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Fri 16th Oct 2009

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Raylax commented on Microsoft VP: "I Own a Move, but Kinect is Far...:

"If you want to jump on the screen, you just jump. If you want to kick the soccer ball on the screen, you raise your leg. If you want to steer the car, you put your hands out and steer." If you want the car to accelerate, you... uh. Aw crap.

When someone looks that unbearably smug, you're legally allowed to punch them. It's true.



Raylax commented on Welcome to Movemodo!:

Funky beans, 'grats on Movemodo guys. Is looking really swish

...Alright, I've been out of the bunker for long enough. Back to the dark, slightly damp comforts of Nintendolife before the air here burns my skin.