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My ex used to punch me in the face each time she had an orgasm, I didnt mind too much until I found out she was faking XD

Fri 17th January, 2014

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N711 commented on What Happens When a War Photographer Plays The...:

I dont think any game can 'desensitise' to the brutality of war. Even good movies will never manage to do that.
I dont get what he means by ' it’s games like this that are making his job harder,' unless it was just about capturing real emotion which is by definition impossible



N711 commented on Sony: PS Vita's Remarkably Resilient, and Won'...:

@Morrowbie check out the PSP games too ;)
I think the main problem is most people dont even know what games are on Vita as most are in PSstore they should advertise them specially PS+ or find a way to bring all those small games on retail.
Also big budget game means expensive but does not mean good game.



N711 commented on August NPD: PS4 Outshines Xbox One for Eighth ...:

@Dohv my very humble opinion: not mind blowing, nothing new but fun and addictive as you progress
I think all will depend on whether Sony managed to build up some stock for the holiday as I can really see a strong demand with the new gen only games coming



N711 commented on Sony: We're Treating Destiny Like a First-Part...:

@thedevilsjester I think besides misinformed people there r many reasons to get a console main reason I think destiny is just an opportunity for people to make the jump and get the best version of the game I mean a new Gen console and choose a PS4 as a new gen for many other reasons in addition as they were planning to anyway sooner or later



N711 commented on You Should Probably Ignore This First Destiny ...:

I think its the same with any review considering that nowadays they are just the expression of a reviewer s opinion on and on.. Just need to know more or less how the reviewer usually differ from your own opinion .. but anyway only trust your own opinion on what you may like or not reading through a review and not pay attention to 'scores'



N711 commented on When Will Destiny's PS4 Servers Go Online?:

@Midzark Good idea.. I think some site should do a serious (non biased) comparative review of PSN vs Xbox Live .. For the new gen console there r more PS4 users but I got the feeling a lot of people enjoying the digital offer will download on last gen (instead of buying the retail copy getting free new gen game by so doing) so that s even more stress



N711 commented on PSN is Down Yet Again For Some, Sony Says It's...:

From reading around the internet I got the feeling the servers for New Gen consoles are worse than last gen ones for some reason and both PSN and xbox live are about similar (not counting 'terrorist' DDos like attacks that have more to do with justice to sort it out)
Would be interesting for PushSquare and PureXbox to do a serious survey on the new gen online services (instead of reading people biased opinions here and there)



N711 commented on Talking Point: Is Indie Becoming a Defunct, Di...:

Totally agree with the article.. enough with Indies calling. It could be mentioned as some point but the game should be presented on what makes it interesting etc first and foremost.
about as if you introduced a new game by 'oh heres a new AAA game, ' no one cares that its called a AAA