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Mon 20th June, 2011

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Savino commented on So, the PSP Almost Matched the Vita's Sales in...:

I really dont get why Vita doesnt sell... I mean, it is a sexy, confortable and powerfull little machine!
Dont get me wrong, I live my 3ds, but vita really does looks like a portable console instead of a calmpy, cranky, giant piece of red plastic which hurts your hand after a couple of hours!!

I simply dont get it... And I really hope sony doesnt quit his next portable project. I would love to see what beast they have in mind.... But I am not too confident about that!



Savino commented on Sources Suggest PS4's Virtual Reality Headset ...:

@get2sammyb agree!
Price will be the main problem for the rift! They cannot sell it with a loss and sony, on the other hand, can easily cut 100 bucks per unit to keep the price afordable enough for the masses!

Rift can become a major hit if the price is below 300... But I dont bet my horse on it!



Savino commented on Do You Want to Play The Last of Us on PS4? You...:

No! Not at all!

I am really tired of this ports/remakes trend that we are living in! People should at least let the games become something from the distant past and not something from the last years with diferent resolution!

What PS4 can add on GTAV or LoU?! Nothing, except the share button and a better resolution/graphics!

Let the companies free to work in something new, even if takes time, but re-releasing games like tomb raider that there's not a single drop of diferent content, is a scam!



Savino commented on Get Yourself in Order with These New Screensho...:

I work with 3D design and can say that e first and third ones are definetly in game! The other two looks cut-scenes, but I am pretty sure that is the engine and not pre-rendered!

This game and infamous are the truly next gen games I've seem so far! Maybe with those two out, I get my PS4!



Savino commented on Review: Terraria (PlayStation Network - Vita):

Great review... But this is 8 in my book!

I am kinda noob because I am only playing it now (yeah those kind of games are more suitable on the vita) but if someone wanna a partner, drop me a note here or add me PRSavinos! :)



Savino commented on Mercenary Kings Won't Be Targeting the PS4 Unt...:

Dont look that forward until they fix the dificult level... This game have everything to be a classic, but it is sooooo easy that becomes boring very soon!!

I am on the beta (antecipated acces) and everyone is complaining about is!!

But, in the end of the day, its a perfect game for vita, not ps4!