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Open the pod bay door, HAL!

Male, 37, Brazil

I am from Brazil and learned english by myself (Thanks final fantasy 2 to 8), so... Forgive me if my posts seems a little confuse!

Mon 20th June, 2011

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Savino commented on Soapbox: I Decided to Show My Family Uncharted...:

The only thing about this game that's bothers me is that you probably will fail the mission if you the get the jeep or make a wrong turn during the chase! I mean... the town in the demo looks massive, but if the gameplay is still linear, this has no porpouse!



Savino commented on Nintendo's Reggie Is Still Having a Pop at Pla...:

@BertoFlyingFox Nintendo always shows games way before launch, Reggie came with this small talk only because Zelda U is moving to be a cross-gen game.
Yoshi Wooly Wolrd was shown in 2013, Xenoblade Chronicles, Metroid Prime 3, Twiligth Princess, even the nintendo 64, when it was the Ultra 64, was confirmed 2 years before launch.



Savino commented on ZombiU Takes Another Shuffle Closer to PS4:

This game is one of the best survivor horror of this gen!!! I would love to see it coming with some extras for the newest consoles, although I don´t think that it would be the same without the gamepad to give you some adrenaline shots!



Savino commented on E3 2015: Uncharted 4 Aiming for 30FPS Single P...:

30fps? More than good for me! It isnt a racing game or a fighting one.

And, come one, there´s anyone who will complain about anything over this game???
The physics... my god the physics!!!!!!!!!!

I can´t believe that ONE game is making me wanting a PS4. (Sony says that they will reduce the price of PS4 here in Brazil)



Savino commented on E3 2015: Here's Some More Uncharted 4 as Naugh...:

People are amazed by the Jeep.... I am amazed by the physics.... The last time that a physics engine blew me away like this was when I saw a demo from the CryEngine where the guy was shooting trees and branches.......



Savino commented on E3 2015: Sony's Done Making Big Games for PS Vita:

I hope that this serve as a lesson for us all! Many people here knows that I have 2 vitas and I love them, but I will never, never buy another Sony product, let alone peripheral, in the first year.

Sony simple doesnt care about the fanbase and gives you the middle finger if the world isnt convinced about its products! Now come Morpheus with this VR fever which will be very expensive and will be dropped in less than a year.

If I was you guys, wouldn´t touch this thing till 2018!



Savino commented on E3 2015: Fallout 4's Pip-Boy Collector's Editi...:

@Sanquine Serious now... don´t think that the app is cool? I mean, you dont need to buy the Collector´s Edition for that... you can ducktape the phone on your arm if you wish.... but this kind of second screen experience is the way I think this trend should go!

(See Ubisoft... is not that hard)



Savino commented on E3 2015: DOOM PS4 Deals Death to Demons in Spr...:

After the fiasco that Doom 3 was to me they finally delivery a real Doom!!!

I am really looking foward this game! And this is probably the reason that I was waiting to buy a PS4.

Yes, my PC is more than capable to run this game, but after spend my time with the Steam Community in GTA V I am really looking foward to return to the PSN community!!!

My god! PC players are a bunch of 12 years old screamers!!!!



Savino commented on Phew, Assassin's Creed Syndicate Won't Have a ...:

I enjoyed AC4 companion app a lot!

I used to take my ipad to bed before sleep and update my fleet, read some info about characters and places... It was usefull!

Watch Dogs app was really meh!

Unity I didnt even touched!



Savino commented on Talking Point: Are You Enjoying The Witcher 3 ...:

I´ve been playing this game for some time on my PC and I must say that Witcher 3 is the most beautifull game ever created!

I mean, the atmosphere, weather, lighting, is simply amazing! I elected GTA V on PC (4k) the most beautifull game of this gen, but Witcher took the title in a matter of minutes for me!!! AMAZING!!!



Savino commented on PS3 Owners, It's Time to Upgrade to the PS4:

I will wait another year to decide!

I really don´t see any of the new consoles (Xbox and PS4) as a substitute for my PC! (you know... only multplat games are comming out and the first party... well... they´re not that great)



Savino commented on This Teacher Makes a Great Argument About Chil...:

@themcnoisy Yet, I am waiting to see any argument coming from you that isn't attacking my life style!

Anyways... i don't have any reason to let my kids play "unsuitable" games... Excepet by the fact that they see me playing... They want to play too!
You can say what you want about the huge absurd that are kids playing GTA... I don't see like that, my wife don't see like that... And funny enough, wer are both psychologist!

My kids got every day praises from their teachet about how helpfull they are with the classmates and the professor, they dont have any complain about behavior, violence, cursing... So my point still stand! Should everyone do this? No! I don't recomend! Parents today are too away from their kids to let them play "unsuitable" games! So let their kids playing whatever young kids play today (probably camdy crush)... Mina are doing pretty well playing minecraft, disney infinity, GTAV, ACVI, Zombie U, Lego City, etc, etc!

But games like minecraft should be in every school curriculum!

And did you really felt unconfortable with that torture scene? So you shouldn't play games like that or watch movies like Reservoir Dogs! It is not suitable for your personality!



Savino commented on This Teacher Makes a Great Argument About Chil...:

@themcnoisy The boundaries are the parents who must be present and explain everything to the kids!

Murder? You can't murder a Lego, or a Playmobil or a G.I, Joe doll! For my kids, those characters are dolls, they call them dolls or dummies when they shot them down! Is the same way kids play with their toys, or do you think tat young age kids play peacefully? No! That's the age that they are more agressive and have the need to put this agression out!

Other than that, games can be very educative,meven GTA! They learn about traffic, how we need to pay attention on the road even when te light is green for pedestrian because "there's always a Trevor driving anywhere" (their words)

Foul language? Did you notice how people are talking inside their cars? GTA is the least of the problems since all chars are caraterized as bad people who you don't wanna be like...

In the end, everything can be bad for kids if parents aren't there to explain what ey are seeing!



Savino commented on This Teacher Makes a Great Argument About Chil...:

@ShogunRok Totally agree! You can protect your kid from the world as much as you like, but someday they will walk through the main door and hit the streets! It is up to the parents how much prepared to the world you want your kid!
Mine are prepared for many stupid things that we will encounter!

Curse? Drugs? Sex? They already know (in diferent levels) everything they can understand about it! My boy, with four years, dont understand nothing about sex, of course, so expressions like "go F* yourself" is just cursing for him! My daugther, 7, knows what the expression meant, but she never say it because she knows it is not cool and will make people sad!

It is just a matter of how much of the world you wanna show to your kids! If you think that the world is a Disney movie, ok! You will regret that sooner or later!



Savino commented on This Teacher Makes a Great Argument About Chil...:

I call BS! like everything in kid's life parents must be presents!

My both kids (4 and 7 years) play anything I play, and that's include GTA V, RE, ACIV among others!

They know it is a game and they know they are allowed to curse during the gameplay... When the game is over, the curse is over! And it works! Better than I though previously! Now tqey complain about Trevor cursing too much!

Kids mind aren't fragile as we use to think... Not if they have the necessary orientation about what they are doing!
To be honest, I rather have my daugther playing Tomb Raider than watching Cinderella!



Savino commented on Rumour: Gravity Rush Remaster Purrs to PS4:

It makes sense in bussiness view point, but it is another slap in the face on us, vita supporters!

Well, since I already my mind in not buying a PS4 I will have to skip it!

But I really hope that the vita version is still coming!



Savino commented on EA: Games Are Still Too Hard to Learn:

Well... Nintendo tried to do that last gen, but the hardcores didn´t like the graphics so, they didnt suppoted the console!

I don´t think there´s a way to thumb down the games even more! I mean, I´ve been playing dying light and can´t this game be more easy and boring? My 4 years old kid can find his around Haram without a problem... where´s the challenge?

Yes, people who never play videogames will find it complicated, but yet, they never play games...