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Mon 4th June, 2012

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Ps4all commented on First Impressions: Just Cause 3 Grapples for G...:

Just Cause 2 was one of my favorite PS3 games. It was huge, had a ton of places to discover (there was a giant blimp flying around with a Rave on it), the shooting mechanics worked well and the grappling hook parachute combo was lots of fun.



Ps4all commented on Don't Hold Your Breath for a New PlayStation H...:

I'm not suprised that Sony has no plans for a new handled. In my eyes the Vita and the PlayStation Tv had a lot of promise and it seemed like Sony just left it to die. Then again, I am not privy to all of the information that led Sony to treat it this way.



Ps4all commented on TGS 2015: Game Boy's Final Fantasy Adventure G...:

I had Final Fantasy Adventure on the original game boy. Loved it. I would buy this for sure if it's available on PlayStation tv, but more likely will give my money to the App Store since this probably won't get ported or localized.



Ps4all commented on Japanese Sales Charts: The PS4 Is Stuck in a R...:

Does it really matter if it is selling in Japan? I mean, I understand it's their home and they want it to sell there, but it's on track to be the best selling home console of all time. I say who cares? Transformers did meh here In The states but crushed it in China and I don't see Michael Bay worrying.



Ps4all commented on Soapbox: Why Rocket League Is Perfect for Me:

I've been playing Rocket Leauge every chance I get. My best friend and I played til the wee hours last Saturday 2 on 2 online. I was out of my seat yelling at the tv every time we scored. We talked and laughed pretty much throughout the entire experience and I was totally entertained. It's been a long time since a game has provided so much fun. love it.



Ps4all commented on This Licensed PS4 Controller Is for the PC Mas...:

Bwahahahaha!!!! Thermal paste! I recently started playing on my shiny new MacBook Pro and I am not a huge fan of the keyboard mouse setup, I even bought a razer death adder mouse to make sure it wasn't the hardware that made me not like it. Give me a dualshock any day (luckily most of the Mac games are compatible with my DS4).



Ps4all commented on Talking Point: What August PlayStation Plus Fr...:

I am still enjoying Rocket Leauge! Kill zone would be sweet. I already played through it and traded it in, but the multiplayer is fun and if it was free it would probably get a bunch of new players on the servers.



Ps4all commented on Persona 5 PS4, PS3 Trailer Boards the Hype Tra...:

Yeah, this should be awesome. Persona 4 Golden on vita was my first persona game and I must say I've never experienced anything like that before. Looking forward to this. I need to clear my backlog first though.



Ps4all commented on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Ditches...:

@get2sammyb Personally, this is an argument I was happy to be wrong about. I loved the first uncharted so much I was afraid the multiplayer would somehow dilute the single player campaign. Which after playing uncharted 2, I found nothing could be further from the truth. That said, once uncharted 4 releases I'm sure the multiplayer will dry up on the previous releases.