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PlayStation podcaster with a journalism degree. Working in local radio in the Kingdom of Fife (praise the sun).

Fri 30th Nov 2012

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SimonSiThornton commented on Review: Grand Theft Auto V (PlayStation 3):

Just finished this. I'm not sure if it's because I played a lot of Max Payne 3, but I love the shooting controls! And I felt that the addition of generous checkpoints kept the difficulty from being overly punishing.
What I really fell in love with though was the fantastic level design — these missions are hands down some of the most fun and visually entertaining in the series. It's also a great satire of 21st century life, even down to NSA references and teabagging.



SimonSiThornton commented on Sony Has No Plans To Release PS Vita TV In The...:

Well the press release says: "PS Vita TV will be available first in Japan
prior to any other regions, on November 14, 2013" []
It could just be that they're referring to a release in China, but I won't be surprised to see the device appear in Western markets. It looks awesome.



SimonSiThornton commented on The Last of Us' Multiplayer Would Like to Ask ...:

Very positive patch. The match making was in dire need of a fix as did the rubber banding from the red boxes.
That new gamemode is cool too. I'm glad they're adding modes that fit the universe rather than just copying the usual CoD template. Also, if this new mode is free, imagine how much content will be in the DLC.



SimonSiThornton commented on First Impressions: Taking Sides with Skyrim’...:

I got Hearthfire because they claimed to have fixed the framerate issues. I downloaded the patch and installed the DLC and NOW I have framerate stutters. I didn't before. Although, my stutters aren't limited to boss fights; all I have to do is run.
I am done with this game and the liars at Bethesda.