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Fri 23rd January, 2009

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NintendoNaut commented on Review: Conception II: Children of the Seven S...:

@Shellybird27 As @MadchesterManc said, I vastly prefer the original Japanese audio. I find English dubs to not only be "jarring" but just plain awful. In fact, I've never heard a good one. I don't know where they get these guys, but dubs are always forced and emotionless. I played the demo, and this game is just the same. The fact that they have the JP voicework just done and sitting there, but won't let us have it is actually pretty infuriating.



NintendoNaut commented on Review: Sound Shapes (PlayStation 4):

Great review--I have this game sitting on my PS3 with like an hour of play invested in it. I really loved what I played so I'm not sure how I fell out of it. May be time to return!