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Male, 29, United Kingdom

Loved gaming on Atari com64 megadrive and Dreamcast, dabbled on Xbox and then ps3. Looking forward to my new ps4. All time favourites are pit fighter, street fighter, mortal kombat, mega bomber man, shenmue, soul cal, Sega bass fishing, PGA golf, fall out and championship manager.

Sat 9th November, 2013

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SimonAdebisi commented on Rumour: Will Watch Dogs' Newest DLC See You Ha...:

Its a game that after completing I'll get rid, its a lot of fun but so far there isn't anything in the game to tempt multiple play throughs. I'll finish off black flag next month and watchdogs will keep me busy until farcry. Extra DLC never much interests me but this could do.



SimonAdebisi commented on Will the PS4 Get a Price Cut Any Time Soon?:

Often though I notice that xb1 games on shelves are somewhat slightly cheaper a little while after launch, perhaps due to lack of demand in comparison...

I don't think a price cut is likely perhaps next summer or crimbo. I'd rather they just gave me something other than black or glacier



SimonAdebisi commented on Store Update: 30th July 2014 (Europe):

Chess and pool will be going on my vita, just need shenmue so I can play darts and I've got the pub collection.

Phantom breaker also looks pretty cool...

Bah pool is on ps4 only.. Nevermind



SimonAdebisi commented on More People Participated in the Destiny Beta T...:

I've already called it day with cod ghosts and I wasn't greatly impressed with killzones multiplayer, I'll be spending the next month ploughing through watchdogs and the other bits I've yet to finish, I'll probably end up with just destiny and UFC to play along with the Indies. I think it will crush everything this year with the exception of farcry.



SimonAdebisi commented on EA Access Exclusive to Xbox One as It Doesn't ...:

@Paranoimia aye, its a rip off, I get BT sport for free anyway. Its the whole sports package nonsense, I'm only willing to pay for footie, not the attached junk. I can't see how ea can offer that much so early into ps4 era. I can see in future exclusive stuff and DLC that only works if subscribed etc. PS plus is more than enough for me, I can only see it taking off if they start offering irresistible stuff like free games etc.



SimonAdebisi commented on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Pushes the Powe...:

If it looks as good as it does and turns out to have a decent multiplayer and vaguely interesting story then I'll pick it up at some point next year. I have no interest in getting this day one, destiny and the division will do me fine.



SimonAdebisi commented on Soapbox: Why Destiny Still Has a Lot to Prove ...:

Snap and ditto. I'll still enjoy this game but now I'm looking to the division for that something special. This ain't it. Good game though and still day one for me despite the obvious tedious bits. Seeing next gen sales figures im guessing they'll be regretting the cross gen aspect. It could have been so much more, hopefully it will be in the future. Why release a game they expect to add to over the next 10 years maybe on previous gen consoles when clearly they won't for the life of the ip? Never mind.



SimonAdebisi commented on Destiny Will Keep Your PS4 Occupied for Months...:

I don't mind one location, on each planet, it would be nice for quite a few more planets/moons/comets/asteroids etc to go explore and hopefully the areas will be expanded a fair amount. So far it doesn't seem like there's a whole lot to explore but I haven't been put off, still seems to me the most fun game so far this year.



SimonAdebisi commented on DriveClub Developer Has a 'Keen Eye' on PS4's ...:

So the driveclub version for morpheus; we only have yoshida's experience and opinion? I'll say it again who cares if an old man got sick playing a racing game in VR, all games should have the options to be used with VR and devs should have the option to bother to make it work. Of course first party games may have to lead on this. Why is/would Sony suddenly be so bothered about quality control.



SimonAdebisi commented on Feature: The PS4 Destiny Diaries - Day Seven: ...:

I've really really enjoyed it, I don't think much of the crucible multiplayer but that ain't why I'd be interested in this game anyway, yes it's a fps but it's a lot more than that. I'll be placing my pre order next month. The fluid online co op works lovely and I'm very much enjoying exploring around.