented on E3 2013: Er, The Last Guardian Is Actually Sti...:

I just want ANYTHING on the Vita. I was really disappointed in Sony's E3 game-wise. They did what they needed to do I guess, but no Uncharted 4 and essentially no new Vita games was a big downer for me. Gaikai seems like it may be pretty sweet eventually but that was so abstract that I can't really be excited yet.

Still holding out for GT6 to be on the vita too...I was pretty much convinced it would be once I heard it was still a PS3 game.