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Male, 20, United Kingdom

Tue 29th May 2012

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Lew3107 commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Release Less Exclus...:

I know for certain that I'll be buying a PS3 next year mostly for the exclusives. My 360 let me down on that and I will be selling it soon. There was only one exclusive franchise that interested me on the 360, and that was Forza Motorsport. 3 exclusive games in 6 years doesn't justify a purchase. I should've bought a PS3 from the start and I would've enjoyed games like Starhawk, Ratchet & Clank and inFamous.

Hopefully the PS4 picks up where the PS3 ends and carries on with the ton of exclusives it has. The PS4 and the Wii U will be my pairing of consoles for the next generation. Not because of graphics or new experiences, but because of the games it has to offer.