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Re: November's PlayStation Plus Games are Out Now


@ShogunRok Dungeon Punks is Vita/PS4 cross-buy so PS4 owners can redeem that reward as well.

@sinalefa I saw an Amazon flyer in my neighborhood that was advertising Playstation VR "Headset Only" for $89.99 on Black friday from 6:00AM to 11:00AM. I'll try to take a pic the next time I see the flyer.

@Tasuki Sorry for that triple post, it was supposed to be a single large post, but somehow got split into three parts...

Re: PSN Down as Reports Come Flooding In


It's still down here in Arizona. Most of my local friends can't sign in at the moment, but elsewhere in the US and in other regions things appear to be working so my guess is that the server for the southwest US is the last server to be serviced and will likely be online again in the near future.