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Mon 4th Jun 2012

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Ps4all commented on There Are a Lot of People Playing Star Wars Ba...:

The fact that there are a lot more ps4s in the wild than xbox ones probably has something to do with the fact that there are more people playing on ps4. As far as pc goes, they are probably all playing counter strike or ark survival evolved....



Ps4all commented on Soapbox: Why the Industry Is Getting Greedy (A...:

I blame the mobile market for this crap. How can you expect candy crush to make a bazillion dollars and some corporate bozo at activision not notice and say "Gee, we should have random gift packages and time outs in the next call of duty". Hell, it was in battlfield 4 with the stupid briefcases and paying to unlock guns.



Ps4all commented on Call of Duty: Black Ops III's Live Action PS4 ...:

Ive played every call of duty online and off, black ops ii was my favorite multiplayer entry in the series. As it turns out, I have lost interest in the series. I hear about this game and it does nothing for me. Call of Duty, we had a good run, but Im cashing out.



Ps4all commented on Destiny's Story Was Stitched Together Using Ex...:

I am glad for the people who enjoy this game. That is the point of gaming- to have a good time, otherwise it would be called work. However, destiny feels like work to me. Every time I hear something new about it it just reinforces my decision to abstain. I will continue to sneak around afghanistan with snake and soon shoot some storm troopers in the dome.



Ps4all commented on Poll: Which Uncharted Game Would You Crown as ...:

Played all of them. 2 was my favorite by far. I loved the setting and the story. To be fair though they are all awesome. The first Uncharted was my reason for buying a Ps3 when I already had an Xbox 360 at the time.



Ps4all commented on Soapbox: Why I'm Worried About Star Wars Battl...:

@get2sammyb I agree, that sounds crazy in the context of rocket league (awesome game). However, shooters have operated this way for years, those with more playtime in call of duty or battlefield have the best guns and perks and equipment. Also, i dont know if the U.K. had the same disclaimer, but in North America it warns you not to play walker assault until you have leveled up the first time you play that mode.



Ps4all commented on Soapbox: Why I'm Worried About Star Wars Battl...:

I agree with the balancing for the Walker assault being off. But I think with the collective players level rising that would change (many of the destructive weapons require higher level cards). I think how much you enjoy this is directly related to how much you enjoy Battlefield and Star Wars. I personally am a longtime fam of both and this is like a dream come true for me.



Ps4all commented on First Impressions: Just Cause 3 Grapples for G...:

Just Cause 2 was one of my favorite PS3 games. It was huge, had a ton of places to discover (there was a giant blimp flying around with a Rave on it), the shooting mechanics worked well and the grappling hook parachute combo was lots of fun.



Ps4all commented on Don't Hold Your Breath for a New PlayStation H...:

I'm not suprised that Sony has no plans for a new handled. In my eyes the Vita and the PlayStation Tv had a lot of promise and it seemed like Sony just left it to die. Then again, I am not privy to all of the information that led Sony to treat it this way.



Ps4all commented on TGS 2015: Game Boy's Final Fantasy Adventure G...:

I had Final Fantasy Adventure on the original game boy. Loved it. I would buy this for sure if it's available on PlayStation tv, but more likely will give my money to the App Store since this probably won't get ported or localized.



Ps4all commented on Japanese Sales Charts: The PS4 Is Stuck in a R...:

Does it really matter if it is selling in Japan? I mean, I understand it's their home and they want it to sell there, but it's on track to be the best selling home console of all time. I say who cares? Transformers did meh here In The states but crushed it in China and I don't see Michael Bay worrying.



Ps4all commented on Soapbox: Why Rocket League Is Perfect for Me:

I've been playing Rocket Leauge every chance I get. My best friend and I played til the wee hours last Saturday 2 on 2 online. I was out of my seat yelling at the tv every time we scored. We talked and laughed pretty much throughout the entire experience and I was totally entertained. It's been a long time since a game has provided so much fun. love it.