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Fri 12th Mar 2010

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Kimiko commented on Ragnarok Odyssey Ace Is Venturing onto PS3 and...:

I'd love it if they lowered the difficulty of the boss battles by about half or two-thirds. Ragnarok Odyssey was great while doing regular missions and then progress and fun would come to a halt for a boss battle, requiring stupid amounts of luck even after grinding for hours to get another super rare card that might help a little. Then it was great again for a while, until the next boss battle. I eventually had to give up at chapter 5's Grendel, even after a friend Neared me some super rare post-game cards.



Kimiko commented on Valhalla Knights 3 Strides into North America ...:

The first two games were very good, so I'm looking forward to this new game.
As for skimpy costumes, Valhalla Knights is one of the very few games that gives both men and women decent armor. I wish more games would follow this example.



Kimiko commented on Game of the Year: Best PlayStation Vita Game o...:

My favorite Vita game would definitely be Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward.

Gravity Rush looks cool, but is too hard. This game was such a disappointment for me. I could barely get through the first three missions and on the fourth I just gave up after failing for the umpteenth time. There are just too many controls to keep track of and the game is too hectic.



Kimiko commented on Wired Productions Reels in First Let's Fish! F...:

Fishing sure is serious business

This might be fun. Looking forward to Push Square's review.
Let's tone down the 'wow hot babes' angle though, okay? You're not doing anyone a favor with that sort of attitude.



Kimiko commented on Review: Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward (Pla...:

In the N-American edition, you can select English or Japanese voices for the audio. You might want to add that detail to your review. Perhaps you had the European edition? I heard that one only has Japanese voices. It wouldn't have mattered to me because I'd have picked Japanese over English anyway, but some might like them.

And yes, what's up with the same game getting such different scores from the same team of reviewers? It's not a night and day difference, but still, two points on a ten point scale is pretty big. I just started the game myself, but if this is as great as 999, I'd give it a 9/10 at least.



Kimiko commented on Sony Discouraging Console Ports on PlayStation...:

Eh? The PSP is close to being my favorite handheld partly because of the console ports. It gives me a chance to play all those awesome PS1 RPGs that I missed out on. There are a lot of good games specifically for the PSP itself too though.
I wish people would stop dismissing the PSP as a failed or dead system. It definitely isn't for me.



Kimiko commented on Fan-Made WipEout Album Pays Tribute to Psygnosis:

Yep, that's the one.

Are you aware that 2/3 of Fluke continued as 2 Bit Pie after 2003's Puppy, and released another album titled 2 Pie Island in 2006? It's pretty good.

Speaking of pretty good, I love this soundtrack, Shiryu ^_^
In places I was reminded of the soundtrack of Corpse Party (, the Precursors remixes of the Ur-Quan Masters soundtrack (, and of some old synth music by a band called Nova ( I'm probably dating myself quite badly with that last one though..



Kimiko commented on Fan-Made WipEout Album Pays Tribute to Psygnosis:

Ah, another Shiryu album. The preview sounds better than the previous The Wipeout Generation, so I'll be sure to download this as well.

You know, I've never actually played a Wipeout game (and I'd probably suck at it anyway), but I got to know one of my favorite bands, Fluke, through their exposure from being featured in one of the games ("Atom Bomb", in case you hadn't guessed).



Kimiko commented on KickBeat Pirouettes onto PS Vita:

Whoa, cool! Nice to see the main character can be a woman too.
I'm not really good at either rhythm or fighting games, but this looks very tempting..



Kimiko commented on MonkeyPaw Kickstarts Class of Heroes II Locali...:

I love love loved Class Of Heroes 1, so I'm very excited about this project, and have already added my support.

I also hope people understand this is mainly testing the waters to see how popular RPGs really are. If you want Valkyria Chronicles III translated, or any other RPG, here's your big chance to say "Yes, we want these games. Take my money."



Kimiko commented on Official PS Vita Memory Cards Priced for US:

Why isn't a decently-sized card included with each system? I hated that when I bought my PSP, and I still don't understand it. If it's essential to actually use the thing, the card should be included in the price.



Kimiko commented on Sony Exhibits PS Vita Game Cartridge and Case:

Yep, physical copy for me too. I love walking over to my bookcase and looking over my collection wondering what game I'll play next. Selecting a game from a dropdown menu just doesn't have that same feeling of ownership.