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Open the pod bay door, HAL!

Male, 36, Brazil

I am from Brazil and learned english by myself (Thanks final fantasy 2 to 8), so... Forgive me if my posts seems a little confuse!

Mon 20th June, 2011

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Savino commented on Rumour: Gravity Rush Remaster Purrs to PS4:

It makes sense in bussiness view point, but it is another slap in the face on us, vita supporters!

Well, since I already my mind in not buying a PS4 I will have to skip it!

But I really hope that the vita version is still coming!



Savino commented on EA: Games Are Still Too Hard to Learn:

Well... Nintendo tried to do that last gen, but the hardcores didn´t like the graphics so, they didnt suppoted the console!

I don´t think there´s a way to thumb down the games even more! I mean, I´ve been playing dying light and can´t this game be more easy and boring? My 4 years old kid can find his around Haram without a problem... where´s the challenge?

Yes, people who never play videogames will find it complicated, but yet, they never play games...



Savino commented on Talking Point: Are There Any Remasters You Sti...:

@Flurpsel I work with 3D rendering, so, I have to have a good PC! And no, I dont own a PS4 because all the great games out till now are coming for PC too.. So I dont see any reason to spend 400$ on a machine that offers nothing exclusive till now!



Savino commented on PS Vita App Near Will Cease Searching for Game...:

This kind of cr*p makes me loose my faith in the company! I mean, why should I buy a PS4 if the company show me that there's no support at all for the other products?

I was on board the sony train with the PS3, and promptly bought the vita as soon as it launchs, but now, looking how sony is killing the little console, I am not sure anymore if I wanna to continue to support sony!

As I said here countless times, my PC run all those games better and smoother than the PS4 and now, with this, I am pretty sure that I want nothing more with Sony!



Savino commented on How Does Toukiden: Kiwami on PS4 Look Compared...:

I took a minute to find out which screen belongs to psvita and which belongs to the ps4....

I am always get sad when I think how amazing piece of tech the vita is.... Danm you, Market!!!! Danm you all to hell!!!!!



Savino commented on Rumour: Will Borderlands: Remastered Edition L...:

@McSterls The problem is that the more remasters they sell, the more they wll do! Why will you make a whole new game, with new engine, new actors, coders, modelers, if you can simply port it out and see the cash flowing?!

I am not against remasters as a whole, but why mot remaster some PS2 classics or PSone? I mean, my PS3 is live and kicking yet, I can play all those games on it... So why bother buying a new console to play the same games from he last year?



Savino commented on PS4 Exclusive Uncharted 4 Dazzles in Glorious ...:

@eLarkos Well... I work with 3D and some diferences are clear to me! The hair, the shirt, the mapping techinique, are all tuned down in the gameplay... but again, most impressive thing ever!!!

Man, that lighting!!!! The vegetation!!!!! The textures and reflexions in the rocks is something to take note and learn! Simply the best!!!



Savino commented on PS4 Exclusive Uncharted 4 Dazzles in Glorious ...:

@goonow Not saying the game isnt impressive! I never see anything like it!

But clearly the E3 presentation was a edit version which made the scene look better in the overall... I still need to look more in detail, but I am almost sure that this is what happened!

You can see the hair is rendered diferent and the shirt has way less normal and specular maps than the previous footage!



Savino commented on PS4 Exclusive Uncharted 4 Dazzles in Glorious ...:

@JaxonH You have the right to express your opinion, as I have the right to think that your complain simply no make sense.

Yeah, the bible say do not say the name of the lord in vain... but you´re not the one talking, is freaking game char, not you! So the problem is with the company that made the game and your god (if it is the same of the company)! The christian thing to do here is not playing the game, because you know, the man do not dies from what enters in their mouth!



Savino commented on No Man's Sky Scores Another Soaring and Specta...:

My hype about this game is getting lower each time! Not that the scope of the game doesnt impress me, but the lack of information about it!

What can you do in this game? look for some new planets and animals? I mean, can you shoot? Build stuff? There´s a character progression? Guns? Pickaxe?

I was really looking for this game, but the lack of info is worring me.



Savino commented on PS4 Exclusive Uncharted 4 Dazzles in Glorious ...:

@JaxonH Yeah... a lot of stuff in the Bible are offensive to me and you don´t see me complaining about it!
Get over it! You have a religion, good for you, but other people doesnt care about it! I bet if he was saying Allah all the time or Zeus, or Thor you wouldnt mind!!



Savino commented on Reaction: The Good Intentioned Game Awards Nee...:

Kinda meh!

I mean, we got some cool videos and stuff, but they all were too short without explaining the minimum about the games!

They tried, and don´t ask me why, to make jokes... and it made me feel bad for therm... and I don´t like this kind of feeling!!

So, I am waiting for a more professional show with cool videos later today!

But kudos to Geoff for trying a better thing this time! Maybe next year thing got even better!