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Mon 4th June, 2012

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Ps4all commented on Blimey, You Can Grab a PlayStation TV for Just...:

I would if it only had Netflix. I'm over it tho, I feel like it is going to be in the clearance aisle along with the vita shortly. I hate to say it, but I think Sony may quit the handheld market after the ps vita debacle. I loved my Vita, I wish a few million other people did too.



Ps4all commented on Guide: Which Origins Class Should You Select i...:

I went Military Veteran, since I'm a military between. Ha! So far so good! This game is awesome. The only game I've played in the (series?) is demon souls, so it's been a while. I have to say I am loving Bloodborne so far!



Ps4all commented on Reaction: Project Morpheus Seems Impressive, B...:

I've been waiting for this since the 80s when I played a giant vr headset game at disney world. However, I agree wholeheartedly this may be too costly to garner a large install base thus leaving it dead on arrival. I hope against all odds it does well, but it has been painful being an early adopter as of late.



Ps4all commented on Opinion: How Reviews Can Colour a Game's Recep...:

I like reviews to help make a informed purchase. I usually only take note of the reviews from push square, nintendolife, ign, game informer and kotaku though and still make my own desiscion if I think my opinion may differ.



Ps4all commented on DriveClub: PlayStation Plus Edition Still Bein...:

I hope you are right Sammy and they are waiting to give the whole game to us as a ps+ game. That would definitely appease the folks who feel burned. However that is kind of a slap in the face to those who bought the game.



Ps4all commented on Review: Evolve (PlayStation 4):

I must say I am surprised by the review. I have heard mostly positive things about this game up until now. Also, it seems like somehow the negativity surrounding the Order somehow affected this review(the first paragraph goes on about replayability and what not). I will be picking this up this weekend to play with my group of friends so we shall see how it goes.



Ps4all commented on Talking Point: Do Review Scores Have a Future?:

I find reviews helpful, I find the scores to be a hinderence to the gaming industry. As soon as companies started hitching bonuses to metacritic scores I began to dislike the idea of review scores. I dig kotakus whole "should you play this?" approach that 86s metacritic.



Ps4all commented on Out This Week: Evolve, Super Stardust Ultra, C...:

I am still pleasantly shocked that these big games are coming out in the first quarter. Maybe the new business model will be new IP in the first quarter/regurgitate franchises in the 4th quarter. Maybe the successful launch(sales wise) of watchdogs last year turned some corporate heads.



Ps4all commented on Prepare to Die in 1080p at 60FPS with Dark Sou...:

I played demon souls and loved it. I felt like the combat had way more depth than any other game I've played with swords. However, I never played either of the dark souls games. They look less like medieval fantasy and more like horror games.



Ps4all commented on Feast Your Eyes Upon 15 Minutes of Brand New T...:

WOW!!!! This has been at the top of my want list since I saw the trailer where they were hanging the "witch" and Geralt opened a can. The gameplay looks fantastic and from what I hear the Witcher games have great storylines. 2015 is looking better and better.



Ps4all commented on The Order: 1886 Won't Take a Particularly Big ...:

Also, I am very much looking forward to this release. The whole idea of this sci-fi horror setup in 17th century England is super cool in my opinion. I hope it does well as this is the first new ip from Sony on Ps4 that I have really been looking forward to and I loved Ready at Dawn's God of War psp games.



Ps4all commented on The Order: 1886 Won't Take a Particularly Big ...:

I am surprised at the relatively small file sizes of some of these games. Metal Gear Solid 4 took up 50 gb years ago on ps3, I fully expected to have to install double blu-rays at some point. I hope sony is not putting a restriction on file size because that could be potentially holding back new experiences. Totally expect the next Fallout or Skyrim to be 100 gb.



Ps4all commented on Will Free-to-Play PS4 Shooter PlanetSide 2 Be ...:

A toddler with a radio flyer wagon could pull me away from Destiny. Seriously though, I am really looking forward to planet side. I love shooters with high player counts like MAG and Battlefield 4. Hope the free to play isn't too gougey otherwise should be good.



Ps4all commented on You're Not Even Safe When P.T. Is Paused on PS4:

That was awesome to watch. I agree with Sammy tho, PT doesn't really punish you for dying so it's not really a big deal to lose a minute of progress in order to provide yet another awesome scare! I hope the full release is as awesome.



Ps4all commented on Game of the Year: Gold Trophy - inFAMOUS: Seco...:

Nice pick. Easily the best first party game if you don't count remakes. 2014 was a year of few worthwhile original games so I tend to agree with this. My favorite two games of this year were from last year (the last of us remastered and GTA V for ps4).