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My ex used to punch me in the face each time she had an orgasm, I didnt mind too much until I found out she was faking XD

Fri 17th January, 2014

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N711 commented on Talking Point: Is Indie Becoming a Defunct, Di...:

Totally agree with the article.. enough with Indies calling. It could be mentioned as some point but the game should be presented on what makes it interesting etc first and foremost.
about as if you introduced a new game by 'oh heres a new AAA game, ' no one cares that its called a AAA



N711 commented on Feature: What Are September 2014's Free PlaySt...:

Just for Velocity 2x has me think its a great month.. a few of the other games really look cool so all in all sounds great IMO considering i havent got any of them (better than if there was a AAA game that I already own) .
Also I think many are quick to claim the Vita is dead or not supported but when you get all these games on PS+ they still not happy..
anyway ;)



N711 commented on PSN Temporarily Offline Again as Attacks Ramp ...:

@hadlee73 I agree I don't really want to see fan wars going on here (even from disguised fanboys). I find it normal to see PS fans on a PS site just like xbox fans on xbox site etc. If I was on an xbox site bragging about PS4 I would call myself a fanboy but I'm not



N711 commented on Review: CounterSpy (PlayStation 4):

@Davros79 I think its general on the internet reviews tend to put forwards the reviewer opinion instead of giving the reader more objective information allowing the reader more space to make their own opinions. This site is not too bad imo but I do think scores are useless and should be limited to 5 stars or the like



N711 commented on Not Even Sony Understands Why the PS4 Is Selli...:

I think the PS4 also appeals the most to casual gamers as a 'new gen' machine. The games 'look' new gen as in what you can't find them on last gen and do 'look' new gen whatever you think of the gameplay (xbone titanfall most advertised game you can find it on last gen too). The consle 'looks' beautiful and very 'high tech'. The controller is 'new gen' with speaker and touchpad which do enhance the experience and even the lightbar which is mainly cool as a new look. Its advertised as the most powerful console in the world. Etc



N711 commented on Whatever You May Think, Hellblade Is Not Heave...:

I wish people (and specially the media) stop saying indie and instead just talk about a game. Its getting ridiculous and everyone get kinda biased because of the stupid labe. Seriously there should be a law



N711 commented on Gamescom 2014: Sony Refuses to Rehash Previous...:

I. Feel there could be some misunderstanding 'the balance is about right' could be said about what he knows is in the work. I would be surprised if we don't see a couple more remastered games from Sony studios and people will again go on with their 'Sony liars' propaganda. XD



N711 commented on Poll: What Was Your Favourite Game of Gamescom...:

Bloodborne at last getting the attention (and hype) it deserves.
On the other hand Lords of the Fallen still more or less ignored and actually I kinda understand why they didnt bother releasing a new trailer



N711 commented on Gamescom 2014: We Don't Need to Buy Outright E...:

I thought most here were informed people knowing about all the studios working on PS4 games but sometimes I realize people are kinda short sighted.
For me it does not change anything to see a trailer telling me 'ok that games is on its way some time in the future' because I know they are coming.. Its just a personal satisfaction to know whats going on and to see it. And the 'PS4 had no games' thingy is getting old and a complete joke that makes me laugh



N711 commented on Reaction: PS4's Variety Shines at Gamescom 201...:

I watch M$ show and was bored to death but yea inot interested in those games so I guess that's why's. I think Sony had a good show but 2 things were missing to make it a great show. Uncharted and a big reveal from GG or Bend. Spoiled children didn't see new big AAA reveal so they do as if Sony studios that we all know got a lot of games incoming don't exist