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Fri 1st Apr 2011

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Samholy commented on Sony Bets the Bank on 4K Technology at CES:

i had my first hd tv last year, its 32 inches from samsung...
and they already talk about 4k wait...84 inches tv ?!? thats a freaking wall!
more accessible 55-65 inches ?! cant even afford these sizes right now !
wow. hopefully i wont get the same feeling with the ps4 as it did to me with my ps3 on a cathodic screen. blurry, unreadable texts and crappy details.

actually, i might wait and not get he ps4 at launch just in case. i just cant afford a huge tv plus a ps4 at the same time.



Samholy commented on A Connecticut Town Wants to Buy and Burn Your ...:

burn the witch!
this is seriously a problem. society shouldnt encourage townsfolk to burn things they dont like. ridiculous.

last night, i saw a lion on discovery channel, eating a zebra ALIVE. Its was trying so bad to escape the lion,but it failed so many times... having its body mutilated and eaten chunk by chunk...
i would like to ask you people to hunt lions cause they are cold blooded killers. For every lion you capture and burn ,and you will get 25$ coupons to macdonalds.



Samholy commented on Review: Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection (P...:

never played the budokai series, but been a great fan of tenkaishi games,especially the 2 and 3.
and i just got raging blast 1, and i must say im still impressed . the battle system is complex but very well made.

how does budokai 3 fighting system compare to tenkashi 2-3 or raging blast ?



Samholy commented on Phew, Looks Like There May Be a PlayStation Al...:

keep one per console.
superbot should make a couple of games,2 or 3, before launching the all-star sequel.
and they really should patch and upgrade their game,adding new game modes. its essential,cause playstation all-star is as good as it is, but really lacks content. There is no deathmatch standard which is a shame. only focusing on power moves to kill or gain points gets old really fast.



Samholy commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Release Less Exclus...:

keep em coming.
sony exclusives is what its all about. i liked every sony consoles for their huge game libraries and content. just keep it that way, that is the big force of sony.

it also give you tons of games to try years after the copnsole's launch. i have still ton of games to try on ps3, and yet still find gems.

and seriously, how can you go wrong with:
-ratchet games

  • infamous series
    god of war
  • little big planet
    who would be insane to remove any of these games.

''As gamers, we adore the variety that being a PS3 owner affords us – but we’re not entirely convinced that Sony’s insane catalogue of first-party content is sustainable. Perhaps it’s time that the company tightened up its output, and started to focus on creating a smaller selection of really big hits.''

worst article in a while, no offense. But you clearly dont get what sony built since the PS and what gave it its power.



Samholy commented on Review: Mass Effect (PlayStation 3):

for someone who never touched the series except mass effect 3 demo, how will i enjoy this ?

should i pick used copies of the 2 and 3 instead and just forget the first ?
cause it owuld go much cheaper than the trilogy itself.



Samholy commented on One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Punches PlayStati...:

one the my favourite ps3 game so far,surprisingly.

pirate warrior 2 is super tempting, but i never read or watched anything beyond what the first pirate warrior did story-wise. heck, i had spoilers with the first one.
i should watch the show in streaming until then...



Samholy commented on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim DLC Spreads to PS3...:

well.... better late than nothing as they say.

but the hype aint there anymore. with the upcoming titles for 2013,i wonder if i will have time for skyrim...
god of war,last of us, GTA 5
plus all-star battle that keeps me busy and probably will for a long while.

but at least, it will be there when ill feel like skyriming again.



Samholy commented on Review: Far Cry 3 (PlayStation 3):

got too much games to play,so less time to spend :-/
but ubisoft will have my money soon enough. maybe this winter just before grand theft auto 5 and after god of war



Samholy commented on Ubisoft Would Like to Know What You Think of U...:

as much as i like creeds, i find them repetitive.
i always got them a year later after their launch,cheaper. usually used.
i didnt even get revelation yet.

but dont take me wrong. creed is a franchise i really enjoy!



Samholy commented on Nintendo: Our Competitors Need to React to Wha...:

i like better processor and graphics. especially processor.
playing an open world game with more possibilities and vastness will be much better than a mere tablet.

so nintendo's new strategy is to push competitors to make mistakes ? yeah right
bring the ps4 with power and we will see how nintendo will react.



Samholy commented on Sony's Stocks Downgraded to 'Junk' By Credit R...:

didnt like their tv anyway. Samsung look muuuuuch better
their headphones suck balls (go Sennheiser !!!!!)
the only good audio memory i have of sony is my walkman sport yellow

cant be the best at everything heh. as long as they keep going into the gaming zone... i want a PS4 i really dont wanna go into microsoft business, and the WiiU is...well...a Wii. with a U next to it.



Samholy commented on Someone Played Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for 1...:

not too hard to do not impressed. thats gives him about 5 hours of sleep between game sessions. thats about what i sleep every night.

the guy just either dont have a job or took his days off for gaming all the time.
really unimpressive. sorry dude



Samholy commented on Review: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (P...:

got the game last night.... freaking amazing.
been a big fan of smash brothers, and it was annoying not to see other kind of games like it. I tried one piece games (Grand battle) on ps1, that were kinda cool....but nothing could compete with nintendo's seal of quality.
Glad to see they had the guts to make a game in the same vein, and make it right.

off with nintendo comparison now. this game rocks! else than the poor menu graphic design and weird arcade mode humor, its a solid game. just get it. its the kind of game that should come with the console.



Samholy commented on DOOM Classic Collection Targets the PlayStatio...:

huuuuh wait. a game they sold YEARS AGO.
then another game they already sold YEARS AGO
then another game they sold
into a package. and they expect us to pay AGAIN???
they should simply give it for free for god's sake. geez.



Samholy commented on Rumour: Final Fantasy Type-0's Localisation Wa...:

eidos destroying square's legacy ? why not the other end, square destroying eidos legacy ?

i see 2 names in the company, hence there should be 2 visions and 2 style fused together. a bit of square and a bit of eidos.



Samholy commented on Derrick the Deathfin Developer in Deep Water:

lots of effort must have been put into this game.
but at 7.99 for this gameplay style, i doubt i will get it.
put it a 3.99 and ill instant buy it.

the artstyle rocks ! sony should invest in this guy and not let him down. He could possibly do a new parrapa the rapper kind of game.



Samholy commented on PlayStation All-Stars Has Hundreds of Hours of...:

i got 6 years of gaming with smash melee, multiple times weekly and doing tournaments. i could easily have put 200 hours into brawl on friend's consoles. (i dont even own a Wii)

If this game can hold me as tightly as smash games for the next year or so, i say nintendo will have lost me hahaha
To me, smash brothers was the only worthy interest to buy a Wii and gamecube. The next one on WiiU was the ONLY title that could let me buy this console, and this game will probably make me save hundreds of dollars hahaha

well. We will see about that soon enough.



Samholy commented on Review: Assassin's Creed III (PlayStation 3):

you played the others,you played them all... but i played them all and loved them all. I suggest waiting for it to go used or cheaper... because the only thing that refrain me from saying this series is a masterpiece is it repetition side. EVERY assassin creed gets repetitive, and in this one, with the promised massive content, i fear the worst.

i enjoyed them all,mind you. especially the 2. Just like Skyrim, its a completists playground.



Samholy commented on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's DLC Is Finally C...:

cant say im in the mood to play skyrim again...but a dlc that looks so great. why not in a couple of months.
like oblivion, its a game you can undust after a year or two and get into it again.

but the sure thing, i will not get the dlc until next summer why? too much titles to play first.
all-star battle, god fo war, GTA 5,borderland 2 and possibly the last of us...



Samholy commented on Review: Retro City Rampage (PlayStation Network):

interesting for a future buy, but not right now. already got a couple of titles to finish.

what ive heard from a friend is that yeah its good, but all the minigames ressembling to original retro games dont control like the original, and it detracts from the nostalgia feeling.
again, he is a purist
still gotta keep that in mind.



Samholy commented on Review: Battlefield 3 (PlayStation 3):

single player and coop mode should have be avoided totally and put these efforts into mutliplayer service.
and that review contains waaaay too much time spent into the single player/coop and doesnt deliver the game justice. This game is NOT about single player. forget it as soon as you get your hand on the disc. you can avoid it totally and go straight into multiplayer without no harm and wasted hours.

it really beats the crap out of every call of duty in term of physics and engine.

-destructible environement is a bless.

  • sound is immersive at best
  • details everywhere, graphically its some of the best thing out there
  • movements is the best. every steps feel realistic and not like a floating camera. crawling, climbing jumping avoiding obstacle really feels intuitive and realistic. i just cant touch a call of duty anymore without feeling im moving a floating camera. BF3 makes it so natural...
  • not a fan of vehicles...but the jeeps are fun as hell to ride
  • HUGE maps, leaving place for strategy and cover. im sick of run n gun games. its always the same sauce nowadays.


Samholy commented on Review: Sonic Adventure 2 (PlayStation Network):

nice review.
i had the gamecube version and played it 3 times. which is excellent considering a gamecube title.
i really liked it, and its quite hard to try and get the best scores in every levels.

my only downside was the Chaos world which was...NO. the guys were fun to care of, but the minigames were a total mess and pain. races and combat were SSLLLOOOOOWWWWWW and you barely could do much in there.
raising Chaos was only fun to see variants and use your damn earned crystals.

get this people. the best sonic game i played.