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NintendoNaut commented on You Won't Be Playing Final Fantasy XV for Its ...:

It's awful. The big dude sounds like Donkey Kong and the why in the heck would you give the others normal western dialect and then give the guy with the glasses an (terribad) English accent.

Just...Please. No. The issue is, no past FF game has had dual audio so I don't have high hopes that we'll get it. Even though, of course, there's no excuse to leave it out.



NintendoNaut commented on Push Scare: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Is an Und...:

@Godsire- I did some research, and you are right in the sense that 2&3 were never "remastered." The GCN release of the first game is full remake, and 2&3 are direct ports. But all I was trying to imply, as I said in comment #17, was that all three games were released for the GCN--Which they were. Instead of being a snarky jerk and saying I "wasn't even close to correct," you might have just educated me and said that "Only the first game is a remake, the other two are ports."

Actually, you were incorrect as well since you stated that "The other two RE games on GC were RE Zero & RE4." Even though 2&3 are ports, they are still games released on GCN, and are part of the library--In addition to Zero and RE4.



NintendoNaut commented on Bungie Rolls a Boulder in Front of Destiny's L...:

@ToOGoodOfAPlaya Yeah I honestly don't get the whole deal about the Queen's Gear either, and I'm fine with them reworking engrams. On the other hand, I think them getting rid of the loot cave is fine. You certainly could say, "Just let people do what they want," but I can see how Bungie wasn't happy with people shooting into a cave for hours.

@Munkyknuts I mean... The reason anyone plays an MMO is to reach the level cap, "for the sake of doing it." If you're not having fun, I can see why you'd quit but no video game has ever given an incentive to beat it other than the satisfaction of beating it.



NintendoNaut commented on Bungie Rolls a Boulder in Front of Destiny's L...:

The hilarious thing is that people are saying that they have to exploit to get good gear, but that's absolute BS. If you earn Marks, you can buy all sorts of legendary gear from vendors. For exotic gear, Xur sells it on weekends for strange coins. The loot drops in this game are bonuses, and it's cool when you get something good, but the primary way to get good stuff is earning Marks and strange coins.



NintendoNaut commented on Review: Conception II: Children of the Seven S...:

@Shellybird27 As @MadchesterManc said, I vastly prefer the original Japanese audio. I find English dubs to not only be "jarring" but just plain awful. In fact, I've never heard a good one. I don't know where they get these guys, but dubs are always forced and emotionless. I played the demo, and this game is just the same. The fact that they have the JP voicework just done and sitting there, but won't let us have it is actually pretty infuriating.



NintendoNaut commented on Review: Sound Shapes (PlayStation 4):

Great review--I have this game sitting on my PS3 with like an hour of play invested in it. I really loved what I played so I'm not sure how I fell out of it. May be time to return!