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Mon 20th June, 2011

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Savino commented on September NPD: Sony Silences Analysts as PS4 S...:

@Boerewors Well, to be honest, I dont think neither of them are doing a good job! Xbox have that Quantum Break game that will be release some day, more Halo and a Halo Collection... PS4 have The Order and that capcom game that will be released god knows when! Other than that, everything is multiplat, including PC, so, there's really no point in buying any of them.

In fact, there's a good chance for Nintendo to turn the tides to its favour this christmas if they stop to shoot itself on the foot every five minutes!

About this console war thing, I dont know what you're talking about! Last time I took my time with it I was screaming that the SNES had more colours than the mega drive, so....



Savino commented on This Is How Sony's Going to Promote PS4 Port T...:

I will get the ps4 when the port/ indie showdown is over! I dont wanna a 400$ consoles to play games that I already have on my ps3 just because it looks a little prettier!

And dont get me wrong, I love indie games, but I have my vita for that!
But seriously, if you take out Infamous, KZ and resogun, what else the PS4 has that cant be played elsewhere?



Savino commented on Talking Point: Why the Low Expectations for PS...:

@Sutorcen I don't think that morpheus will be a main part of the show!

First, Morpheus is younger than Rift, and the later is still in development without a real street date! Sony too should be in the middle of the development and we shouldnt expect morpheus till the end of 2015!

Second, they (sony) just sold you a 400US$ piece of tech, they will not try to push you something around 200 or 300 bucks so soon! More than that, those who didnt bought the PS4 yet would have to make a massive investment to enjoy the firstparty games made with Morpheus in mind!

Sony will show the project, but I dont count with a price or street date!
My prediction is that sony will surprise us wit some games that will come till the end of the year and a lot of exclusive high quality indie games.



Savino commented on How Big Is Watch Dogs' Map? Take a Tour of Chi...:

@charlesnarles I agree with you... But it's nothing like Driv3r!

And no, as far as I sawno ramming!!

I am a little less angry with the game right now since I manage to make my dualshock work in the game, but still, the driving is terrible and also the shooting!

But the hacking stuff is really fun!!!!!



Savino commented on How Big Is Watch Dogs' Map? Take a Tour of Chi...:

@Mrskinner I didnt play infamous yet... In fact, I still have to buy a PS4... But I am wainting for the games.

For those asking about the map... I guess @Mrskinner will agree...

It doesnt feel as broad and big like GTAV, but it feel a lot more like a real city than los santos! The urban area is amazing in details! Lots of places to see and explore!!



Savino commented on How Big Is Watch Dogs' Map? Take a Tour of Chi...:

@charlesnarles I can try! But remember, english is not my language, so forgive my mistakes!!

The cars, at least those I drove, feel too tied on the ground, all cars feel extremely heavy and fast maneuvers are almost impossible. Some people complain that the cars in GTAV are too slippy, WD os the opposite!

Shooting! I used only three guns until now and every single one looks... I dont know how to say... The handgun has no recoil at all, the submachine gun have a lot of recoil, almost impossible shooting with it (and I am using the mouse). The machine gun is like a bullet fest everywhere! I know there's skills to improve it, but it makes you use only pistol until you reach the tier required for less recoil.

Graphics! I really dont think that this is a great issue but GTAV amazed me way more than this one! And I am playing in a high end PC with everything on max!
The lighting is amazing, way better than GTA, as so the textures, but the overall visuals are on par with GTA! Models, buildings, landscape... By the way, in my opinion, the landscape on GTA is a little bit better than those freaking trees on WD!