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Mon 4th Jun 2012

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Ps4all commented on PlayStation Plus Price Increase Confirmed for ...:

@get2sammyb This does match up with Xbox live. I subscribe to both services, the difference is, the games with gold are almost always retail games and they get 2 Xbone games and 2 360 games and all the 360 games are backwards compatible. I may actually let plus lapse as most of my multiplayer time lately has been with Forza Horizon and GTA V on Xbox.



Ps4all commented on Site News: Where's Your No Man's Sky PS4 Review?:

@Neolit Well said! I tend to wait for reviews, but most games have reviews before release and I don't have to decide between waiting for a review and buying day 1. I'm willing to roll the dice on this one because I love the concept. Worst case scenario I made a $60 mistake.



Ps4all commented on E3 2016: Spider-Man's Exclusive to PS4 'Cos It...:

This isn't really surprising that this is a PS4 exclusive. Sony owns the exclusive movie rights to Spider-Man. For Captain America Civil War they made a deal with Marvel(aka Disney) to allow Spider-Man to appear in that movie. I am sure this is part of a that deal where Spidey shows up only on Sonys platform Quid pro quo. Regardless, the game looks great and I very much look forward to playing it.



Ps4all commented on Just How Bad Is Fallout 4: Far Harbor on PS4?:

It feels like Bethesda has some sort of grievance with Sony. I love their games, but it feels like they phone it in with all the nonsense bugs and crashes between PS3 and PS4. They cried tech limitations on the PS3, but honestly they have no excuse with the ps4. There are bigger, better looking games on PS4 that don't have these problems.



Ps4all commented on Review: Overwatch (PS4):

I stopped playing Uncharted 4 halfway through to play Overwatch. I think that says it all. (Don't worry Drake, I'll be back eventually).



Ps4all commented on Talking Point: What June PlayStation Plus Free...:

I love my ps4, but the ps+ situation feels kinda like we are being taken for granted due to the success of the ps4. The same was true in reverse last gen. 360 had the lead so they didn't feel the need to provide games with gold. Now it is reversed, they have been releasing full games like sunset overdrive while we beg for knack?



Ps4all commented on Soapbox: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remaster...:

@DrJoeystein I agree %100 that this sends the message that they are not confident in Infinite Warfares sales potential. I can see why, Ghosts seems to be the least liked COD of all time, and Infinite Warfare's trailer just hit over 1 million dislikes on YouTube. I know I would probably skip it this year if it wasn't for MW being bundled in, I was on the fence before that. Especially with the new Battlefield being launched a week before.



Ps4all commented on Soapbox: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remaster...:

I understand the viewpoint that you basically have to pay $80 for the modern warfare remaster if you have no desire to play infinite warfare. But the flipside of that for those of us that were going to buy it anyway is we get the MW remaster for $20 instead of the usual $40 or $60 they normally charge for remasters. Also, after ghosts if they released a MW remaster side by side with infinite warfare, no one would buy infinite warfare. Which is kinda the vibe I'm getting from the article, you don't want to buy this years cod because you would be happy to just play MW.



Ps4all commented on Soapbox: Why Hitman Proves More Games Should R...:

@get2sammyb I like the idea of episodic content. I have a large backlog and this would keep me from spending money on games that I became bored with after the first 20% of the game. Also, I like the looks of the second hitman installment, do you have to own the first episode to play the second?



Ps4all commented on Finally! Now You Can Play Your NES with a PS4 Pad:

@get2sammyb My dad was a field engineer for Siemens-Nixdorf back in the 80s when NES was huge here in the States. He used to get my NES running by using spray freon(they used to use that on computer components before they realized how bad that was and switched to canned air). Worked like a charm.



Ps4all commented on Get a Much Better Look at Traditional PS4 JRPG...:

I'm pretty excited for this. After Bravely Default its clear there is a market for old school JRPGs. I for one prefer the sprite final fantasy's before all the emo-punk-boy-band stuff and Dragon Quest. Should be good.



Ps4all commented on Sony Is Making 1080p a Requirement for Neo Mod...:

I am going to say this is a bad move on Sony's part. Publishers are already looking to put as little money into games as possible, I don't see Activision deciding to make a special "mode" for one of their games out of the goodness of their heart to pander to the few people who have this new machine and adhere to Sony's "minimum requirements ". I'm calling this thing DOA before it's even out. The only way I see it selling is if it replaced the current ps4 altogether which they apparently aren't doing either.



Ps4all commented on Review: Resident Evil 6 (PS4):

I was really confused when I saw Resident Evil 6 on the online store. I am a fan of the series, but skipped the PS3 version after the awful reviews and playing the demo. RE 5 would have been a better choice to remake since 4 has been remastered like 10 times already.



Ps4all commented on Video: Does Bully Still Rule the School on PS4?:

@get2sammyb I just replayed GTA Vice City and San Andreas on ipad with a Bluetooth gamepad, so the controls actually seem great in comparison. The visuals however look like they are having double vision half the time. The game is still one of Rockstar's best in my opinion. Here's to hoping for Bully 2!



Ps4all commented on Soapbox: Why Do We Treat Gaming Like a Chore?:

I have a lot of friends who think its a character flaw that I buy new games without finishing old ones. Guacamele is the one they sight the most, as they said I was never going to finish it before I bought it. But I have been gaming for over 30 years, and back when I was 5 playing NES games, it was a reality that I wasn't going to complete Metroid or Ghosts and Goblins or Contra since my dad wouldn't buy me a game genie to cheat with. That doesn't mean I didnt have fun playing these games until I was bored with them (finished or not). I have completed long games (every GTA, Red Dead Redemption, Fable, Several Final Fantasy's and Most if the Dragon Quest games to name a few). And I have short games (The Order im looking at you) that I didnt make it halfway through and have no desire to go back to. I paid to have a good time, and if I am not excited when I boot up a game I will find something better to do. Then again, it's not part of my job description.



Ps4all commented on PS4 Fans Are So Mad at PlayStation Plus They'r...:

@get2sammyb Broforce only won because all of the choices were unappealing. I didn't bother to vote because they all look awful. At this point I look at ps+ as I did at xbox live back im the day, you are paying for playing online. The last thing I downloaded was Grim Fandango, I still haven't played it.



Ps4all commented on Gallery: DriveClub's New City Track Is Stunnin...:

I am the first to admit when I am wrong, and boy was I wrong about Drive Club. I thought the super delayed ps+ version meant there was something wrong with the game or that I shouldn't buy it because they were trying to cash in by delaying the free version. There is no denying the fact that Drive Club has received some of the best post launch content of any game period, most if which was either free or very reasonably priced. I am happy to be wrong in this case. Wonderful game.