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Fri 20th Apr 2012

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Malic commented on Assassin's Creed III's Day One Patch Is Essent...:

@Realportugeezer wow man not everyone has Internet lots of people use their smart phone or tablet or can't afford it, so because games are more complex than last gen so you think its OK to release a game that needs a patch to run efficient? Na man I think the games now are being rushed out especially before holidays and if its to complex to make a game either you're in the wrong buisness or you need to take your time and release it when its playable



Malic commented on Review: Sleeping Dogs (PlayStation 3):

@Splat do you think this is worth the 60 price tag and how is it compaired to the gta series? I might wait till it drops down to 40 then who knows i may get bored and go out and get this tomorrow :/



Malic commented on Jack Tretton Believes Vita Sales Are "Acceptable":

@nathanuc1988 Lol real gamers aren't buying a ps vita that's for sure. I think you may need to check out some of the games coming out for t3 and tell me Im wrong some of the games look just as good as xbox 360 or ps3 not to mention i can play any nes snes n64 ps1 gba games on it all to go with a controller. The nexus 7 is perfect for gaming on the go regardless of what type of games you like "real" games or into phone games. It does way more than what vita can do for a cheaper price at that. And how can you say its not ideal for gaming when it was specifically built for gaming



Malic commented on Epic Gravity Rush Launch Trailer Floats Online:

I wasn't to hyped for this but i need games for my vita, and i have to say Im really liking this game glad i picked it up. Can someone tell me why can't i find metal gear hd vita anywhere I've been to best buy walmart and gamestop only got one copy shipped to them only because one person pre ordered it. And also i got the last copy of this game why are they making it so difficult to find games i don't want to order online and i don't want digital at all kinda sucks



Malic commented on Miyamoto: Vita Needs More Games:

@Slapshot if it weren't for ports the vita would have almost nothing at the moment. Don't get me wrong i love my vita i just wish it had more games that i don't already have for my ps3