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Tue 27th Jul 2010

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SkullHydra commented on Mark Cerny Wasn't Joking When He Said the PS4 ...:

Feilyteiru is right. The temperatures mentioned here are the optimal temperature you should be playing the PS4 under, not how hot the PS4 gets while playing. These numbers were roughly the same for the PS3.

That being said, the PS4 will definitely run cooler since it's GPU and CPU chipset are combined into the same chipset, which is only 28nm. In comparison, the original PS3 chips were 90nm each.



SkullHydra commented on Xbox One Developer Concedes That PS4 Is More P...:

@mibtar The developers aren't going to scale down their games just to create parity between the Xbox One and the PS4, as they don't do that for PC games. Look to it like PC settings. PC will obviously be Very High (If the computer has the right specs), PS4 will probably be High, while Xbox One is at Medium to Medium-High.

It might not be as visible within the first year, as devs have been working on incomplete specs, but expect it to be very noticable by the the second or third year.



SkullHydra commented on Feature: Vote for Push Square's E3 2013 PlaySt...:

The Division just blew my mind on so many levels, that I can't help but vote for it. The bullet holes breaking through the glass of the car, the reflections of the city in the puddles, the very minimal UI... the hype I have for this game is unhealthy.



SkullHydra commented on Talking Point: Why Sony Should Hold a Second P...:

I'd say they need to save the big games for E3. Use this earlier event to show some of the more hardcore nerds in-depth system specs, the UI features, some Dualshock 4 things, etc.

E3 is when the main audience is going to be watching, and that's when you need the megatons.



SkullHydra commented on Sony Thought 'Long and Hard' Over PS4's Lack o...:

I think this is the best decision out of the two. While support for PS3 games will make an impact early on (And it will, no matter how small), it won't be as much of an issue later on. In addition, them switching over to x86 is a very large step forward for them. They'll be able to maintain that throughout the foreseeable future, almost guaranteeing backwards compatibility with their next few consoles.



SkullHydra commented on Tim Schafer's Double Fine Already Exploring PS...:

I am really impressed with how much Sony is trying to make life easier for developers like this. They've been approaching small game developers and indie producers with a genuine interest in helping them get their game published, and I think it's going to really pay off for them.

There are always going to be big budget shooters and the like, but it's the smaller games like Journey, that can be innovative and unique. I think Sony is covering all of their bases, and we as consumers are going to reap the benefits.



SkullHydra commented on New Primal Carnage: Genesis Trailer Shows PS4 ...:

@rjejr: Actually, the main guy behind those Godzilla games is making a new kaiju brawler as kind of a 'spiritual successor' to those games called Kaiju Combat. They're releasing it in almost Lego-like packs, that you can combine when a new 'module' comes out. This will actually allow them to release a Godzilla and a Gamera pack later on, which the players can then combine to have the ultimate fanboy dream battle!

I'm interested to see how the gameplay will look. This video doesn't look TOO impressive, but it still got me interested. So that's something.