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Mon 19th Nov 2012

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Oaxhachul commented on Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Blows Up ...:

I had my doubts based on the horrible reviews, but I'm really enjoying it so far. Reviews focus on gamebreaking crashes, buggy terrain, and failed connections in multiplayer. Well, I've played 15+ hours so far, both SP and MP, and I havn't encountered a SINGLE bug or lost connection even once. In fact it is lag free and controls really well. Graphics are decent, though not amazing. Lighting and frame rate are great, but texture work and animation is meh.

I understand where the reviewers are coming from though - this is a huge missed opportunity. SP content is extremely short, story is nowhere to be found. the AI is plain silly and there are no cool set pieces, though these have always been high points of CoD campaigns. MP maps are a little cramped, there are too few of them, and the MP features and modes are lacking as well.

Based on the controls alone, this is by far the best mobile shooter ever made. That should count for something. If Nihilistic really coded this in 5 months, I'm impressed. Too bad for Sony though. Had this one been made just right, it would have moved a million Vita units. If you keep outsourcing the good IPs to random devs, you will never get that killer app. I'm having a great time with CoDBOD, but I completely understand those that do not.