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Sun 5th June, 2011

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Spleetal commented on Soapbox: Why We Need More Grounded Games:

I couldn't agree more! I love ridiculously fun, over the top games Like Bayonetta and such, but I also love to just play around in games like Animal Crossing.

This is also one of the reasons I really like anime. I love to watch super intense fights between people, but I also love Slice of Life genre as well as I can relate to them more and have a more grounded story.

@ShogunRok For sure! I haven't gotten to Perosona 4 yet, but I love Persona Q! It's fun going in the labyrinths and fighting shadows, but the conversations that happen wheile taking sitting around in a labyrinth or taking a stroll with the others are awesome! Then the fact that Q takes place in a parallel version of their school during the culture festival with each labryinth being inside one of the school club's display is cool! It's a perfect blend of fantasy and a normal life.



Spleetal commented on Get Your Groove on with Persona 4 Dancing All ...:

I've only played Persona Q so far, but the music is one of the many things I love about the game! I'll definitely have to keep an eye on this after I get through Persona 4! I love rhythm games as well so this should be awesome!



Spleetal commented on Review: Samurai Warriors 4 (PlayStation 4):

I've fallen in love with Hyrule Warriors so I'll definetly be giving this a go sooner or later! I've still got a lot of work to do with Hyrule Warriors first. I'm glad once I get that finished up though I'll be able to just dive into some more Warriors!



Spleetal commented on PS4 May Not Be At the Foot of the Japanese Har...:

Yeah the home console market there seems to be declining. Nintendo combined their home and portable console markets once the Wii U was released right? That makes me think/want to believe that their next console will be a portable/home console combo. Which would be pretty cool. Their recent announcement of the new 3ds makes me believe this even more as it extends the life of the 3DS enough to where the Wii U and new 3DS' lifespans could end around the same time which would be perfect to release a combo console. Could be a decent solution for the issue that seems to be happening over there



Spleetal commented on Review: Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (Pla...:

@Edwin_Garcia yeah I get that for sure! Especially when the games blueprints are all laid out in the show already haha. The core mechanics are still there but it doesn't feel like what Sword Art Online is in the show. Though of course it's not an MMO haha. Regardless of all that I am finding it a very enjoyable game and I'm sure I'll be sinking quite a bit of time into it! The big game kinda related to SAO I'm looking forward to is Age of Aincrad!



Spleetal commented on Review: Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (Pla...:

I'm a huge fan of the anime so being able to kind of actually play Sword Art Online is amazing! I'm personally really enjoying the combat and being able to fight with other characters from the show! I'm not too far into the game but my only real complaint is the talking to your party member thing. I don't understand what the conversation is about and all I say is "indeed" "yeah" "right" haha



Spleetal commented on Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Finally Spil...:

The anime is amazing! I've been trying to catchup on it this past week but have just about had to watch season one three times, which is awesome! It's definitely my favorite cast of characters, plot, environments, and everything ever! Regardless to say I'll be picking up this game!



Spleetal commented on Internet Singing Sensation Performs an Encore ...:

Haha I've got to say some friends got me hooked with Miku and the gang. They just went to the concert in L.A. Haha. I'm definetly looking forward to this! I've gotten awesome at the first one though extreme mode makes my hands hurt like heck haha



Spleetal commented on Review: Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f (PlayStat...:

I really have been enjoying this so far. Finished the songs on medium and hard so far. Haven't gotten around to the rest because Expert is beyond hard, I'm still practicing to get good enough, and easy is too boring for me. Overall its fun, and the songs are good and catchy.



Spleetal commented on Groan, Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Movie Is J...:

Didn't they say that from the beginning? I prefer it like this because all the people who don't play video games can see the awesome story now. I've wanted to show friends and family since my first play through but no ones going to want to watch me play through hours and hours of gaming, except my little sister.



Spleetal commented on Sources Suggest PS4's Virtual Reality Headset ...:

compared to what version? The dev kit? If so thats not a hard thing to do. They havent even shown their final version of the rift so I don't think they can rightfully claim that; but im still eager to see how theirs looks and runs



Spleetal commented on Super Smash Bros. Director Stunned by PS4's Vi...:

I wouldnt mind for sony and nintendo to merge one day. They both get along well and create awesome games. Sony is trying hard to get the youngercasual crowd while Nintendo is somewhat trying to get the more adult crowds. The Wii U gamepad with a lightbar on the front hooked up to a PS4 would be extremely sick.



Spleetal commented on Soapbox: Live from PlayStation Is PS4's Secret...:

I don't like watching livestreams of games. If there's a game I'm not getting or a game I want to know more about I'll go watch a let's play on YouTube. I don't like livestreams because if you miss it your basically out of luck. I want to watch the same person play it and watch it when it's convent for me, not whenever they're online.



Spleetal commented on PS4's Virtual Reality Headset May Just Be Reve...:

3D glasses bug me too. I don't know about Sony's headset but the Oculus Rift has been extremely comfortable. I've watched movies and played games for hours and the headset doesn't bother me a bit. The real thing to look out for is motion sickness. Some movements in game cause motion sickness easily like strafing left to right or walking backwards.



Spleetal commented on Soapbox: Assassin's Creed's Modern Day Compone...:

I thought the assassins creed 3 modern storyline was boring and tedious, and then assasins creed 4 storyline I'm not even 100% sure what I did after all that, it seemed unecassary and boring although I did get a kick out of their trailer for The Devils of the Carribean



Spleetal commented on Sony Removes Ability to Redeem Codes Due to St...:

Yeah I've been having issues with redeeming codes, I want to wait to download killzone as i have $40 in play station store cards I have to redeem towards it so I guess ill be trying out warframe until they figure this out



Spleetal commented on Rumour: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Washes...:

I bought this for pc and of course my processor can hardly run it, so if I havent upgraded my computer by then Ill have to pick it up for ps4, I really enjoyed it so far but im only 3 hours in, since I started getting only 10 fps



Spleetal commented on Your Lost Grand Theft Auto Online Character Is...:

I couldn't acsessory my character yesterday so I restarted my ps3 and got on and had to do the intro quest and everything, I still had my rank and cash and everything so I guess I get to watch a couple of cutscenes again every now and then



Spleetal commented on Talking Point: Are You in Tune with Sony's Mul...:

I personally don't need this but I could see it being helpful to some people, I don't really want or need to play vita games on tv, but if you don't have a vita this is a good cheaper option, I could see this selling better than the actual vita if they market it well



Spleetal commented on Talking Point: Is Grand Theft Auto V Living Up...:

This is my first grand theft auto game and I've really enjoyed it so far, it's funny and the missions are awesome so far, I'm looking forward to playing this more, my only complaint is I can't see the little dot against most backgrounds while aiming to shoot



Spleetal commented on Talking Point: What Are Your Thoughts on the P...:

I'd say its good but most of the games are ones I can already get on PS3 which doesn't make it worth upgrading right away, if it had more exclusives I'm interested in I'd upgrade but for now I'm "meh", My least favorite game genres are first person shooters and puzzle games so I'm holding off on ps4 untill later, probably till Naughty Dogs next game is ready



Spleetal commented on PS4 Will Let You Add an Enormous 2,000 Friends:

I have 6 friends which I actually know all of them, I've tried adding people but its unecassary when I never played with them again and end up removing them, I can't comprehend anyone adding 2,000 people and actually being friends with them but hey definetly an upgrade that pleases some people so that's good



Spleetal commented on Game of the Month: June 2013 - The Last of Us:

I'm nearing the end of my first playthrough and this game is without a doubt in my top favorite games of all time. Naughty Dog did an amazing job with this game just like they do with all their games. I actually didnt realize I'd been playing their games since the beginning, Crash Bandicoot was one of my favorite game series when I was little. I can't wait to see what they put out on the PS4



Spleetal commented on Rumour: Sony Planning Second PS4 Unveiling Bef...:

Yep, and I was talking to a guy at gamestop about it and he said 2 in japanese is pronounced Ni (I dont know how good his japanese is so im not 100% sure about this) so in japan it would be prounounced Wii Ni, which would not end well haha, but still theres a better name out there than Wii U



Spleetal commented on Opinion: Microsoft's Always-Online Debacle Is ...:

If it gets confirmed, I feel theyre digging their own grave

Very true, They could be holding this off for now because they know the rage it will cause, I certainly hope this doesnt happen for any console, a lot of people I know dont even use online for their consoles



Spleetal commented on Why Is PlayStation More Popular Than Xbox in J...:

Maybe its because some people can figure out its not worth paying monthly fees to play online, while another system thats just as powerful offers it for free, how well do first person shooters sell in japan? Just curious cause i think thats the only reason people perfrer xbox in the states is because for some reason a lot of people here only care for shooters, which all of xbox's first party games are first person shooters practically



Spleetal commented on GameStop: PlayStation 4 Will Easily Sell Out A...:

Wii u sold out on launch date and it went downhill from their, just because people want to know about it odds are a lot of people (at least in my area) are getting an xbox 720, I hate were Live sometimes, Playstation is more than just shooters