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Male, 38, Brazil

I am from Brazil and learned english by myself (Thanks final fantasy 2 to 8), so... Forgive me if my posts seems a little confuse!

Mon 20th Jun 2011

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Savino commented on Now Ubisoft's Saying Consoles Like PS4 will Be...:

@rjejr Why Google or Verizon (or any other) would take over? Companies like EA are big enough to try it own their own! Ubi I am not sure, but probably is!

And the diference of what we have now is that you pay only once for you Xbox or PS4 and pick the game you want to play! Don´t like this new AC, you don´t need to buy or give money to it. In a subscription based system you already paid for the game, not matter if you will play it or not.

Edit: Look EA with origin... everybody complain about it, but battlfield is still selling.



Savino commented on Now Ubisoft's Saying Consoles Like PS4 will Be...:

You guys are missing the point.

Fact is: You buy today a console from Sony and can play games of all companies around the world. You pay one time only for the machine, and pay for the games you like.

With Stream Services you will have to pay for an EA subscription, another for Ubi, another for Take2... you will end up paying way more than you would pay in a entire console life.

And more.... I don´t like every single game that those companies put out. Not enough to pay a monthly or annual subscription... And don´t forget that those subscription will not count Season Pass and other DLCs.



Savino commented on Review: Resident Evil 6 (PS4):

I stoped playing at the fourth installment.
I bought the 5th for PS3... played until the 3rd or 4th level and sold it.
RE6 I tried the demo and was enough to keep my distance.

I don´t remember when I last played a good game from capcom. (Not a SF player nor MH)



Savino commented on Virtual Reality's Time Has Come, Says Sony:

VR sets are, by definition, expensives! No way this will be affordable enough to become a market, except if Sony sell each set with a huge loss, which is very unlikely!

So, at the end of the day, VR will be a toy for the most fortunate to play, while the majority of us will continue to play as always!



Savino commented on Reaction: Why Sony Won't Deploy PS4 Exclusives...:

It could be that Microsoft is saying goodbye to the xbox brand? Or, maybe Xbox will become a brand that means gaming in PC?

Because this gen, most of the xbox exclusives are coming to PC. So, I don´t see the point to buy one Xbox today, since my PC runs the games better than the console.
The PS4, on the other hand, has plenty of exclusives that will never come to PC.

Maybe, just maybe, we are seeing the last Xbox console....



Savino commented on Finally, We Can Compare PS4 and Xbox One Sales:

Good numbers for both!!!

I am glad to see that the market is up and running!!!

I remember Pachter speaking about how this gen would be the last, since smartdevices would surely kill the console market!



Savino commented on The Man Behind Grand Theft Auto V's Michael Kn...:

With the huge investment that Rockstar is doing on multiplayer I really doubt that we will see any DLC or even a new GTA so early!
My guess is that the gap between GTAV and GTA VI will be huge, maybe 6+ years.
GTAVI will be probably a game for the end of this gen.



Savino commented on Your Free PS4 PlayStation Plus Games for Novem...:

SInce I don´t have a PS4 and miss less and less those updates.
Sony simply dump their public that didnt upgraded! I understand the PS3 being dead by now... but Vita?

Sony and Nintendo loose me this gen with their terrible support for their consoles!